I put another user through the media scenarios…

I put another user through the media scenarios this morning. This time I asked that they adjust alignment and size.

You can download the video here.

My observations:

Step 1: Login

No problems.

Step 2: Publish already uploaded image

No problems.

Step 3: Preview post

No problems.

Step 4: Publish 2 images to a single post

4:00 – Even though the 2 images she added were not set to align right, they appeared to be aligned right when inserted into the post. Is this a side affect of the user aligning the first image right in Step 2?

Step 5: Download additional images

No problems.

Step 6: Upload new images & publish gallery

7:40 – User gets confused that she doesn’t see the gallery images she just added, and says, “What just happened here?”.
7:50 – User tries to click back button to get back to media modal (cancels it). User is looking for a way to get back to the gallery settings page.
8:05 – “What just happened here? I’m not even sure if I added them to the gallery or not. I’m confused…”.
8:50 – She gets frustrated and decides to start over with this step.
10:38 – She decides to add the images with “Insert into post”, instead of using “Create a new gallery”. She thinks this (the media library) is her gallery.
12:17 – One of the descriptions that she entered did not show up in the editor.


  • She did great, until she got to the gallery step. There appears to be a general confusion around how adding images to a gallery is different from just selecting images and adding them to the editor. The generic gallery div that shows up in the editor after you add a gallery to the post seems very confusing for users.
  • Once you set one of the images to align right, each subsequent image you add is aligned right when inserted into the editor (even though you don’t specifically set the new image to align right).
  • The generic gallery div (with the camera icon in it) appears to be confusing users. We should definitely add a description to that div – something like “Your gallery images will be displayed here”. I think we should also display the “edit gallery” button in that div at all times (not just on click). The user was searching around for a way to edit the gallery she just added, but gave up after a while and decided to start all over instead. 🙁
  • One of the captions she entered didn’t make it to the editor.