Yo. Having been repeatedly impressed by …

Yo. Having been repeatedly impressed by John O’Nolan’s contributions in the UI group (and carrying over into writing UI patches), I’m officially deputizing him, with the blessing of the core commit team, who have also been happy with John’s growing involvement in WordPress development. Moving forward, John will basically be project managing the UI group under my direction. For now this will include:

  • Leading the weekly UI meetings (which, by the way, I’d love to change the day/time for), including setting up the agenda and posting meeting notes just as Westi and I do on wpdevel.wordpress.com for the weekly #wordpress-dev chats. This will include bringing up trac tickets marked for ux-feedback, and guiding discussions about them in order to deliver feedback to the development team.
  • Heading up the GSoC projects UI stuff. This will involve matching up UI volunteers (in mini-teams) with the GSoC projects, and making sure everyone’s happy with the progress. We’re hoping to also use this as an opportunity to bring in design students to learn about contributing; kind of an unofficial summer of design/usability to go with the summer of code.

And obviously he’ll continue to contribute directly to trac tickets as he has been doing. Later on these responsibilities may be increased, decreased, changed, whatever, based on how things work out. Thank you, John, for all your hard work so far, and congratulations on your new role!