Summary for July 13th 2010 UI Chat

Quite a substantial meeting today!

  • No immediate updates on styleguide, still progressing.
  • Reviewed initial mockups for homepage of jshreve’s GSoC project, there was mine and TECannon‘s
    • These still need to be run past Jane for feedback, but some initial thoughts from the meeting:
    • My version was well liked, so I’m making the PSD available here for anyone who wants to develop it further
    • However everyone agreed that TECannon’s displayed more comprehensive info per post, and better timestamps
    • Task for next week: Come up with a mockup for the Single page design of this project.
  • Talked with Stas about Edu GSoC project at length, he’s going to start putting together a list of tasks that he’d like assistance with from the UI Group.
  • is just getting under way, the UI Group will be helping out in several areas with this – more updates on that next week.