Widgets, Widgets, Widgets

Howdy everyone! I’ll be leading Team Widgets3 as we work to update widgets in WordPress. Our project overview explains some of our overall goals and the problems we’re trying to solve. We’ll be holding weekly IRC chats every Monday at 20:00 UTC in #wordpress-ui.

Current Team

As of now, our current teams is: @shaunandrews (lead), @jtsternberg, and @richardtape.
The following people have expressed interested in helping: @yoavf, @gregrickaby, @helen, @lonchbox, @kelderic, @ipstenu, @celloexpressions.

If you’re interested in helping, please leave a comment on this post and let us know.

Initial Survey

We’re running a small survey to get some more feedback. As of this morning we have 132 responses. I’ll be wrapping up the survey and sharing results early next week. Feel free to share the survey with anyone: http://shaunwp.polldaddy.com/s/working-with-widgets

Ideas and Feedback Flowing

We’re still early in the design discovery and research phase, and have had lots of ideas flowing around. Some old, some new:

  • http://www.shaunandrews.com/wordpress/widget-redesign/
  • http://webdevstudios.com/2013/08/14/webdevstudios-take-on-a-wordpress-core-widget-ui-refresh/
  • https://github.com/WebDevStudios/WordPress-Widgets-Refresh/issues/6
  • https://make.wordpress.org/core/2013/08/08/excellent-3-8-brainstorm-session-today-people-talked-about/#comment-9859
  • http://jesserfriedman.com/a-call-to-change-wordpress-widgets/
  • http://www.shaunandrews.com/wordpress/widget-redesign/widget-links/

Thats all for now — we hope to see you in #wordpress-ui on Monday, August 19, 2013 at 16:00 UTC-4 for the first Widgets3 chat.

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