Better Ideas (so to speak)

Justin Shreve is proposing a GSoC project this year that I’m sure will be near and dear to the UI group’s heart, and that some of you may want to help with it (the pre-project design part). Everyone wants to fix the Ideas forum, right? It’s currently in bbPress, I’ve been cleaning it out, we added categories, and it’s very slowly getting a little more useful and just needs a new design to make it easier to get around, right? Maybe, maybe not. bbPress does some things very well, and others not so much. Justin’s proposal will be for a theme and some plugins that could be used to run the Ideas forum (I’m thinking it could get relocated to, and I will likely be the primary mentor for the UX/interaction modeling, with another mentor for code reviews. Here’s his proposal draft:

GSoC Proposal: Specialized Theme for Ideas & Feedback

I’ve just talked to him about additional features and structuring the project, so this draft may change a bit, but now’s a good opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a full design project, as opposed to little UI tweaks. Comment away!

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