Dev Chat Summary: May 18, 2016

This post summarizes the weekly dev chat held on May 18, 2016 at 14:00 MDT.

Update on WordPress 4.5.3

  • Target date for release is in 2-3 weeks.
  • Only 7 tickets remain in the minor milestone.
  • #36749, #36590, and #36748 all need some additional help. Please look into them if you can.

New Trac keyword for Dev Notes:

  • Dev notes are make/core posts which are about new features/APIs or API changes. The goal is to have a field guide which summaries all the changes of a release.
  • If you think a ticket needs a make/core post, please add the needs-dev-note keyword so these can be tracked. (needs-dev-note won’t be in the keyword dropdown, however you can manually add it.)
  • Current tickets with needs-dev-note can be found here:
  • Historically, the ticket owner or committer writes the post, but anyone can author a dev note.
  • Please contact @ocean90 if you have a dev note ready to publish.
  • Reminder: The handbook has a Post & Comment Guidelines page.

Feature project updates

Font Natively

  • This week a bug with the font shortcut property was fixed.
  • Currently there are no blockers noted.
  • More screenshots across operating systems/browsers/resolutions/devices would be greatly appreciated.
  • Screenshots should be uploaded directly to ticket #36753 if possible. Otherwise, a link to them will suffice.
  • The dashboard with the welcome panel active, the discussion settings page, and the customizer all good for screenshots.
  • @helen has pinged @mattmiklic about the font weight differences that were noted. (Answer)

Customizer transactions/Customize Posts

  • Transactions: setting validation (#34893) is the part of transactions that has been worked on this last week. It is ready for commit from @westonruter‘s point of view.
  • It was proposed to punt Customize Posts from 4.6 for now and to focus on the underlying API instead.
  • #36879 allows post data to be filtered if is_customize_preview().
  • Work continues on the feature plugin, primarily thanks to @valendesigns, with work focusing on being able to create new posts from within the Customizer.
  • There has been some confusion regarding the scope of the feature plugin vs. the scope of what’s being worked on for 4.6, @westonruter and @celloexpressions will work on separating the two to reduce confusion.

Shiny Updates

Open question: Should `update-core.php` changes be part of the merge proposal? Initially it has not been part of the proposal because it was far from finished. Pros for making it part of the proposal would be that it would completely eliminate The Bleak Screen Of Sadness from there, con would be that it wasn’t ready at the beginning of the cycle and still needs a good amount of testing.

If you have any thoughts on the matter, please chime in.

Toolbar Experiments

Component announcements

  • @boonebgorges” reminded everyone about
  • @ocean90 also reminded everyone that #core-i18n still has weekly bug scrubs every Tuesday @ 18:00 UTC.

Open discussion

  • @voldemortensen proposed that core adopt some prerendering and prefetching by default. He and @swissspidy believe there are some big performance gains to be had. However, prerendering can have some bandwidth impacts that need to be researched/discussed further.
  • @tfrommen would like some feedback on #26511. The basic concept of the ticket is to introduce the ability to switch between locales. He will be making a patch so it can be tested directly with core. Discussion will continue in #core-i18n.
  • @mrwweb would like feedback on #36809. After a healthy discussion about the problems surrounding the removal of the feature, the general consensus is that it would stay for now and be revisited in the future.

The full dev chat logs can be found here:

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Dev Chat Summary: May 11, 2016

Update on WordPress 4.5.3

Triage of tickets with the “early”” keyword and “class tickets”

  • 9 tickets are still listed
  • @iseulde was unavailable for comment on #25387
  • @swissspidy is working on patches for WP_Post_Type and WP_Taxonomy.
  • @jeremyfelt is planning on commiting WP_Site_Query this week.
  • @boonebgorges will provide feedback for patch on #36492
  • A patch for #34391 was submitted this week. This patch also fixes #34344 and #35947 (both early tickets).

Feedback on bug scrubs/weekly chats/office hours

The general consensus is that having frequent meetings for each component is a positive thing that promotes contributions.

@helen: I don’t think having a lot of scheduled meetings is a problem when they’re not mandatory, it helps people schedule and structure their time.
@jorbin: It also helps people be involved since they have plenty of options for when they can interact live with others
@voldemortensen: Live feedback helped me a ton when starting with WordPress.

A link to will be added to the sidebar.

Feature project updates

Font Natively

  • There is a bug with MSEdge. @helen will try get in touch with them about it.

Customizer Transactions

  • Most of the work related to transactions has been on #34893 (Customize Setting Validation). Validation is needed in order to obtain a pass/fail green light to “commit” a transaction to the database. Further discussion can be found here:

Customize Posts

  • @valendesigns has been improving the underlying framework for themes to add support for how they vary in how they use template parts to represent the various post fields (e.g. title, author, and content).
  • Also regarding #34923, @valendesigns has done an initial PR for adding the ability to create new posts/pages in the Customizer, with an Add New button appearing at the top of the panel for the given post type.
  • The Customize team will then be able to integrate this same button into the available nav menu items pane for menus in the Customizer.

