I’m going to be upgrading the extend themes…

I’m going to be upgrading the /extend/themes bbPress install to bring it up to the same level of bbPress where the ideas and plugins and support forums are. This is to allow the login cookies to integrate properly across the whole site.

This means that parts of the themes directory will be non-functional or broken for short periods of time as I track down issues with it. These times should be short and as minimal as possible.

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I changed the default sort order from DE…

I changed the default sort order from DESC to ASC on https://irclogs.wordpress.org/ Let me know if it is better or worse 🙂 It was a bit hard to follow conversations by scrolling up.

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Theme pages now have a little “Theme SV…

Theme pages now have a little “Theme SVN” link in their FYI box. This just gives a link to the theme’s SVN, for people that want to use it.

This is something several of the theme reviewers asked for, and it fits with the long term goal of allowing some theme authors the ability to directly update themes via SVN instead of using the ZIP file uploader. Encouraging SVN use is a good thing, I think.

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I added child theme support to the theme…

I added child theme support to the theme previewer for /extend/themes. The only child theme we have in there at present that I know of is this one: https://wordpress.org/extend/themes/mazeld , but now the preview works for it. Note that the parent theme of a child theme must also be in /extend/themes for this to work.

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Profiles now shows up-to-date info from …

Profiles now shows up-to-date info from the various trac installs once again. It won’t be up-to-the-minute, but it will be updating on a somewhat regular basis.
Example: https://profiles.wordpress.org/users/nacin

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The theme uploader tool now performs a m…

The theme uploader tool now performs a much more extensive scan of uploaded themes and gives the results back in a list format to the uploader. Hopefully this will allow theme developers to more easily fix problems with their themes and reduce some of the load on the theme review team.

Example of the resulting output (truncated). Note that I intentionally used a failed theme here, to show an example of what that looks like.

And so on. This is an improvement over the previous method, which just stopped at the first error found and didn’t give a whole lot of useful output. While that old system is still in place (for now), this one is there in addition to it and will give all the results for any theme uploaded.

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New and improved this morning, we have a…

New and improved this morning, we have a two-fer.

First, on the extend plugin directory, you may notice some new pie chart fun on the stats tab for each plugin. This shows a percentage breakdown of the versions being actively used by that plugin’s users. Only slices greater than 1.0% are shown.

Secondly, since data kept in a box is not very useful, there’s a new API for getting this data. Usage is fairly obvious from just a simple example, which gets the version breakdown of one of my own plugins:
The callback parameter is optional, of course, and provided for people who want JSONP usage.

Note that the version data is relatively new, so we don’t have it for all plugins at present. It will get better as reporting continues. For those interested, it’s saving the total counts of the version numbers as reported by the plugin update-checks over the last week. Since the data at present is only from one day, it’s not very accurate.

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The codex now recognizes the single-sign…

The codex now recognizes the single-sign-on wp.org cookies and signs you in with them.

Note that MediaWiki has its own cookies too, so logout doesn’t quite work right. I’ll work on that soon.


WordPress.org now shows Gravatar Hoverca…

WordPress.org now shows Gravatar Hovercards too. Should be active anywhere you see a Gravatar on the site.

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Made some minor style updates to the wpo…

Made some minor style updates to the wporg web site today; changed the dark grey and light blue backgrounds to lighter shades of grey to better match the 3.0 style, as requested by Matt M. Replaced homepage screenshots with new ones from 3.0, as requested by Jane.

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