Proposal: Improving the content editing experience

As a follow-up to Matt’s recent post on make/core, I’d like to propose improving the content editing experience.

I see this working in two parts:

  1. Content blocks
  2. Content formatting

Some questions to consider moving forward:

  • How can we make formatting easier and faster to use?
  • How can we make it easier for users to include different types of media, such as audio, video, images and galleries?
  • How can we make it easier for users to embed external content, like tweets or maps?
  • How can we make it easier for plugin authors to include new types of content in a way that is more clear and intuitive for our users?
  • What would updating the content editing flow mean for theme authors? How can we make it as easy as possible for this workflow to work with current themes?

Let’s start brainstorming some initial ideas and figure out how to move forward with a proposal for next week’s 3.8 meeting.

#3-8, #content-editing