Round 3 of post format UI user testing…

Round 3 of post format UIUI UI is an acronym for User Interface - the layout of the page the user interacts with. Think ‘how are they doing that’ and less about what they are doing. user testing, using Crowd Favorite’s code for UI and display fallbacks along with San Kloud as the theme.


  1. Login
  2. Look at the Dashboard and get to add post from toolbar
  3. Add a (standard) blog post with title and text
  4. Preview your blog
  5. Add an image blog post, with image from a URLURL A specific web address of a website or web page on the Internet, such as a website’s URL
  6. Add a video post, with YouTube video URL provided
  7. Add a link blog post
  8. Add a quote blog post
  9. Add a gallery post
  10. Preview your blog again to see all the posts

Test 1:

Note: there are a lot of comments in the video that are interesting but not relevant to the task at hand. Leaving out for the sake of brevity.

  1. Fine.
  2. Fine.
  3. Notes that that that was not where he was expecting to see the Publish button; seems to also feel that the box is overfull with all the options.
  4. Notes that it isn’t a preview so much as just viewing what you did.
  5. Finds the format tabs and chooses Image. Saves the image but not sure he needs to. Doesn’t see anything specific to an image post in the UI and finds it confusing. Goes to Add Media and finds the Insert from URL panel. Fills in the extra fields for caption, etc.
  6. Wants to watch the video in the editor.
  7. Notices that there’s no http:// in the URL field. Discovers that without http:// the display fallback code just shows “View on”, which is confusing.
  8. Wants a clear field for the quotation itself and for the field layout to reflect how it’s usually seen in the front. Notes that there’s no indication about whether or not the source URL field is required. On preview, notices that the display cuts off a word – thinks it shouldn’t truncate words, but would really rather be able to change the title.
  9. Uses the “Add images” button. Discovers shift-click. Wonders why one is blue – maybe the cover of the gallery? Doesn’t see a way to drag/drop them into a different order. New media modal inserts into the content editor rather than updating the Gallery Images area.
  10. Notices a post called “47” – the image post that didn’t have a title. Thinks the title should have been the image caption he specified.

Overall observations:

  • He’s opinionated 🙂 Watch the whole video to see.
  • The output fallback seems to be helpful. Otherwise the theme wouldn’t show any of the data he entered and then who knows what the opinion might have been.
  • What other fallbacks might need to be in place for auto-generating of titles?

Test 2:

  1. Fine.
  2. Had to click the New menu in the toolbar to get the dropdown. Not sure what was going on there.
  3. Also has to scroll around briefly to find the Publish button, but doesn’t seem concerned about it.
  4. Fine. (Still the toolbar dropdown issue.)
  5. Chooses the image format tab. Just pastes the image URL into the content editor; isn’t clear where it was supposed to go.
  6. Puts the video URL in the specified fields; notes that there wasn’t such a field for image.
  7. Adds title to a regular post first, then switches to Link. Types URL with www but without http://.
  8. Fine.
  9. Uses the “Add images” button. Discovers shift-click. Uses “Insert into post”, as it’s the only option. Same effect as the previous test.
  10. Doesn’t see my favorite website, is afraid to click the link. Notices that the picture isn’t there. Video post is missing but she doesn’t seem to notice.

Overall observations:

  • Found it easy to choose different formats for her blog post. Found WP overall to be easy to use, even with some of the things that seemed to not quite work.
  • This time, both users were concerned about the ordering of the images in the gallery.