Twenty Seventeen: Agenda for Sept 30, 2016 Meeting

Here’s the agenda for today’s weekly meeting on Twenty Seventeen. It will last 30 minutes, and I’ll be around in the #core-themes channel for at least 30 minutes afterward to answer any questions.

Reminder: Meetings are every Friday at 18:00 UTC. Twenty Seventeen Features meeting every Tuesday at 17:00 UTC.

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Dev Chat Summary: September 28 (4.7 week 6)

This post summarizes the dev chat meeting from September 21st (agenda, Slack archive).


  • Schedule: We are 3 weeks from the final chance to merge in major features. This includes Twenty Seventeen.
  • Tickets: There are currently 196 tickets in the 4.7 milestone. This is 14 more than last week. In just 6 short weeks, this needs to be zero. For any tickets you’ve moved into the milestone, please make sure these are active tickets, with some kind of activity in the last 10 days.
  • Bug Scrubs: We’re looking for people to help run a bug scrub, please reach out to @jorbin if you have interest (details here). Bug scrubs this week plus one on Monday and one on Wednesday next week at yet to be scheduled times.

Components & Features

  • Twenty Seventeen (@davidakennedy, @melchoyce)
    • Latest update
    • Add multi-panel feature to pages through add_theme_support (#37974) & Enable Video Headers in Custom Headers (#38172) need eyes and help the most
    • Additional i18n eyes on Better support for non-latin font fallbacks especially designers who use non-latin alphabets natively to hear suggestions for non-latin font stacks that would look good in the theme
    • Next meeting Friday at 18:00UTC (theme-focused), Tuesday (feature-focused)
  • Media (@mikeschroder, @joemcgill)
    • Latest update
    • Unexpected change to media title behavior in WP 4.6.1 (#37989) – Looks like @sergey added a patch that fixes the remaining issues with some UTF-8 characters. Should be committed soon.
    • Media search doesn’t include file name (#22744) – The current implementation is trampling any preexisting JOINs. Should have a patch a new patch ready to test soon.
    • Also looking at pursuing additional media organization improvements through a feature plugin, details still need discussion, @karmatosed on board to help with design
    • Next meeting Friday at 17:00 UTC
  • Customize (@westonruter, @celloexpressions)
    • Latest update
    • Primary commit for Harden panel/section UI code by removing contents from being logically nested (read: goodbye margin-top hacks) (#34391) is in, and a dev note is scheduled to be published after today’s dev chat
      • Some major changes here, so we need plugin and theme authors to test
    • Received design feedback on A New Experience for Discovering, Installing, and Previewing Themes in the Customizer (#37661) and working on making those revisions by the end of this week and planning to publish a feature proposal on Friday
      • Need to discuss themes again during tomorrow’s #design meeting for final approval before the changes are made
    • Need attention on Provide a better gateway for code-based theme customizations with the Customizer (#35395)
      • Discussion of whether this direction is appropriate lead to tentative consensus that this is likely appropriate for core
      • Next steps will be to loop @folletto in to improve the design and polish up the patch
      • Big other block discussed: sanitizing and validating the CSS & most appropriate corresponding capability
        • Currently rudimentary validation in the patch for balanced braces and comments. Need improvement if relying on it heavily, but it provides instant user feedback
        • Capability solution needs to work for multisite if at all possible, since that’s a primary use case
        • Discussion to continue on the Trac ticket and/or #core-customize
  • i18n (@swissspidy)
    • Feedback/help on Introduce a locale-switching function (#26511) would be appreciated
      • The problem is that labels of custom post types and taxonomies are only evaluated once, so switching locales wouldn’t properly translate those.
      • There’s a proposed fix for built-in types and taxonomies, but we prefer a better solution that works for all of these.
  • Editor (@azaozz, @iseulde)
    • Would like to help with a survey (scratchpad/draft). Need to start gathering user usage stats, should be opt-in, start with a plugin first, and release the aggregated data
    • Weekly data tracking (back-end) meeting Wednesday at 1900 UTC
  • HTTPS (@johnbillion)
  • REST API (@krogsgard, @kadamwhite )
    • Latest update
    • Whether the API should follow core behavior and save a revision every time a post is updated
      • Right now every update to a post creates a revision and can be a bit painful for some clients, so: 1) should that always happen? 2) should we have the ability to turn it off?
      • Decided on: 1) Yes.  2) The ability to use auto-drafts like in core makes sense, but doesn’t need to block merge.
    • How to handle image permissions, specifically for the case where an image is attached (uploaded) to a private post and then featured in a public post
      • Specifically, if I upload an attachment to a private post, its visibility is governed by that post, so it too is private but, in wp-admin I can add it as featured media to another public post. When that public post is queried: what happens!?
      • @joemcgill summary: I happen to think it’s an oversight in WordPress that we allow an image attached to a private post to be set as the featured image of another post (and by an author without permission to view the private parent post). We should probably either close this loophole or detach the attachment from the private post whenever it’s set as a featured image on another post.
      • @kadamwhite to document decision, @rmccue @joemcgill @helen et al will identify core tickets that should be opened.
    • Whether (and how) to expose edit locks through the API
      • Main thing here is whether this is a blocker? Decision: edit locks are great, but doesn’t need to block merge.
    • Next bug scrub is Thursday 1400 UTC; next team meeting is 1400 UTC on Monday, October 3rd

