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In the better late than never category: notes about plugins from core team meetup in December!

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Core Team Meetup Recap – Part II

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Core Team Meetup Recap – Part I

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#wptybee update! Thursday – The core com…

#wptybee update!


  • The core commit team (+me) talked with the people working on the WordPress mobile apps via audio skype chat after several attempts at video were an utter failure due to bandwidth issues. All agreed that we needed to build a stronger tie between the web app and the mobile apps. To that end, the mobile app devs will start attending our weekly dev chats to stay up to date with new developments (heh), and will occasionally post updates here on this blog to keep everyone aware of mobile app news. We’ll also get the UI group involved in mobile app UI/usability testing where appropriate. A link has been added to the Extend submenu on .org that goes to a page listing all the mobile apps and their sites, to raise visibility.
  • Huge Tracfest. Sifted through awaiting review and future release tickets, talked about ways that we could improve the triage/bug gardening process. Trac-ity Trac-ity Trac-ity.
  • BBQ dinner brought over by Gerald of Gerald’s Pig and Shrimp BBQ (though there was no shrimp). His business is closed for the season and he doesn’t usually cook for such small groups in the off-season, but he let himself be sweet-talked into it because he has a WordPress blog. Running Kubrick! He came over with a truck full of meat, black eyed peas, lima beans, rice, and fried okra. It fortified the guys for…
  • All-night continuation of Tracfest.


  • We started out the day by talking about ways to improve the plugin repo submission experience, possible ways to promote good/safe plugins and de-emphasize abandoned ones that no longer work with current version, and infrastructure that could help with these goals. We also had a knock-down, drag-out fight over the best way to deal with plugins whose authors have abandoned them if someone else wants to step up to take over. I say this not to imply there is dissension in the ranks of the core leadership, but to show that this is a group of passionate people with strong opinions about the best way to do things to further the WP project. If you’ve ever been bummed because half the core team didn’t agree with you and shot down your idea, at least take heart that we’re all in the same boat! 🙂
  • Licensing. We committed to reviewed every licensing ticket opened by hakre or anyone else on Trac. We got through all of them, and wound up with a list of what to do about them/assigning people to make whatever patches were deemed necessary. Also see Mark’s post from last night, related to one of them.
  • Improving updates. Talked about things like partial updates, language packs, compatibility checks, notifications, memory leaks, etc.
  • Unit tests. We need more stuff. Also, Peter is going to write up Mac and Windows instructions for getting the test suite running.
  • Tracfest.
  • Lost time to tangents not directly related to either 3.1 release or the topics on the agenda for 2011 vision due to vocal minority/people who are convinced that their needs are more important than anyone else’s. I’m supposed to be savvy enough not to come right out and say things like that, but it’s been a long week, and lets face it: if half the core team didn’t lose so much time to the handful of people who loudly demand attention on wp-hackers, twitter, etc, we probably could have had 3.1 launched by now.
  • Regained better humor (lowered due to said time suck of tangents) by invading ##wpchat and being silly. Sorry guys, for the interruption. At least our bandwidth was bad enough that we weren’t there for long! 🙂


We have a long list of things to get through today. May try to enforce a period of social media silence and make everyone close twitter etc so we can’t be distracted as outlined above. If we don’t answer you about something today, please don’t be offended — we just really need to get a lot of work done, and we only have one day left to do it.

In the meantime, since the internet connection has made doing a live town hall impossible, we could at least try to record one and post it. Feel free to post questions you’d like us to answer on video in the comments. You can ask of the general team, or ask someone specifically (people here include Matt M, Ryan Boren, Mark Jaquith, Peter Westwood, Dion Hulse (dd32), Andrew Nacin, Daryl Koopersmith, Pete Mall, Austin Matzko (filosofo), Mike Adams (mdawaffe), John Ford (aldenta), John James Jacoby (jjj) and me).

