Team Gandalf Update

Yesterday marked the halfway point of our second cycle. We’re moving along at a steady clip. The main goal for the coming week is to tie up any loose ends and begin integrating the plugin into core. Until then, follow our progress at #19910 and in the plugin repo.

We’ve made considerable progress in the past week. We completed a first pass for menu locations and have almost all of the elements we need for custom backgrounds (all that remains is the file upload dialog and fixing the color picker). We also added the ability to alter/choose a static front page within the customization (as decided in dev chat yesterday). Under the hood, we’ve made numerous improvements including working APIs (including rendering controls, previewing, and saving) for theme_mods and options, proper handling of multidimensional IDs, and a whole bunch of bug fixes.

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Team Update: Headerators

We’ve pretty much wrapped up flexible headers (#17242) for both width and height. We’re currently reviewing a patch on #19840 and hope to have that finished this cycle. Our next project will be to work with Team Gandalf to help integrate flexible headers into their theme preview.

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Team Update: Browsing Buddies

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Team Update: Twenty Twelve

We are currently plugging away at fixing up missing styles around the new theme.

r19915 brings in several of these style fixes and related template changes (see #19978).

Next up is more of the same, including styling comments, handling the main navigation gracefully in small screens, styling all the default widgets, and styling the basic post formats (aside, link, image, quote).

If anyone wants to help out a bit, we could use eyes on #19627 — the “default to static front page” behavior.

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Team Update Bugs RPC Our first cycle closed…

Team Update: Bugs-RPC

Our first cycle closed on Friday. Only three of the original tickets on our list have been committed so far, with others at various steps closer to commit readiness.

The plan for our second cycle is to continue wrap on our original ticket list. If that completes with time left over we’ll begin adding more test code to @westi‘s new RPC test code.

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Team Update: XML-RPC – Taxonomies and Terms

Team Update: XML-RPC (Friday)

We finished our first cycle last week and the implementation of the CRUD functions for Posts (and all Custom Post Types) has been committed to trunk see #18429 for more info.

For our second cycle we decided to focus on CRUD for Taxonomies and Terms taking the patches from GSOC and iterating on them we are using #18438 as the tracker ticker for a single patch to cover all the different methods.

We also decides to put more focus and effort into unit testing this cycle and have started creating some XML-RPC test case for existing/new functionality.

Relevant Tickets: #18438, #18439, #18440, #18441, #18442, #18443, and #18444

Office hours: 5pm-6pm UTC Mon-Fri


Team Update: Gardening

  • duck_ finished the rewrite tickets that were in our sights and moved on to import/export.
  • The WP_Query improvements might land soon (#18536). I want to do some more testing with memcached first.
  • The ajax code reorg is done (#15327). A few variable scope related bugs were fixed. Unit tests added.
  • post_content_filtered is now the same size as post_content (#19387). Rejoice. I think this concludes the schema changes for 3.4.
  • Review, test, commit, and pinch hit for other teams.
  • Profiling of various admin pages, looking for slow things.
  • And the usual gardening activities. The winnowing is slow but steady.

Coming up:

  • Land WP_Query changes
  • Import/export
  • More unit tests
  • Particularly autop unit tests. Anyone?
  • Pick a couple of new components to ticket target. Suggestions?


Team Update i18n Our first two week cycle…

Team Update: i18n

Our first two-week cycle comes to a close. Very successful, with more than 20 tickets outright closed, and more in the pipeline or nearing completion. Some highlights since last week’s update:

  • Fixed localization issues when a plugin calls wp_enqueue_script() too early. #19959, #11526
  • Fixed ajax calls for IDN domains (broken in IE and Opera). We partnered with Ryan on this one, to introduce a new ‘relative’ scheme for the URL functions. #18952
  • Hebrew letter nun no longer breaks search results. (Good UTF-8 fix.) #19033
  • We finished off #19852 and, again, #18180, #19924, and #19600
  • Commas (when used to separate tags) were internationalized. A very helpful fix for a number of locales. #7897
  • Finalized RTL styling changes in #19598
  • Made the TinyMCE spellchecker dropdown localizable #19962
  • The document for translators is current (view it here)
  • Awaiting feedback from translation teams in #19980, #8759, and #19601
  • Ryan and I want to revisit #19599

Our next cycle will start in a few days. It will focus on the raw implementation of language packs. Dion will be spearheading the upgrade/install bits while I continue to work on infrastructure as well as the contents of said packs. For now, Sergey is looking at transliteration and character conversion, while I will work on #19597 and #15858.

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Team update: Browsing Buddies

Current Cycle Focus: Themes Screen Infinite Scrolling (#19815); ends this Thursday, 2/9

This week we talked a bit about the UI/UX of it all and decided to hide pagination links if infinite scrolling is on. Latest patch on the ticket also moves the JS into the existing theme.js. Discussed with rboren and decided to raise the per_page number on the installed themes screen to something high (999 in the current patch, or in essence, everything). Related: #19469

With the commits of patches for #18094 and #19853, search filters and the details link are now fully functional with infinite scroll. DH-Shredder is working on the display of the spinner, and a refreshed patch should be up on Trac before tomorrow’s dev chat for review and more eyes, especially on the JS. Looks like we’re on track to finish this cycle on time.

Next up: Multiple screenshots for themes (#19816). Comps still wanted over at Make UI.

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Team Update: Twenty Twelve

We are the team formerly known as “Twenty Twelve Two”—now three strong with Drew Strojny joining up for the 3.4 release cycle as the theme designer. Welcome Drew!

What we’re calling our “first cycle” ends today with Drew delivering us the first working prototype with the basic layout in place. Matt committed it with r19842. (See also #19978.)

Consider this version 0.5

This is not yet a fully working theme—we’ll be adding in more features and lots of missing styles over the next 3–4 weeks. Including post formats, comments, archives and page templates, more in-post styling, and a nav menu rework so the main content comes ahead of the navigation.

Our goal for the next cylcle is to finish up all the missing visual styles from Drew, with Lance making relevant code changes as needed. Deliverable is a finished theme that everyone can start using and testing in earnest.

Schedule notes

1. Due to schedule conflicts we need to be going slowly over the next week or two, picking it up again in earnest Feb 20–Feb 29.
2. Office hours will probably be on Mondays, I’ll post the actual times soon.

Update: We’ll end our cycle on Feb 29th.

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