Timeline for Twenty Twelve 1.0 — final testing window

During the dev chat yesterday (logs), it was determined that the timeline for Twenty Twelve’s release to the WordPress.org theme directory will be next week.

That means if you have any bugs to report against Twenty Twelve, please do so now! It’s time for final reviews. Once 1.0 is released, it will be very tough for us to make style or code changes, as we will then need to avoid breaking child themes (both code wise, and stylistically).

So, if you haven’t looked at Twenty Twelve yet, now’s the time. Here’s the demo site: http://twentytwelvedemo.wordpress.com. Also, if you’re using the Beta Tester plugin instead of a checkout from Subversion, you may not have Twenty Twelve installed and up to date. In that case, here’s a direct link to download a ZIP.

(@westi, @dd32, we should adjust how beta theme installs are handled…)

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As Twenty Twelve is punted to 3.5 it…

As Twenty Twelve is punted to 3.5, it is being removed from core. It can be found here for now, and will be brought back in for 3.5.

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We’re digging in full bore to get things…

We’re digging in full bore to get things done by freeze. #19978 is the primary ticket.

Tasks that need to happen by Wed Feb 29:

  • Finish the styling (Drew)
  • CSS file cleanup (Lance)
  • RTL stylesheet
  • Editor stylesheet

The last big missing piece for styling is post formats.

Update Wed Feb 29: see my comment below.

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Team Update: Twenty Twelve

We are still plugging away at theme styles and related code changes. See the task list on our last update for the exact things we’re working on and who’s working on what.

I’ll keep that list updated as we continue to crank on the theme. You can also follow along in the main Trac ticket: #19978.

One thing that came up this week is a minor revamp to the default comment markup, see #20088 for notes and a patch. If those changes are approved we can delete a big chunk of code from Twenty Twelve’s functions file.

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Team Update: Twenty Twelve

We are currently plugging away at fixing up missing styles around the new theme.

r19915 brings in several of these style fixes and related template changes (see #19978).

Next up is more of the same, including styling comments, handling the main navigation gracefully in small screens, styling all the default widgets, and styling the basic post formats (aside, link, image, quote).

If anyone wants to help out a bit, we could use eyes on #19627 — the “default to static front page” behavior.

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Team Update: Twenty Twelve

We are the team formerly known as “Twenty Twelve Two”—now three strong with Drew Strojny joining up for the 3.4 release cycle as the theme designer. Welcome Drew!

What we’re calling our “first cycle” ends today with Drew delivering us the first working prototype with the basic layout in place. Matt committed it with r19842. (See also #19978.)

Consider this version 0.5

This is not yet a fully working theme—we’ll be adding in more features and lots of missing styles over the next 3–4 weeks. Including post formats, comments, archives and page templates, more in-post styling, and a nav menu rework so the main content comes ahead of the navigation.

Our goal for the next cylcle is to finish up all the missing visual styles from Drew, with Lance making relevant code changes as needed. Deliverable is a finished theme that everyone can start using and testing in earnest.

Schedule notes

1. Due to schedule conflicts we need to be going slowly over the next week or two, picking it up again in earnest Feb 20–Feb 29.
2. Office hours will probably be on Mondays, I’ll post the actual times soon.

Update: We’ll end our cycle on Feb 29th.

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Core Team Meetup Recap: Default Theme “Twenty Twelve”

One of the topics discussed at the core team meetup was next year’s default theme. It was determined that the default theme will be Matt’s project for 3.4. Matt will be overseeing a theme designer (via Lance) to ensure a theme that is “kind of different from before, generally palatable, and that Matt likes.” Once Matt chooses a design, a directory will be started and the core team will supervise the code from the start, hopefully with review cycles involving the theme review team.

Some notes about what we want in a new default theme:

  • single post/permalink view with post formats is needed
  • variable height header image
  • mobile version
  • default to static front page (will need a function in core to auto-choose)
  • editor styles the same as front end.
  • avoid clever things that aren’t super-useful (like ephemera widget)
  • start with 2011 as base for code (or 2010, which has gotten more updates and had more eyes on it)
  • no featured image in header
  • by default – no header image

To-do: Reverse engineer from 3.4 timeline to create a schedule of deadlines for theme design and development.

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