Widgets, Widgets, Widgets Meeting – Aug 26, 2013

Team Widgets3 held it’s second meeting this past Monday (Aug 26) in #wordpress-ui. Feel free to check out the IRC logs.

Spurred by the results of our initial survey results, we discussed the benefits and failings of drag-and-drop. The consensus seems to be that drag-and-drop works well for re-ordering existing widgets, but its less than ideal for placing new widgets.

We reviewed the concepts that have been brought up so far:

The plan right now is to build a simple prototype of each of these concepts. Keep in mind that a prototype doesn’t have to consist of working code — a clickable wireframe is a perfectly acceptable prototype, and can provide just as much data as a working plugin.

  • shaunandrews will focus on the tabbed concept
  • RichardTape will focus on the customizer concept
  • jtsternberg will focus on the menu-like concept
  • The front-end editing concept will use the plugin as the prototype

We’ll test each prototype (and the current UI) against the same set of tasks and see which one performs best against our goals. By simply building the prototypes we’ll hopefully learn which ones “feel right” and which ones don’t. And, by performing user tests on each, we’ll hopefully see where each succeeds and fails with regards to our goals.

This information combined will help us take the next step and either drop a concept, or rethink it and test again. We’ll continue with this process until we have something that feels “right.”

Or next meeting is schedule for Monday, September 2, 2013 at 20:00 UTC in #wordpress-ui.


  • shaunandrews
  • melchoyce
  • helen
  • jtsternberg
  • gregpabst
  • RichardTape
  • ipstenu
  • coreymcollins