Dev Chat Summary – February 19th, 2020 (5.4 week 6)

@francina facilitated the chat on this agenda

@cenay took care of publishing the summary notes. Special thanks to @valentinbora, @amykamala and @audrasjb for the peer review on these summary notes. 

Full Meeting transcript on Slack

This devchat marked week 6 of the 5.4 release cycle.


WordPress 5.4 Beta 2 was released yesterday, February 18, as scheduled.

  • 5.4 Beta 3 is scheduled to be released on February 25, 2020. (Note to committers and maintainers, the cut off time to get bugs fixed and into WP 5.4 is February 25th, 20 UTC)
  • 5.4 is intended to be released March 31st, 2020.


  • Status report on the About page – content and design
  • Dev Notes status and how to proceed to get them all published in time for RC1 and the Field Guide. 
  • Highlighted Posts: XML Sitemaps Kickoff Meeting Announcement 
  • Component Check-ins

5.4 Beta 3 to be released on February 25th

As mentioned, WordPress 5.4 Beta 2 was released on February 18th, 2020. 

Please help by testing the Beta and reporting any bugs on WordPress Trac (or the Gutenberg GitHub repository).

@audrasjb suggested it would be great to schedule one or two bug scrubs before the next beta so we can punt/help the 134 remaining tickets in the milestone. @francina “seconded” with a call out for anyone who has spare time to help organize a bug scrub (See this post for how to run one). Open tickets for 5.4 can be found here (in order of priority). The Bug Scrub schedule for 5.4 lists scheduled scrubs for anyone to join in. 

Status Report on the About Page – Content and Design

@karmatosed stated everything is lining up to start the About page earlier this release. There will also be a push to document this. @melchoyce and @elmastudio are leading the design charge on this with @marktimemedia riding along to observe. @marybaum added they’ve got chunks of the copy written and she promised to share it with major-release-squad.  

Dev Notes Status 

..and how to proceed to get them all published in time for RC1 and the Field Guide.

@audrasjb reports since the last dev chat, four new dev notes were published:

@audrasjb also reports to date, they have a dev note published for about 50% of closed tickets with the `needs-dev-note` keyword in the milestone and 4 drafted dev notes ready to publish. He is very confident they’ll have all dev notes published by the end of the month (during last week before RC1)

@jorgefilipecosta reports he is tracking the progress of the block editor related dev notes and requests that any feedback before the dev notes are published would be great as the content there was not yet reviewed and is just what the original people involved in a PR think the dev note should contain.

@johnbillion asks that if anyone sees changes going into core that they think need a dev note, to leave a comment on the ticket. @audrasjb adds “if you think there are some important tickets that don’t have the `needs-dev-note` keyword, please get in touch with me”. @azaozz asks that you ensure the dev notes are really for developers and are concise and to the point and preferably with a code example of changed usage. @jorbin reminds us to remember the guidelines for posts and the need to have a peer review. 

@francina thinks having a separate page with guidelines on submitting dev notes would be helpful. @earnjam mentioned @desrosj would have a draft written up on the subject.

Highlighted Posts

@francina announced the highlighted post. There were no comments. 

Component Check-ins

  • News from Components
  • Components up for adoption (i.e. looking for maintainers): Filesystem API and Rewrite Rules
  • Components that need help
  • Cross component collaboration

News From Components


@valentinbora reports 1 week after he took up Administration, 40+ tickets have been triaged with 2-3 moved to other components. Per the previous meeting’s discussion regarding the very existence of the Administration component, @valentinbora thinks it’s here to stay.


@jeffpaul raised the issue of Gutenberg development overlapping existing Core components and how to best communicate with their respective maintainers/teams. @francina proposed a continued discussion about the cooperation between Components and Gutenberg out of the meeting.  

Widgets & Menus

@audrasjb noted 3 bug fixes with `commit` keyword and concerns about managing the transition and backward compatibility with tickets referring to current widgets/menus and new tickets referring to full site editing (FSE). 

