Decided to run another user through this afternoon…

Decided to run another user through this afternoon:

Here’s the video, and my notes:

Step two notes – Log in

No problems.

Step two notes – Explain what you see

No problems.

Step Three notes – Preview your blog

No problems.

Step Four notes – Change your background color

3:22 – She tried typing “blue” into the hex text field – didn’t work.
3:26 – No issues figuring out the color selector. Yay!

Step Five notes – Change your site title

No problems.

Step Six notes – Add your first post

No problems.

Step Seven notes – Preview your new post

No problems.

Step Eight notes – Publish an image

7:55 – Our first successful test of the new media flow. Double yay!


Smashing success. Came in at 8:32 for all tasks. Quickest time yet I do believe…

#discovery-cycle-1, #user-testing