Welcome screen design v2

I’d like to get the ball rolling on the new welcome screen redesign for 3.5. I started playing around with a few ideas and I’d love to hear your thoughts:

My hope for this screen is that it will serve as a proper “home” that users can come back to again and again to find anything they need in the admin. As I mentioned here, this was a big stumbling block for each of the users we tested.

A couple of notes:

  • All of the copy and links are super generic, and need work.
  • You’ll notice the addition of tabs to the dashboard. My thought was that new users would be taken to this “Welcome” tab just after install. If they clicked the “dashboard” tab, we’d save that to the DB via AJAX, and on refresh, you’d still be on the dashboard tab.
  • On the right you’ll see the “viewing” drop down. My hope is to make the entire welcome tab extensible, so that you could add your own custom screen (set of links, and quick links) as an option. This dropdown would only show if you’ve added your own welcome screen option.
  • You of course should be able to easily hide the “welcome” tab (if you wish) through a hook. As well as having hooks anywhere else they make sense.
  • The “What are you trying to do” text box should suggest links as you type – similar to the idea here. I will note that while there are 1000 things that we could add to this auto-suggest dropdown, I’d prefer to just focus on adding links to functionality within the admin for the 3.5 release (and really making that experience solid).
  • The “Quick links” bar would be links to the most used sections of the admin (for new users). I was hoping we could find a nice library of open source vector icons to use there.

Here’s the balsamiq source file if you’ve got some ideas based on this wireframe: http://cl.ly/1K3R2u383f28

This is all still very rough, and I expect that we’ll go through a couple rounds of iteration before we get it right. Thoughts?