The support forums now hav…

The support forums now have subscribe by email, to tags.

To use, login, then view any single tag page. At the bottom of the page, sorta hidden on the left side, you’ll see a link called “Subscribe to Tag via Email”. It’s a toggle.

Note: If you subscribe to heavily trafficked tags, you’re likely to get a LOT of emails. I suggest you use this sparingly, or get an email system that can cope.

Note the second: I fully expect there to be bugs. This is new. Expect fixes when I find them.

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Email subscriptions are now enabled for …

Email subscriptions are now enabled for individual topics on the support forums.

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Plugin authors can now change the “Reso…

Plugin authors can now change the “Resolved” status on support topics made about their plugins on .org.

Note: This only works when the topic is made from the plugins area, using the “Got something to say? Need help? Write a new topic.” link at the bottom of the plugins screen. Topics that are simply manually tagged with the name of the plugin won’t work.

Mods and higher can still change the resolved status on any topic, as always. So you may not be able to see this change easily. 🙂

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