MP6 0.9

Thank goodness it’s Friday, because we get to bring you this week’s edition of MP6, the secret plugin that’s a little less of a secret every day. This week’s edition is primarily focused on improvements to the responsive design and 6PM (that’s MP6 in RTL). Here’s the details:

  • We’ve styled reset links as text links instead of buttons so they’re reduced in visual weight.
  • Long links in the menubar now wrap to two lines instead of being truncated. (ref)
  • Fixed unreadable inactive widget titles. (ref)
  • Fixed checkboxes collapsing to 0 width in the media manager. (ref)
  • Fixed radio buttons and bottom margin in edit image popup
  • Mobile: The menubar now opens on the left for consistency with the standard desktop layout.
  • Mobile: Labels and inputs on settings pages are now full-width, with no floats, for a cleaner mobile layout.
  • Mobile: Reduced the size of avatars in the Recent Comments list so there’s more room for text.
  • Mobile: Larger radio buttons that are easier to select by touch.
  • Mobile: Set text inputs to 16px to prevent iOS auto-zooming when entering text.
  • Mobile: Better styling of Undo actions in the Recent Comments list.
  • Mobile: Icons in the toolbar are now better aligned.
  • RTL: Fixed positioning of menubar.
  • RTL: Fixed screen meta positioning.
  • RTL: Fixed main content well and screen options positioning.
  • RTL: Made improvements to menubar text and icons.

This week’s iteration includes contributions from Michael Erlewine (mitcho), Till Krüss, and myself.

We’ll be in #wordpress-ui to discuss your feedback on Monday, April 29th, at 18:00 UTC. Thanks again as always to everyone who’s contributed by sharing your feedback, patches, and suggestions — please keep them coming! If you’ve reported an issue that hasn’t been fixed yet, don’t fret — we’re compiling items as we get them and keeping track of what’s still outstanding.