We’re getting very close This week focusing on…

We’re getting very close.

This week focusing on RTL again, especially concerning :before and :after and Genericon placement, see #24287. Turns out we’ll need flipped versions of lots of the glyphs—which Joen is now working on. After Joen completes the Genericons font updates are ready we’ll sync them into Twenty Thirteen.

Next is another quick pass at editor styles, including RTL support there.

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Twenty Thirteen project update, April 23, 2013

The focus for Twenty Thirteen right now test, test, and test. Polish, polish, and polish. The IEs, RTL, testing with lots of popular plugins. Getting things working smoothly with the new core post formats functionality.


  • Launch on WordPress.com: currently blocked by the pending final version of the post formats UI.
  • With core team: make a decision on how “structured-post-formats” should be used and declared (if at all) by the theme.
  • With core team: make a decision on fixed navbar—”stay or go.”
  • With Joen, making Quote style improvements.

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We love testers We’d love more people to…

We love testers

We’d love more people to install Twenty Thirteen, with special emphasis on trying out all the new Post Format features.

Also, if you have access to Windows with various versions of Internet Explorer we especially need help testing out some IE8 and IE10 issues (see Trac list link below).


  • Address open tickets in Trac, fix bugs and make improvements
  • More browser, device, RTL, and i18n testing
  • Post formats testing. For example, looking at the output from post_formats_compat(), making suggestions like Image should use wp_get_attachment_image() there for filters and correct core class attribute values in the resulting HTML.
  • Review and possibly refactor the js/functions.js JavaScript file, going to all procedural/functional or moving to a new architecture—the key is to be consistent with it within the file. We can also look at namespacing the events.
  • Ask Joen to do another design audit, checking versus his design vision for things like spacing, colors, and post formats.

Office hours

We’ll get back to office hours in #wordpress-dev IRC over the next few weeks, Tue and Thu at 17 UTC.

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Twenty Thirteen project update, March 26, 2013

Our focus right now is on post formats integration, both structured (formats with post meta) and “normal” output for the other formats.


  1. Work with Post Formats team to get the_video(), the_audio(), and the_image() functions into core, so we can avoid a ton of extra logic in Twenty Thirteen’s functions.php file to grab the first asset for a format. Making it easier for *any* theme to get the same data back and keep their template files simpler. Themes should not have to parse shortcodes or try to make something run through oEmded before display.
  2. Work with Post Formats team on post_formats_compat() functionality, improving Quote markup and filling in the gaps for other formats. Obenland is going to work on a patch for this.
  3. Image: we need clarification from 3.6 leads and Post Formats team on whether it is going to be structured or not (post meta) and it needs more work for the post-media functions (see 1 and 2 priorities above)
  4. Finalize each post format in Twenty Thirteen: what template HTML or PHP it needs, what it needs from core functionality to work correctly

By post format

Here’s a breakdown per format, per today’s discussion (IRC log).

  • Standard: good to go
  • Aside: we remove the title from the PHP template, added styling; non-structured
  • Chat: IHNIWIGOWTPF (see IRC log, hehe); non-structured
  • Gallery: we use a bit of PHP to remove default gallery styles, and we use a filter to change the image size to large on index view, then add a bit of CSS fanciness to change the first image to “bigger” size, 300×300 (single view is not changed other than to align the columns); non-structured
  • Link: structured, we use get_the_url() wrapped in our own fallback to output permalink if no URL is found
  • Image: right now it works OK without any changes, but the design calls for the image to be above the title, which means we need a way to pull out the first image, and have the_content() be output without that image; also filter content_width to 724 for this format (small issue with that reported in #23863). Seems like the best approach here is to use a custom image size to grab an exact 724 px wide image (unless it’s smaller that 724, in which case we grab the largest available). Ideal: a user uploads an image, adds it to the post content at exactly 724 from the Media editor, then the_image() outputs the exact HTML img tag + attributes.
  • Quote: structured; currently we rely on people using blockquote correctly in the editor, and style it with CSS; after Obenland’s patch to Quote markup (noted above in priority 2) we’ll add CSS support for the structured HTML markup, and leave in the basic styles in case someone uses post content anyway
  • Status: similar to Aside
  • Video: structured; we filter content_width to 724 to allow the video to be wider than the rest of the content area; needs the_video() to return the HTML output of first video and remove the same from the post content
  • Audio: structured, we’re leaning towards using the post format compat output instead of a custom structure in the theme; needs more testing but seems to be working OK as-is right now

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Twenty Thirteen project update, March 19, 2013

We’re in great shape to get to beta. Here is what we’re working on right now.

