The support forums now hav…

The support forums now have subscribe by email, to tags.

To use, login, then view any single tag page. At the bottom of the page, sorta hidden on the left side, you’ll see a link called “Subscribe to Tag via Email”. It’s a toggle.

Note: If you subscribe to heavily trafficked tags, you’re likely to get a LOT of emails. I suggest you use this sparingly, or get an email system that can cope.

Note the second: I fully expect there to be bugs. This is new. Expect fixes when I find them.

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Permalinks with the structure /index.php …

Permalinks with the structure /index.php/%postname%/ (or the same, without the trailing slash) now work. And now the tag/category bases are normalized to have no leading/trailing slash, so it’ll just be topics or tagged for example.

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Tag auto-suggest now works for more than …

Tag auto-suggest now works for more than just the first tag. Before, you had to hit “enter” and send each tag down below if you wanted to use auto-suggest, because once you typed a comma, auto-suggest would stop working. Super-lame. Now it works like you think it should.

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Manage tags UI updated.

Manage tags UI updated.

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