Here’s one more user through the media scenarios…

Here’s one more user through the media scenarios.

You can download the video here.

My observations:

Step 1: Login

No problems.

Step 2: Publish already uploaded image

No problems.

Step 3: Preview post

No problems.

Step 4: Publish 2 images to a single post

4:45-5:05 – She got stuck because she couldn’t find (or remember where) the link was to add the two selected images into her post (since both actions are gray).
5:35-6:30 – She recommends changing the “Batch import” button so that it’s blue.
6:40 – Immediately after clicking “Batch insert” she says, “Huh… Wait a second, hmm… Okay. Mmm…. Why? Why are there two steps now?”

Step 5: Download additional images

No problems.

Step 6: Upload new images & publish gallery

10:30 – User doesn’t appear to see “Select files” button (it’s gray and kind of blends in), when instructed to upload files, and attempts to click the “Upload files” link on the left.
11:20 – Oops… I didn’t grab the latests version of trunk (with Koops patch to add a “upload more images” button). This likely would not have been an issue. I’ll update trunk for future tests.
13:20 – now we’re back on track. No additional problems
15:00 – Until she views her post after adding a gallery (2 images, both with descriptions), and her descriptions are missing. Not sure what happened here.


  • It seems like each step of the flow should have a blue primary button. This user experienced difficulty both when multiple images were selected (and “Create a gallery” & “Batch insert” are both gray), and when she was told to upload an image (She didn’t notice the gray “Select files” button).
  • She didn’t seem to understand why there was a second step after clicking “Batch import”. From memory, another user we tested experienced the same confusion. She just expected the images to be added to the post.
  • The two descriptions she added when in gallery mode were not there when she viewed her post.