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Twenty Seventeen Features Meeting Notes: Sept. 27 2016

Here’s the meeting summary for this week. If I missed anything, let me know in the comments.



The group:

  • Discussed #37974 and what the options were for possible implementation. Those include: theme options, nav menus and child pages.
  • Mostly agreed that nav menus had a lot of positive things that could be inherited for this feature. Beside a familiar UI, the internal data structure is solid and flexible for future changes and growth, and there are several ways to improve the experience to make it more discoverable, such as with menu fallbacks in the customize preview.
  • Talked about “fragments” and how this feature might work when a full page is assembled via those fragments. The fragments wouldn’t be viewable on their own.
  • Talked about how child pages are grouped together on the edit screen but don’t have good UI for page structure management.
  • Mentioned theme options and how many themes do this kind of thing now, but it lacks portability and themes can do it in many different ways.
  • Talked a bit about how themes might output the assembled content. Maybe it uses a version of the_content().
  • Noticed that drag and drop ordering came up a lot – especially in relation to concepts users get in menus and widgets.
  • Brought up the idea of adding other pages’ content inside a page. Pages in a page. But that could be getting too far into content block territory.
  • Shared ideas about where this might live: in the edit screen, the Customizer or a combination.
  • Decided to have @karmatosed sketch out some of these ideas. Others are welcome too!
  • Brought up video headers, #38172, to get more eyes on it.
  • Discussed dummy content, #38114, after the official meeting. Chat archive starts here.
  • Talked about a potential direction for dummy content that’s showing it when live previewing, using JSON as a potential format and having a set of dummy content in Core that themes could utilize.
  • Decided to research what type of content themes might need. It may be smart to divide content by theme types.

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Twenty Seventeen Meeting Notes: Sept. 23 2016

Here’s the meeting summary for this week. If I missed anything, let me know in the comments.



The group:

  • labeled a handful of issues on GitHub that hadn’t been triaged yet.
  • discussed ideas for handling the home page layout. #37974 will become the “master” ticket for this. All discussion related to improving this part of themes should happen there – in Trac and not on GitHub. Many ideas were mentioned, but the first step agreed on was mapping out user flows. See A shorthand for designing UI flows for context.
  • decided to have a second meeting for the features around Twenty Seventeen, like the one discussed in #37974. That meeting will be every Tuesday, at 17:00 UTC in #core-themes.

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Twenty Seventeen: Agenda for Sept 23, 2016 Meeting

Here’s the agenda for today’s weekly meeting on Twenty Seventeen. It will last 30 minutes, and I’ll be around in the #core-themes channel for at least 30 minutes afterward to answer any questions.

  • Triage as many issues and PRs that haven’t been labeled yet.
  • Handling the home page layout. See: Pull #62, #19627, #16379, #38013.
  • Open floor.

Reminder: Meetings are every Friday at 18:00 UTC.

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Twenty Seventeen Kickoff Meeting Notes

Today, we had a kickoff meeting for Twenty Seventeen! See the introductory post for some details.

A few housekeeping notes:

  • Slack archive of meeting.
  • This meeting was short notice, but I plan on posting an agenda each week prior to the meeting.
  • No meeting next week, but watch out for posts here about tasks related to Twenty Seventeen.
  • Next meeting is Sept. 23rd.
  • Meetings are every Friday at 18:00 UTC in #core-themes in Slack.

Our agenda was:

Introduction to Twenty Seventeen

  • This meeting really has two main focuses: Gather help, and a design review.
  • Twenty Seventeen aims to show that the one-page look and feel is possible in a WordPress theme.
  • And the bullet points in the announcement post get directly to that:

A better flow for using a static page as your front page.
Visible edit icons in the Customizer, replacing the current hidden shift+click method.
Expanding custom header images to include video (think: atmospheric video headers!).
Dummy content for live previews.

