There was a discussion on #20293 http core…

There was a discussion on #20293 ( ) about starting to use the defunct design repository ( ) to keep trac of design source files.

We often end up waiting on people who have the working PSDs/Fireworks PNGs/etc for graphics or icons, or redrawing things (this happened for the admin bar icons that were made for retina displays) because the source files got lost of the persan can’t be contacted. For graphic elements we should make it a point to upload the working files as well as the production files. That way, if the original creator isn’t available someone else can pick it up with as many resources as possible.

There’s more discussion on the ticket about having a page on this blog vs. a repository. I think the main advantages of a repository over tracTrac Trac is the place where contributors create issues for bugs or feature requests much like GitHub. or uploading to make/ui are:

  • I like uploading graphic files to tickets, but Trac has a very low file size limit. A lot of the heavier PSDs won’t be able to be uploaded to Trac.
  • By using a repository, we can not only have the resources, but we can track how they’ve changed over time.

If we started using the repository we would have to come up with a good organization scheme. Some ideas:

  • A scheme based on where the corresponding production files live within WordPress (ex wp-admin/images/admin-bar.psd would correspond to wp-admin/images/admin-bay.png). This would make it harder to keep track of sketches, full page layouts, or design resources that don’t have an explicit tie to a production file.
  • A scheme based on the type of graphic (screen layouts, icons, graphics, etc).
  • A scheme based on feature

If anyone has any more ideas on this, please comment 🙂 I’m not super confident in any of the ones I presented above, so a good discussion about this is welcome.

cc @jane