Happy Friday everybody Here’s what’s new in MP6…

Happy Friday, everybody. Here’s what’s new in MP6 this week. It was a short week for most of us, so we’ll keep the post similarly short.

  • Mobile: You can swipe right and left to open and close the menubar now, in addition to tapping the “hamburger” button in the top left.
  • Mobile: Implemented a fix for dropdowns not displaying full width; props to deanjrobinson for his advice here.
  • Mobile: Better treatment for post revisions.
  • Mobile: Fixed multisite theme list.
  • Mobile: Align theme/plugin list checkboxes.
  • Mobile: Align theme/plugin list titles.
  • Mobile: Fixed frontend admin-bar.
  • Renamed toolbar.css to admin-bar.css for uniformity with core.
  • Added a changelog link to readme.txt.
  • Changed the minimum required WP version to 3.5, so 3.5 users will get update notifications for MP6.

This week’s iteration includes work by Joen Asmussen, Till Krüss, and myself.

If you missed it yesterday, be sure to check out our roundup of potential implementation recommendations for plugin authors who need to add a custom icon to the top-level menu. We appreciate any feedback you’ve got for us, so we can codify our recommendations for developers who’d like to add MP6-style icons to their plugins.

We’ll be back next Monday with office hours in #wordpress-ui on IRC, for anyone who would like to discuss their feedback with us. You’ll find us there 1800 UTC on June 3.

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