Summary of May 6 Meeting

Summary of May 6 Meeting

Q & A with Justin Shreve about his Ideas & Feedback Theme project which was accepted for GSoC. (Congrats!)


Previous Discussion:

  • GSOC officially starts May 24
  • Working on the functional specs
  • Now is a good time for feedback on features
  • Sites with similar functionality (for inspiration): Ubuntu BrainStorm, Dell IdeaStorm, UserVoice
  • He will be using the wp-ui mailing list for specific tasks and other help.
  • We’ll primarily use the mailing list to request help and for specific tasks.
  • … more specifics will be coming in the next few weeks.

This week’s challenge::

Better alternatives to the orange from the update notifications for themes/plugins. Blue/gray has been suggested as an alternative. Post mockups and suggestions here.

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