Here’s a list of todo’s that came out…

Here’s a list of todo’s that came out of yesterdays UI chat.

  • #20492 – Let’s make submit_button() (with no arguments) be “Save Changes” and have it default to the larger size. If you pass any arguments at all, we default to the shorter button.
  • #19956 – Need to figure out best way to turn upload image link into a button.
  • #16416 – Re-do wp-signup with the new (single checkbox with the “ask not”) language, possibly on install.php too.
  • #21340 – Need to go through all the admin and make sure the main action button/link is first in the source.
  • #21310 – Accessibility skip links need some design love (i.e.
  • #21019 – Bubbles done as CSS. 2x version of the media button and the blue version of the menu icons.
  • #21890 – Need to figure out a good way to deal with the customizer save spinner when the save button is extra wide.
  • #21368 – Add has_action() checking. Additional design love? Use new button styles for big blue button.
  • #21598:focus styles still needs some love.
  • #18141Remove light border around select boxes. Remove drop down arrow from paragraph select box and tighten it up. Try showing other drop down arrows at all times
  • #21456Try 32px vs. 64px icon.
  • #20855Needs patch with disabled option
  • #18306Add bold to slug.