MP6 version 0.4

It’s Friday, so here’s a little something to make the weekend feel like it’s getting here faster: this week’s update to MP6, version 0.4. This was a short week for the team so there’s not as much as in the last couple of versions, but there’s still plenty here that we’d like your feedback on. Here’s what’s new:

  • The MP6 toolbar styles now load on the front-end of your site, so we can see how themes interact with the slightly darker, flatter, larger toolbar design.
  • The Plugins page has been re-thought, eliminating the opacity change for inactive items in favor of a blue border and background to denote activated plugins. We were aiming for something that wouldn’t be overwhelming if you have a long list of all-activated plugins, but that provided for more contrast between active and inactive items than the current design.
  • Updated MP6’s styling in the Menu management page; this is still unfinished.
  • New checkboxes are larger (easier to click/tap) and unify the visual styling of checkbox elements across almost all browsers/platforms.
  • Replaced more PNG raster icons with vector Dashicons — arrows, calendar icon, collapse button, etc.

There are a number of items that have been discussed in the comments and on IRC — just because you don’t see them here yet doesn’t mean we’ve decided not to do it — just that we haven’t done it yet. So keep sharing your ideas and suggestions please; but don’t assume anything you see is considered absolutely final just yet.

This week’s edition includes contributions by Ben, Mel, Otto, and myself. Thanks also to Mark J, Joen, Matt and all the others who offered feedback that made it into this week’s work.

We’ll once again meet in #wordpress-ui on Monday, March 25 at 1800 UTC to go over this week’s edition and discuss your ideas for future iterations. That will be followed by the release of the next version a week from day on March 29.

Looking forward to your thoughts and ideas for improvements!