Shiny Updates

  • @swissspidy continued working on update-core.php. See
  • @mapk conducted another user test (which went a lot smoother after we updated the test site to WP 4.5.1). That can be found here:
  • All flow documentation for shiny updates can be found here:
  • The Shiny Updates team still needs reviews from various groups (i.e. a11y, i18n, etc).
  • So far the Shiny Updates team has done a total of five recorded user tests plus a few in-person ones at WordCamps. They’d like to do one more with themes install/update/delete to see if there are any quirks that have been missed.
  • @afercia would like a user review done with the tester using assistive technologies.

Fields API

  • The Fields API team is seeking feedback on an ongoing discussion surrounding #35658, where they’re proposing extending register_meta() to accept an $args array which would provide much needed information about the meta field to both the REST API and the Fields API.
  • The Fields API team and the REST API team are at odds about which schema should be used.
  • A explanation of the issue, as well as proposed solutions, can be found here:
  • Action items: Further define the pros/cons of each schema option and meet with REST API team to hash out an agreeable solution

Toolbar Experiments

  • No further progress.

Component updates

Please see:

Open discussion

  • @joemcgill would like to get another set of eyes on #36531, particularly as it relates to possibly fixing broken options via an upgrade routine.
  • @afercia would appreciate a review of the post draft for make/core about the changes in the Terms screens, see ticket #35664.
  • @brianvan would like a review of #27056
  • The workflow part of the Handbook isn’t clear on what to do after a ticket is tagged with “has-patch”. Getting another contributor or a committer to review the patch is the best thing to do. This should be updated in the Handbook.

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Dev Chat Summary – May 4, 2016

This post summarizes the dev chat meeting from May 4.

Update on WordPress 4.5.2

  • Lead for 4.5.2 still undecided.
  • 8 potential tickets for 4.5.2, only one has been committed.
  • #36534 is a serious issue that has had little activity. The issue is a bug between Imagick and OpenMP in certain configurations. @mike has reached out to a few major hosts who have fixed their configuration. @joemcgill and team are continuing the investigation into how to handle these errors.
  • The goal is to have as many 4.5.2 tickets committed to trunk by next week as possible.

Triage of tickets with the “early” keyword

  • Down to 11 tickets across 9 components!closed&keywords=~early&milestone=4.6&group=component
  • #25387, #18857, and #29804 don’t have an owner yet.
  • @westonruter The three Customizer `early` tickets are closely related. @delawski has been working on #34391 and the remaining items are to clean up unneeded CSS, do thorough browser testing, and testing with different themes that add custom panels/sections.

Call for designers/reviving the chats

  • Since the beginning of this cycle a few contributors requested help from the team in #design. This channel has currently 813 members but the responses are only sporadic. There is also a meeting scheduled which should happen every week on Thursday at 17:00 UTC. But last one was in January.
  • @karmatosed and @hugobaeta will take charge of reviving chats in #design on Slack.
  • @hugobaeta will have an agenda posted by end of day today.
  • @zetaraffix volunteered to join the design team.

Feature Project Updates

Shiny Updates

  • Visual records have been posted:
  • All bugs found in that process have been fixed. @swissspidy made a a first pass at improving update-core.php.
  • User testing was tainted by an outdated WordPress install, but can still be viewed here:
  • Another user test will be run and a review by the flow, docs, a11y, and i18n team will be requested.

Fields API

  • The Fields API team is requesting feedback on proposed changes to register_meta(). Please read and leave your feedback in the comments.


  • Recap post of the last office hours:
  • #30937 (transactions) and #35210 (notification area) are the highest priorities.
  • A make/core post for Customizer setting validation (#34893) in the works.
  • @westonruter has also initiated a new feature plugin “JS Widgets” that will greatly improve the performance of widgets in the Customizer. An alpha state plugin can be found here:

Decision time for: #36753 Use system fonts for a faster, more native-feeling admin (Font Natively)

  • Background information and rationale can be found here:
  • @helen mentioned that there is a patch on #36753 and that lots of screenshots across OSes and window sizes of current state and new state are needed. Help is appreciated.
  • Because this project is already in a committable state, @helen proposed to commit this patch now.
  • Even the final decision time is still a month away no objections were called.
  • @helen will commit the patch.

