New workflow

Details:¬ Media library browser, gallery workflow, insert/edit, image editor, cropping
Status:¬ Browser, featured images, gallery workflow are in. Attachment/gallery inserting is in. Image editing and cropping needs some work.
Assigned to:¬ Koop,¬ needs people for testing and integration
Last Updated¬ October 6

Image manipulation APIs

Details:¬ Support ImageMagick alongside GD.
Status:¬ Initial patch in trunk. Needs tweaks and improvements.
Assigned to:¬ Marko Heijnen, Mike Schroeder, Japh, Kurt Payne
Last Updated¬ October 6

Using standard post type UI for attachments

Ticket:¬ #21391
Status:¬ Initial patch in trunk. Needs tweaks and improvements.
Assigned to:¬ Helen, ocean90,¬ other help very welcome
Last Updated¬ September 25

TinyMCE previews

Details:¬ Previews of galleries and attachments (with potential for shortcodes and oEmbed).
Status:¬ DONE. Might need some tweaks.
Assigned to:¬ Ozz, Koop
Last Updated¬ September 25

TinyMCE upload

Details:¬ Drag-and-drop upload into the editor.
Status:¬ Initial (rough) patch is up.
Priority:¬ Low
Assigned to:¬ Ozz
Last Updated:¬ September 19

Plupload changes

Details:¬ concurrent uploads (or upload next after crunch begins); multiple drop-zones
Priority:¬ Low
Assigned to:¬ No one… yet

(New) User Experience

New Color Picker

Details:¬ Replace Farbtastic with something better. Decision was to adopt Matt Wiebe’s work
Status:¬ In trunk. Needs user testing on HSL versus HSV
Assigned to:¬ Matt Wiebe, Dave Martin
Ticket:¬ #21206
Last Updated¬ October 5

Page on front UI

Details:¬ Improve the workflow/procedure for selecting a static front page
Status:¬ In trunk.
Assigned to:¬ Sergey Biryukov, Dave Martin, others
Ticket:¬ #16379
Last Updated¬ October 6

Removing UI Options

Details:¬ Remove UI options for¬ default_post_edit_rows¬ (#21718),¬ autoembed_urls and embed_size_w/h¬ (#21719),¬ blog_charset¬ (#21507),¬ enable_xmlrpc¬ (#21509),¬ enable_app¬ (#21866),¬ upload_path and upload_url_path¬ (#21720);¬ combine Privacy Settings with Reading Settings¬ (#16416),¬ and maybe siteurl (#10970)
Status:¬ DONE. Except for siteurl, which is a bit more ambitious and may not happen.
Assigned to:¬ Nacin
Last Updated¬ September 25

Retina Spinners

Status:¬ DONE
Assigned to:¬ Dave Martin
Ticket:¬ #21456

Welcome Screen Redux

Status:¬ In trunk.
Assigned to:¬ Dave Martin, George Stephanis, ryelle, sabreuse, others
Ticket:¬ #21368
Last Updated¬ September 26

Update button styles

Details:¬ Update the button styles from pills to something more modern (mouse-nibbled corners)
Status:¬ In trunk.
What is left:¬ Bug fixes and style adjustments. Maybe¬ wp_button()¬ to replace the mess that is¬ submit_button()
Ticket:¬ #21598
Last Updated¬ September 11

Screen Options/Help Redux

Details:¬ Move Screen Options and Help into the toolbar.
Status:¬ PUNTED. UI designs done. PHP mostly done. CSS for screen options in progress. Help still needs help.
Assigned to:¬ Chelsea, Ryan Boren, Mel Choyce, ryelle, others (?)
Ticket:¬ #21583


Visible :focus in admin screens

Status:¬ In trunk.
What is left:¬ Any style adjustments and bug fixes.
Assigned to:¬ Dave Martin, Sergey, Graham Armfield
Ticket:¬ #21324
Last Updated¬ September 18

Add “Skip to” accessibility shortcuts

Status:¬ In trunk.
What is left:¬ UI/design review of the shortcuts; fix a bug in Chrome.
Ticket:¬ #21471, #21310
Assigned to:¬ Dave Martin, Andrew Ozz, Graham Armfield
Last Updated¬ September 18

Customizer Accessibility

Details:¬ Make the customizer accessible. Until this happens, we cannot disable redundant screens that have feature parity (like Headers, Backgrounds, etc.)
Status:¬ Initial patch is ready for testing.
Assigned to:¬ Dave Martin, Aaron Jorbin
Ticket:¬ #21283
Last Updated¬ September 18


HiDPI Admin

Status:¬ DONE. Only thing left is double-check everything.
Assigned to:¬ Helen, Ozz, Taylor
Tickets:¬ #21019
Last Updated¬ September 18

About screen

Details:¬ Implement a API to serve screenshots from These can even be localized. Always serve 2x into img tags.
Status:¬ Not Started
Timeline:¬ Can be back-burnered until mid-October, when we start building the about page.
Assigned to:¬ Otto
Ticket:¬ #21805
Last Updated¬ September 5, pre-chat

Theme screenshots

Details:¬ Reduce items per page (infinite scroll will kick in) to speed up the page load. Adjust theme guidelines for authors to ship a 2x’d image.
Status:¬ DONE. Guidelines will be in place for 3.5.
Ticket:¬ #21388

Backgrounds, Headers, Featured Images, User Uploads

Status:¬ PUNTED. Need to try this in a plugin first, and wait for media.
Ticket:¬ #21455, #21389, #21038
Last Updated¬ September 5 (post-chat)

Twenty Twelve

Status:¬ Dealing with miscellaneous bugs.
Last Updated¬ September 27

Removing Link Manager

Status:¬ In trunk.¬ Can be released as-is.
What is done:
¬ Disabled by default for new installs.
What is left:

  1. Remove the bank of default links if that’s all the user has.
  2. Install the Link Manager plugin on upgrade.
  3. Move the admin code into a plugin.
  4. Move all of the code into a plugin.

Potential routes:¬ Considering #1 for 3.5, maybe #2 as well. Considering #3 and #4 for 3.6 and/or 3.7. This places a priority on eliminating the UI debt prior to eliminating the technical debt.
Ticket:¬ #21307
Last Updated¬ September 5, pre-chat


Multisite in a subdirectory

Status:¬ DONE
Assigned to:¬ Jaquith, Nacin
Ticket:¬ #19796

Remove ms-files

Status:¬ DONE
Assigned to:¬ Nacin
Ticket:¬ #19235


XML-RPC Revision Management

Details:¬ Adding ability to view and restore revisions
Assigned to:¬ Max Cutler, Jorge Bernal, and mobile team
Status:¬ DONE
Tickets:¬ #21397

XML-RPC User Management

Details:¬ wp.getUsers, wp.getUser, wp.getProfile, wp.editProfile
Assigned to:¬ Max Cutler and mobile team
Status:¬ In trunk. Changes might be needed for wp.getUsers.
Tickets:¬ #18428
Last Updated¬ September 20

Turn XML-RPC on by default

Details:¬ Turn XML-RPC on by default; hide the UI option; add a filter
Assigned to:¬ Nacin
Status:¬ DONE
Ticket:¬ #21509

Remove AtomPub from core

Details:¬ Remove AtomPub from core; remove the UI option; make it a plugin
Assigned to:¬ Nacin, Scott Taylor
Status:¬ DONE. Plugin needs testing.
Ticket:¬ #21866
Last Updated¬ September 11