Ways to help

We discussed a few of the above bullet points in more details but tried to stay out of talk of implementation. We focused on how to best break the work up and what the first steps would be. There’s many ways to help with Twenty Seventeen this year that don’t involve the theme itself or code.


  • #19627 Themes should be able to opt-in to a static front page: Document what other services, platforms and themes do to help inform a bunch of things, including page-on-front changes. @melchoyce will take a look at the flow for front page setup and related things to get this started.
  • Dummy content for live previews: @helen described this as: “So, dummy content would be something like a text widget with business hours appearing in live preview (currently known in the form of the customizer) if there are no widgets in that area yet. That shows users a) there’s a widget area there (otherwise it’s just empty right now, or maybe has like, a search box and a login link at best), and b) what content might work really well there and what it’s going to look like.”
  • #37974 Add multi-panel feature to pages through add_theme_support: @karmatosed created this ticket and has ideas on how to move forward with it.

Who wants to help?

  • Front page flow: @mor10, @aaroncampbell offered to help here.
  • Video headers: Myself, and @celloexpressions have interest here.
  • Dummy content: @helen will help get this moving.
  • Visible edit icons in the Customizer: We need help here, but should have details soon on this. See: #27403.

If you want to help on any of these, and missed the meeting, no problem! Comment here and I’ll do my best to get you pointed in the right direction.

Design review/feedback

@melchoyce lead the design review:

Here are the current mockups, for reference:

Mel’s to-dos she’ll be working on in the next week:

Points discussed:

  • Extremely wide screens + what happens to images that are not wide enough to be full-bleed.
  • Make sure color contrast requirements are met.
  • Mel wants to explore pull-quote styles and color schemes.
  • Really rock-solid support for non-latin alphabets should be explored.

Questions, Next Steps, Etc.

  • The schedule is listed above.
  • What about browser support? See this issue from Twenty Sixteen, which Twenty Seventeen will follow.

The theme is now on GitHub. A few things to keep in mind:

  • The theme is a fork of Lodestar, a theme designed by Mel and built by @laurelfulford. It’s an excellent base to start with and what you’ll see on GitHub.
  • The design isn’t implemented.
  • A lot of other work remains too, and issues will be created in the coming week to help guide the process.

Again, if you want to help, comment here. If you have questions, just ask. It’s time to get to work! 🙂

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Say Hello to Twenty Seventeen 👋🏽

It’s that time again: time to build a new default theme for WordPress!

WordPress 4.7 will launch with a brand new theme – Twenty Seventeen. Designed by Mel Choyce (@melchoyce), Twenty Seventeen sports a modern look and will make a good base for any business website or product showcase.


Check out the gallery below to preview our next default theme at full-size:

(Higher resolution mockups)

In addition to having a wide appeal, Twenty Seventeen will focus on providing a seamless initial theme setup so anyone can set up a website for themselves or their business with minimal hassle.

Twenty Seventeen aims to show off some new core features and enhancements, such as:

  • A better flow for using a static page as your front page.
  • Visible edit icons in the Customizer, replacing the current hidden shift+click method.
  • Expanding custom header images to include video (think: atmospheric video headers!).
  • Dummy content for live previews.

Mel will keep an eye on all things design during the creation of Twenty Seventeen. Laurel Fulford (@laurelfulford) and David Kennedy (@davidakennedy) will assist her, leading the theme’s development. Lots of opportunities exist this year for getting involved with Twenty Seventeen – we need your help, and lots of it! 🙏🏽

Backing up the Twenty Seventeen team will be a team focusing on the core Themes API. This team is looking for new and experienced core developers with theme experience to help lead and contribute to specific features.

Similar to feature projects, the initial development of the theme will be on GitHub. Once it’s usable and stable, the theme will be merged into core and the GitHub repo will be deprecated. After it’s merged, all issues should be reported to Trac.

Twenty Seventeen will also use plain CSS — it won’t use preprocessors in the development of the theme. This will keep it simple, making the theme easier for everyone to understand, quicker for anyone to modify and better to maintain in the long run.

Throughout the process of building Twenty Seventeen, the team will be collaborating with the Theme Review Team and the core development team to make sure it is up to core standards.

How can you get involved?

There will be weekly meetings every Friday at 18:00 UTC in #core-themes starting today. During that time, the focus will be on the theme itself. If you are interested in contributing, keep an eye out here for updates or join us in #core-themes in Slack.

If you have some early thoughts on what would make this a great WordPress experience, or if you’re generally interested in participating, sound off in the comments. Please hold any design feedback for Friday’s meeting. where we can have a conversation about it in greater depth.

Want to know more about default themes?

Here are some links where you can find out more about past default themes:

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