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  • Aaron Jorbin 9:10 pm on September 13, 2013 Permalink
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    JavaScript Unit Tests for Core 

    Recently WordPress added QUnit as a JavaScript unit testing framework and added its first JavaScript unit tests. I thought I would walk through how to run the tests and how to write tests so that we can increase our JavaScript test coverage. All of these are based upon using the develop.svn.wordpress.org checkout which is where the JS unit tests live.
    (More …)

    • Ryan McCue 1:37 am on September 14, 2013 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      For anyone who’s wondering what the hell is going on on Windows: You have to run grunt via the Windows command line, and you cannot run it via Cygwin. If you do run it via Cygwin, you’ll see random inexplicable errors and missing output. It’s pretty annoying (in fact, it stops me from using Grunt), but you can’t really do anything about it.

    • adamsilverstein 6:17 pm on September 14, 2013 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Great post, thanks for keeping this moving!

    • K.Adam White 5:50 pm on September 16, 2013 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      For those on Windows, the “msys” shell that installs as “Git Bash” when you download the official Windows build of Git should work fine once you install the Windows build of Node.

  • Andrew Nacin 5:26 am on July 12, 2012 Permalink
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    I’ll be posting a summary soon that covers Wednesday’s marathon meeting to scope out features for 3.5. In the meantime, some housekeeping:


    This P2 blog has moved from wpdevel.wordpress.com to make.wordpress.org/core. The “make” network is still very young, but there are other P2 blogs already underway, including ui, accessibility, themes, and plugins. wppolyglots.wordpress.com also moved to make/polyglots.

    Everything was migrated, including email and jabber subscriptions (using Jetpack). Being on the WordPress.org network opens up some possibilities, including custom features, better integration, and single sign-on.

    New test framework

    There will definitely be more to come on this, but in the last two weeks, the test suite was converted to a new test runner. You can read more about the effort on @maxcutler‘s blog. Tests are now easier and more straightforward to write, and the runner is also faster, leaner, and more stable. We’ve been working to increase our test coverage with every core commit, so this move was really important.

    Unit tests and mailing lists

    With the new test framework, we’re also looking to raise the visibility of our tests. We do plan to merge them into core’s Subversion repository in the future, but for now, we’ve merged some mailing lists. The wp-svn mailing list (every core commit, right in your inbox) now receives commits to the unit-tests repository as well. And wp-trac (every Trac ticket and comment — “the WordPress firehose”) now receives comments from the unit-tests Trac.

    If you are mostly just interested in tests, the wp-unit-tests mailing list receives both commits and Trac notifications, as before. (Also, make yourself known!)

    Daily Bug Scrubs

    I’d like to continue having daily “office hours.” For now, we’ll continue them weekdays at 19:00 UTC (an hour before the dev chat usually is). A number of us are idling in IRC throughout the week anyway, but I think it has worked well to have a set time where you can stop by to help comb through Trac, bring up tickets for discussion, and pitch patches.



    • Japh 6:23 am on July 12, 2012 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      I’ll try and get in on the bug scrubs on dev chat days, otherwise, 5am – 6am is a little too early for any Aussies to be keeping those “office hours”.

      • Andrew Nacin 10:49 am on July 13, 2012 Permalink | Log in to Reply

        No worries — the goal of this is to provide a consistent time where we are accessible, but at any given time, there are a number of contributing developers in #wordpress-dev.

    • Marcus 10:02 am on July 12, 2012 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      thanks for all your hard work!

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