Pre-New Year Planning

In 2012, let’s gets things going here again. In 3.3, “UI Group” meant CSS development, which moved the focus in a direction that was unintentional. People can be both application UI designers and front-end developers, but to get this group active again and in the area it’s intended to be producing things, we should get back to improving WordPress admin screen design. We’re going to be shifting the way the core team approaches development timing and assignments in 3.4, and a similar shift should happen here. We should ID all the big and little UI redesign/touch-ups that need to be done and put them in prioritized order (with the things slotted for 3.4 officially coming in first). Then, when we start up again after Jan 1, we should figure out who’s able to work on what.

A fair number of UI involvement has been from people who are good with front-end development and like thinking about UI and/or web designers without much application design experience, vs experienced application designers. These are pretty distinct skillsets, and though it’s possible to be adept in all of them, almost no one is by nature, and experience is necessary to be that kind of crossover hit. We should be pairing people up so that the more experienced application designers can work with those who are still developing that particular skillset. (This is how core development work is going to be structured in 3.4, too.)

It’s been a while since original introductions, and people have come and gone since then anyway. I’m going to be making some changes to this site over the next few days to try and make it a little more conducive to ongoing discussions, comping, etc. In the meantime, maybe we could all re-introduce ourselves for the new year in the comments? Name, URL, one-liner describing your experience level, note the kinds of UI design you particularly enjoy and/or think you’re good at (specify which), and ID anything in the WordPress UI that you’d particularly like to see addressed in the coming year (and if you have ideas for how to fix it already, say so). This will give us a better understanding of who’s in the mix when we get going on Jan. 3rd.