The core team meetup (affectionately ref…

The core team meetup (affectionately referred to as #wptybee) began Sunday night with the arrival of Westi and Otto. Many flight cancellations, re-bookings, and delays on Monday saw the arrival of Mark Jaquith, Pete Mall, Andrew Nacin, Matt, Ryan Boren, J-trip, and Daryl. Tuesday brought Mike Adams and John Ford, and Dion Hulse arrived in a horse-drawn carriage (read: rental car) driven by Lance Willett. Austin Matzko arrived Wednesday.

  • Monday was a travel day. Tacos for dinner, greetings, but not much work on core.
  • Tuesday was spent by the lead team trying to figure out wtf was wrong with 3.1 bulk actions so we could put out RC3. It’s still going on. In the evening we had Matt’s surprise party.
  • Wednesday was the first real “summit” type day, as Tuesday’s work was very similar to what we do remotely, just with some talking out loud. On Wednesday the 3.1 angst continued, but we also discussed some possibilities for 3.2 (keeping the release small, focusing on easier/better updates, PHP5, etc) and the 2011 theme (build on what is awesome about 2010, possibly add a template or two to make it more attractive for CMS use, maybe rotating headers?), and there was a group Tracfest at night over pizza and beer. This included discussion of how we might better section off tickets for: 1. Things we already know we want in the next major release, 2. Things we like the idea of, but won’t target for a specific release until there’s a good patch for it (as opposed to deciding we want it in the next release before writing the patch), 3. Things we’re interested in personally, but would like to see as a plugin first to evaluate and/or test if it’s really necessary for core (we want to start doing this a lot more). More discussion likely to ensue on that in IRC.
  • Today we’ll be having a chat with the mobile team to discuss how the two groups can collaborate so there’s more continuity in the WordPress experience, how to leverage the quite-big WP community to increase participation in the quite-small mobile apps project communities, and in general how to make the mobile apps an integral part of the WordPress experience and community. No more red-headed stepchildren!

Hoping for more Trac triage today — the goal is to empty awaiting review and future release by end of meetup (possibly not realistic given late arrivals, birthday time-out, hangovers, etc) and get everything looked at and put into a more specific milestone — and some of the higher-level vision talk we originally intended for the meetup when we planned it (thinking it would be 3 weeks after the release of 3.1). Will post additional updates as we continue.

Bulk action issues are somewhat outlined…

Bulk action issues are somewhat outlined in #16166 #16031 #16187. We’ve been able to group the issues into four problems.

Four problems needing solving:

Problem 1. Wontfix for 3.1. Custom Bulk Actions don’t have action handlers. Even if they existed, developers would need to know that they need to call WP_List_Table::add_query_args() before wp_redirect. We need a way for this to be pluggable without burdening developers on redirecting (plus with their own query args).

Problem 2. Fixed. We need a sanity check for max pages. This is #16187. Basically, this needs to be applied to any other appropriate list tables. Most major ones (posts, comments, media) are handled though.

Problem 3. Bulk Actions reset the sorting and paging. This is fixed in #16166 (posts, terms, comments, media) but we need to apply this to the other list tables.

Problem 4. Post restriction filters — categories and dates, for example, but really anything added through restrict_manage_posts — are reset after a bulk action the same way sorting and paging are. This can be added into add_query_args().

The plan at the meetup here is to break on all of this, and revisit later.

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We talked about doing a town hall/q&a du…

We talked about doing a town hall/q&a during dev chat time this week since most of the permanent core team are at the meetup in Tybee. However, we said that with the assumption that 3.1 would be in RC3 already, and that we’d have had 3 days together to begin talking about 2011 and the goals for WP. Instead, weather-related travel delays meant that people were arriving right up until tonight, and Austin still hasn’t arrived. RC3 hasn’t happened yet, and we haven’t started talking vision because we need to get 3.1 out the door. So!

We’ll still give the live stream a shot (barring technical difficulties), but it will instead simply be “dev chat live” — only of interest to people who normally attend the dev chat. We’ll plan something in the town hall/q&a line later in the week.

To get to the live dev chat, go to at the appropriate time and you’ll get the chance to see the lead devs and friends in action. And yes, by friends I mean their beards. 🙂

Agenda: 3.1, 3.1, 3.1, 3.1, 3.1.

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