Discussion: How to name new functions? get_sites/networks() vs wp_get_sites/networks()

This came up during the last multisite chat. @jeremyfelt gave a short introduction:

WP_Site_Query should have a function similar to get_posts(), get_users(), or get_comments() that allows for the simple return of results from a query.

wp_get_sites() was introduced quite a bit ago. It returns an array of arrays rather than the desirable array of WP_Site objects.

get_sites() is proposed as part of the WP_Site_Query patch to align better with the naming of posts, users, comments… and to allow for the return of an array of objects.

We need to make a decision: Does it make sense to introduce get_sites() and deprecate wp_get_sites()

I guess a broader question is do we push for more wp_ prefixed functions in situations like this or do we go with what we’ve been doing.

A similar question exists for get_networks()

  • @tfrommen objects, that introducing a new unprefixed function might be a collision with some (also unprefixed) plugin function. He proposes that the slurping the plugin repo would be a good idea.
  • @boonebgorges states a rule: Prefer prefix as a rule of thumb, but exceptions seem fine in cases like this, when DX will be improved by being internally consistent.
  • @helen: Generally I would base these kinds of decisions on what wouldn’t trip you up (or at least you trip you up less) as a developer.
  • @ipstenu will help with slurping the plugin repo for get_sites() and report the findings in #core-multisite.
  • There is currently not a consensus on prefixing functions with wp_.

Component Updates




  • Bug scrub scheduled for Monday May 9th, 2016 at 13:00 MDT in #core Slack.
  • Watch for a Make/Core post regarding Custom Comment Types
  • With 104 open tickets, the Comments team would love help confirming bugs still exist, are actually bugs, or patches 🙂
  • #33717 (Send Notification Email When a Comment is Approved From Moderation) needs some extra review and feedback.


  • The media component could use a lot of love, and a bug-fix focussed release is just the sort of thing that could help.
  • @joemcgill  is planning to put out a call for volunteers on the make/core blog and then begin using our weekly dev chat time to focus on bug-scrubs.
  • There are currently 268 open tickets in that component, so extra hands will be helpful.

Open Discussion

  • @helen brought a concern about removing the Open Sans style registration and people who might be using it as a dependency, etc. The decision was to leave the registration and move the line to the // Deprecated CSS section..
  • @ronalfy asked for a new owner of #33932 (Filters for Plugin/Theme Update Email Notifications).
  • @zstepek brought #34848 (Add support for updating post meta in bulk) up. @boonebgorges will be responding to the ticket soon.
  • @spacedmonkey would like to get more eyes on #35381 (Introduce WP_Term_Query)


The full dev chat logs can be found here:

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Dev Chat Summary – April 27, 2016

This post summarizes the dev chat meeting from April 27.

4.5.1 / 4.5.2

  • Released April 26, 2016.
  • Exact time of release wasn’t announced, which left places like #forums on Slack and hosts in the dark. Going forward an exact timeframe should be announced, the handbook will be updated to be more clear on this requirement.
  • Two proposals about minor release leads came forth. One being that a set of “maintainers” be established to be on top of minor releases, the other being @ocean90 and @voldemortensen do 4.5.2 as a dry-run for 4.6.0. No decision has been made at this time.

Status of the wish-list post

There are currently 124 tickets, 4 of which are complete with about 15 in progress.

Feature plugin/project proposals for 4.6

  • Contributors to the proposed projects should attend the feature plugins/projects meetings. The next one will be held on May 3, 2016 15:00 UTC.
  • Parts of the Shiny Updates v2 plugin are ready for core and have been proposed for merge. This fits in with the goals of the 4.6 release cycle.
  • Any one who would like to try the Shiny Updates plugin can find it here:
  • The Fields API team would like to propose their changes to register_meta() and a datalayer for metadata REST API endpoints.
  • @helen is looking at #32678 (Audit toolbar links and content) for items that can be brought into 4.6.0. No meetings are currently being held, but times are being considered.
  • @westonruter proposed #34923 (Introduce basic content authorship in the Customizer) and #30937 (Add Customizer transactions). Anyone who has questions or is looking to contribute should join #core-customize on Slack.

Triage of tickets with the “early” keyword

  • There are currently 12 tickets which are marked as early. Let’s try to get this report empty by next week. :!closed&keywords=~early&milestone=4.6

Component Maintainer Updates/Reminders

  • Please post notes from weekly meetings and bug scrubs on make/core. Release leads will try get weekly posts on upcoming meetings.
  • Weekly meeting times can be found here:
  • Components which should definitely have a bug scrub soon: Posts, Post Types; Comments, Taxonomy, Themes, and Widgets.


  • Had a kick-off meeting last Thursday and published notes:
  • Had the first weekly chat of the cycle yesterday…and published notes:
  • Great progress has been made on `WP_Site_Query`, check it out. #35791
  • If you use multisite for anything, also checkout (and test) #34941.
  • A casual bug scrub will happen on April 28, 2016 at 20:00 UTC in #core-multisite.
  • Weekly office hours are Tuesdays at 16:00 UTC.