Blocking older installs

Tracked in #23819 — since Twenty Thirteen is 3.6+ only, older installs could see errors. We’d like to come up with a graceful way to not allow older versions of WordPress to install and run Twenty Thirteen.

Maybe a nag function in the theme that puts up a warning? Forcing a change the previously activated theme upon activation? What are your thoughts?

Relates to #13780 also.

Post formats integration

See #23619, #23620, and #23621 — we are waiting on the core functionality to be committed before we can change the theme code (images, videos, galleries, links).

Recently completed

  • HTML5 improvements to comment list, comment form, and search form (yay!) #22005, #23702, and #23701
  • Solidify footer positioning when no JavaScript or no Masonry script available: #23771
  • More gallery visual fixes: #23773 and #23769

Open issues

Here is a link to open tickets.

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Twenty Thirteen project update, March 12 2013

This week we are closing as many open issues as possible to prepare for code freeze.


Here are the current blockers to getting to a code freeze tomorrow, as scheduled:

  • Post formats: #23619 #23620 #23621 — waiting on the core functionality to be committed before we can change the theme code (images, videos, galleries, links)
  • #15080: Comment form HTML5 input types — just needs a commit
  • #20088: Improve wp_list_comments() markup — needs a code review from core team dev, then commit

Recently finished

  • Several passes at RTL, editor, and print styles
  • Sidebar & footer clearing: #23557
  • Gallery visual fixes: #23742 #23649 #23584
  • Color contrast for accessibility: #23513

Open issues

Here is a link to all remaining open tickets.

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Twenty Thirteen project update, March 4 2013

What we worked on last week

Lots of fixes and improvements went in — thanks to everyone who reported and patched and tested.

Bigger items discussed:

1. Fixing the sidebar (including discussion of dropping it completely). We decided to just swap primary and secondary sidebars for now. See #23644.
2. Remove fixed navbar for mobile — yes, let’s remove it. See #23647.
3. Keep fixed navbar for desktop for now, but next step is to switch site title to menu there, try that out.

IRC logs: Tue Feb 26 2013 | Thu Feb 28 2013

What we’re doing this week

More work on open tickets.

Big items to tackle next:

  • Post format support: #23619 #23620 #23621
  • Sidebar / footer clearing, still no perfect CSS-only solution. JS techniques are next. See #23557.
  • Gallery styles: portrait sized images, #23649 — and caption styles, #23584.

Non-theme tickets that affect Twenty Thirteen’s progress:

  • #15080: Comment Form Should use HTML5 input types for better accessibility
  • #15081: Search Form should use type=’search’
  • #20088: Improve wp_list_comments() comment markup

Want to get involved?

View open tickets.

Join us in IRC during office hours and we can get you started on a ticket or task.

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It was pointed out that when using the…

It was pointed out that when using the WordPress Beta Tester plugin, Twenty Thirteen wasn’t being updated. As of r23529, that’s now fixed. If you update twice (once to get r23529, again to update the theme), you should be all set to test and contribute.

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Twenty Thirteen project update

The Twenty Thirteen team jumped into 3.6 with two two first office hours this week; things are off to a great start. We’re meeting in #wordpress-dev IRC on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 17 UTC.

Who we are

(These are WP.org usernames.)

  • Leads: lancewillett and obenland
  • Contributors joining us for office hours this week: johnbillion kwight clakeb karmatosed sabreuse taupecat jorbin bpetty MikeHansenMe georgestephanis jayjdk nacin

Many other folks already contributed patches and tickets, thank you.

What we’re working on

Tuesday we started by dividing things up a bit:

  • Color contrast and general accessibility (sabreuse and jorbin)
  • Mobile behavior, the navbar and menu need some work (obenland, johnbillion, and karmatosed)
  • Device testing (karmatosed)
  • General bug reporting and patches (everyone)

We also looked at open tickets for Twenty Thirteen.

Thursday we had a more open discussion style. Based on people grabbing tasks I’ve added a “point person” in bold after each — if you want to jump in look for “Unassigned” here and drop a comment or ping me in IRC.

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A first draft of the Twenty Thirteen theme…

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