I ran a user through a couple of…

I ran a user through a couple of new media tasks this morning.

Here’s the video.

And here are my notes:

Step 1: Login

No problem

Step 2: Publish already uploaded image

No problem

Step 3: Preview post

He didn’t publish the post, and as a result got confused about how to preview the post (for the sake of this test, we’ll ignore this, I’ll try and clarify my instructions for future tests).

Step 4: Publish 2 images to a single post

No problem

Step 5: Download additional images

No problem

Step 6: Upload new images & add captions

  • 7:18 – Looks like he stumbled upon a bug here. If you add a post through quick press, and then attempt to use the “upload/insert” button to add pictures to a second post, the modal doesn’t display.
  • 9:10 – He got himself into the same mess by posting a “clear post” and then trying a second post with an image. Oh man, this is hard to watch…
  • 10:00 – And again, he tries saving a draft, and then using the new image modal (with no success).
  • 10:40 – He was finally able to do it from within posts.
  • 11:40 – He tries again and succeeds from QuickPress
  • 12:20 – He makes a note that as he clicks into the caption box, the “Describe this image” text doesn’t disappear.

Step 7: Publish new images as a gallery

  • He had to look closely to find the “Add to gallery” button (even though it was blue).
  • 17:00 – He was kind enough to do these last 2 steps over again (and made it through without any major difficulties).


  • Overall, only one major hiccup (See bug at 7:18).
  • He had to really look for the “add gallery” button. His instinct was to continue using the “Insert into post” button. Anything we should/could change here?
  • Also noticed captions aren’t showing up for non-gallery images that are inserted into a post.
  • When adding a caption under an image (in the new media modal) as he clicks into the caption box, the “Describe this image” text doesn’t disappear.