Recent Comments

The Comments screen is something I want to improve soon. It’s a big challenge, though, and we will hopefully have a gsoc project dedicated to it, so I don’t want to plan something that would prevent the gsoc project from being committed if it turns out well. If the project gets accepted for gsoc, will anticipate doing ui review in group mtgs/on this blog to help direct the interface (student has done some early mockups to get started).

In the meantime, let’s talk about the Recent Comments box on the Dashboard screen. It was thrown together in 2.7 and never revisited b/c no one had time, and when a student did it as part of a gsoc dashboard modules project last year, it wasn’t super successful. It needs to be redone, and has needed it for over 2 years. Some of the things we meant to get around to:

  • Don’t just display x comments, but bring in the ‘river of comments’ model.
  • Expand to see all of comment text (on hover? on click? need to decide).

There are more, but I’ll let you guys have the fun of identifying them. Leave your suggestions in the comments and let’s discuss at an upcoming ui group meeting, prioritize, and have someone mock up the decided course.

#comments, #dashboard-2