@noisysocks recommends that maintainers of the widgets, customizer and editor components get involved and look at the relevant labels in the Gutenberg repository. 

Open Floor – Announcement

@pbiron announced that a new version of the WordPress Beta Tester plugin was released earlier today with a new feature. On the settings screen (`Tools > Beta Testing`), once you’ve already updated to either `Point release nightlies` or `Bleeding edge nightlies`, you’ll see a new option for `Beta/RC`. Once you’ve set that as your current stream, you’ll only be updated when the next beta or RC (or official) is released rather than the nightlies. 

One advantage of this new feature is that you’ll be able to update to beta or RC packages right in the Dashboard (Dashboard > Update) as soon as the packages are built during the release parties if you’re not comfortable using wp-cli.  Hopefully, this will increase the pool of testers during the release parties.

As the meeting was over time, the remaining two topics from today’s agenda were not started. 

Action Items

These items were discovered within the content as stated action items.

  • @francina to add the bug scrubs to the meetings page (like she did for 5.3)
  • @francina to add “creating a separate page with dev note guidelines, adding comments to a ticket” to her desiderata. Check with @desrosj who might have a draft of a page with details about how to write a good dev note.
  • @audrasjb and @welcher should look at Widgets/Menus issues/PR on Gutenberg
  • @noisysocks to add a ‘call for volunteers’ to the next core editor chat to implement proactive communications from Gutenberg to those component maintainers to help find ways to work together.
  • @jeffpaul suggests we call out notice to the new WordPress Beta Tester plugin in the Beta 3 blog post (and future posts as well) so folks looking to help test have a starting place. 
  • @clorith wants to chat about how to move more things into a React world and how to do it outside of Gutenberg.
  • @noisysocks to “put something up” on Make/Core to continue the conversation about cooperation between Components and Gutenberg (i.e. Cross Teams Collaboration).

Next Meeting

Meetings for #devchat take place weekly in the #core channel. The next meeting is Wednesday, Wednesday, February 26, 2020 at 21:00 UTC

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Dev Chat summary – January 22, 2020

@francina led our discussion from this agenda.


The chat marked week 2 of th 5.4 release cycle.

@francina announced that @davidb has posted this bug-scrub schedule, which also lists regular design and editor triages. Remember, you can get serious props by hosting a scrub of your own — and you can pick the tickets to suit your own interests!

She also confirmed the schedule and release squad.


  • Beta 1: 11 February 2020 (4 weeks from kickoff)
  • Release Candidate 1: 03 March 2020 (3 weeks from beta 1)
  • General Release: 31 March 2020 (3 weeks from release candidate 1)


Third, @francina referred the group to @jeffpaul’s 5.4 release-cycle page and then, comparing herself to a DJ at a wedding, opened the floor to other announcements.

That prompted @karmatosed to link a proposed list of design priorities for 5.4.

Answering the question from @francina, @karmatosed asked the group (plus you and me, dear reader) to comment on the post with our feedback. Priorities are open, as long as we keep in mind what we can finish by February 11 — Beta 1.

(Ed. note: If this is your first major release cycle, and as a reminder for the rest of us, new features and enhancements must be largely complete by the time we release Beta 1. We call this a feature freeze.

Further betas and the release candidates are for bug fixes and patches. There’s also a string freeze at RC1.)

Highlighted Posts

@francina turned the group’s attention to the Release Model Working Group post that sets the kickoff date for January 29.

Again, if you’ve got thoughts on how to organize the work, or things you’d like to see happen, please comment on the post.

See more of the conversation here.

@karmatosed made one final point, asking if the working group could alternate meeting times to include the whole globe, and devchat attendees readily agreed.

Components Check-in

@ianbelanger asked for help testing and submitting patches for 19 bundled-theme tickets and 39 Twenty Twenty tickets, so at lease some of them can get into 5.4.

@azaozz reported fast work on wp-lazy-loading and asked for more eyes/reviews/suggestions/testing.

@johnbillion and @clorith reported steady progress on tooling and Site Health, respectively. @xkon reported some small fixes and enhancements in privacy. See the transcript.

@jorgefilipecosta announced the release of Gutenberg 7.3, “featuring a very significant performance enhancement.” (I think he means it’s faster. 😜)

Here’s the post:

He touted the navigation block as the big feature for 5.4 and pointed us all (you too, dear reader) to this board for tracking the status for that block.

Finally, @audrasjb brought up Plugins and Themes auto-updates, tickets #49199 and #48850. He pointed out we still need feedback from a variety of core committers and component maintainers if we’re going to get these into 5.4.

After a resounding chorus of emoji support for @audrasjb‘s points, @francina called Open Floor.

Nobody came forward, so devchat ended eight minutes early.

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Dev Chat summary: January 15, 2020 (5.4 week 1)

The chat was facilitated by @francina on this agenda.

Full meeting transcript on Slack

Announcements / WordPress 5.4

At the moment there are 288 tickets milestoned for 5.4.

@francina is working on putting together a release squad. Some roles are already confirmed:

The whole team should be assembled by the end of the week. There is a fewer roles than in 5.3, because it’s a shorter release. The first Beta release is in 3 weeks from now.

@davidbaumwald expects to release the bug scrubs schedule by the end of the week.

@karmatosed added that Core design triages (on Mondays) for a few weeks can also focus on 5.4 to boost things.

@audrasjb noted that depending on the number of accessibility related tickets, the Accessibility Team can organize some extra accessibility focused bug scrubs. He will check the milestone to see if there is a need for more accessibility bug scrubs.

As @azaozz stated, hopefully component maintainers will take bigger and bigger part in “driving” 5.4, and releases in general.

@pbiron asked if there is a specific focus for 5.4. @francina answered that in general, 2020 is going to focus on one big goal: full site editing with Gutenberg. @dingo_d noted that it would need some coordination with the Theme Review Team.

@paragoninitiativeenterprises noted that #49200 needs feedback from anyone interested in WordPress security, or who develops plugins/themes.

@audrasjb is working on two tickets related to Themes and Plugins auto-updates: #49199 and #48850. This is one of the 9 projects for 2019-2020. The design team already provided some helpful feedback. These tickets are now waiting for technical review so they could hopefully land in the next couple of releases.

@marybaum noted her availability for copy review on 5.4 features.

@azaozz reported the Media team will release a feature plugin for lazy loading, so it can be tested well before adding to core. The plugin should be available in a couple of days.

@francina mentioned that development on 5.4 should have started the day 5.4 was branched, back in October. In fact, many people wait for the kickoff to start working. With Beta release scheduled in 3 weeks, it’s not really the time to add not fully ready features to the scope. However, WordPress 5.5 agenda is already known, so there is no need to rush things.

@azaozz and @francina pointed out that as soon as a release’s code is moved to a branch, trunk is back in business for the next release.

@xkon noticed that the “Current Release” widget on Make/Core might be confusing for newcomers as it’s still indicating 5.3 as the current release in progress.

Calls from component maintainers

Media: @azaozz is looking at couple of small enhancements for the uploader changes from 5.3, specifically adding a link in the UI to the original image (if it was scaled), and looking at some of the edge cases when creating image sub-sizes, file size for large PNGs, etc.

Widgets & Menus: @audrasjb will coordinate with @welcher to identify priorities for an eventual specific bug scrub.

Build tools: @johnbillion is going to look at getting several of the Composer related tickets into 5.4 (like using Composer for external libraries and phpunit). @desrosj and @johnbillion to synchronize their work at some point as @desrosj is working on backporting the local Docker environment.

Comments: @imath committed to look at each ticket involving comments in 5.4.

Open Floor

Some new contributors asked about how to start with core contribution. Worth noting the next New Contributor Meeting is scheduled for next Wednesday at 20:00 UTC in #core Slack channel. This is a great opportunity to ask for help or to learn how to contribute to WordPress Core.

@francina noted that @chanthaboune and @andreamiddleton are both nominated for CMX Awards. Everybody can vote for them on the dedicated website.

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