  • @iseulde has started working on using the TinyMCE APIs for wpView and inline toolbars
  • @azaozz is still chasing after couple of rare editor bugs and will start on the wishlist ( probably by the end of the week.
  • If somebody have questions or like to get involved/help, please join us at the regular editor chats on Wednesday two hours before this chat in #core-editor

Pings and Trackbacks

  • @dshanske is a new maintainer. He closed/consolidated several tickets however reading the code caused him to open some more. 🙂


  • First bug scrub was this Tuesday, next scrub is May 3, 2016 at 18:00 UTC.
  • The roadmap for 4.6:
  • Meetings happen in #core-i18n.


  • The Customizer Transactions patch got a refresh for trunk.


  • Bug scrub time will be announced next week.


  • Just a reminder that any new feature landing in core (see feature projects/plugins) should be in line with the accessibility coding standards found here:


  • @adamsilverstein is working dilligently on resolving tickets including #20564 (Framework for storing revisions of Post Meta), #27244 (Restore This Autosave’ immediately updates a published post), #30679 (Clicking “Restore this Revision” publishes immediately) and #20299 (Preview changes on a published post makes all post meta “live”).
  • Work on #20564 is mainly happening on and can be tested here

Open Discussion

The REST API team is seeking direction and clarity on the path forward. A more in depth summary will be posted separately. Read the conversation here:

@tfrommen would really love to see (more) feedback on #36335, especially by (but of course not restricted to) Core Committers. Both targeted at the ticket’s core (i.e., a central autoloader) and the parts directly related to WordPress (e.g., split up files with multiple classes, or classes and functions, etc.). Things that might be tackled in the scope of WordPress 4.6, or in general, some day/release.

The full dev chat logs can be found here:

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Dev Chat Summary, April 20th 2016

This post summarizes the dev chat meeting from April 20.

Update on WordPress 4.5.1

  • #36510 and #36545 are large bugs that are prompting an earlier release than was anticipated.
  • #36510: a ‘singular’ class was added for singular items, but some existing themes -including Twentyeleven – already used ‘singular’ in a different way leading to unexpected result.
  • #36545: is a potentially bad TinyMCE bug with chrome vs. 50 (now stable) is fixed in TinyMCE upstream; although testers have been unable to reproduce this bug, the point upgrade MCE squashes some known bugs and seems worthwhile to include.

Other items remaining

  • #26506: Press This: “Add Photos” box doesn’t have enough height
  • #36578: wp_ajax_send_attachment_to_editor() bug

Discussion about release date

Several people raised concerns about rushing out an early point release. In an effort to encourage testing before release, 4.5.1-RC will be tagged either today or tomorrow (April 20th, 2016 or April 21st, 2016). A make/core post about changes in 4.5.1 will also be posted.


  • All committers will have their commit access renewed.
  • @voldemortensen will be the release deputy for 4.6.
  • @ebinnion, @rockwell15, and @grantpalin will continue their superb Week in Core posts.
  • WordPress 4.6 will focus on fixing bugs and refining existing features.
  • Other goals include increasing collaboration between features/components, increasing communication via make/core, and give user testing and UX a bigger focus.

Release Schedule

  • Target release date is August 16, 2016. As a reminder, deadlines are not arbitrary.
  • Full release schedule can be found at
  • It was proposed that the Major ticket report has zero tickets at Beta 4 instead of RC to avoid last minute rushing.

Community Wish List

  • @helen gave an update on feature projects ( Feature projects have a bi-weekly meeting (every two weeks) at variable times to allow more contributors to attend. Next meeting is on May 3, 15:00 UTC in the #core Slack channel. More feature projects will be added to the page as their statements of purpose are refined.
  • @ocean90 and @voldemortensen will be tracking the wish list of tickets for 4.6 and providing updates here: (Component maintainers can help up by updating the list as well.)

Component Maintainers

  • Just a reminder to component maintainers, write more posts on make/core to improve communication. Don’t forget to post on weekly meetings either. There is a handbook post on writing make/core updates.
  • If you would like to volunteer to be a component maintainer, please reach out to @ocean90 or @jorbin.

General Discussion

  • The Two-Factor feature plugin needs a UX designer. Please reach out to @georgestephanis directly or in #core-passwords on Slack if interested.
  • #34941 (Make the main bootstrap process in ms-settings.php testable) needs some eyes. Please leave comments on the ticket or in #core-multisite if you have questions, comments, or concerns.
  • PHPMailer has decided to drop support for anything lower than PHP 5.5. Security updates will be backported, but there will be no new feature development. Reference.

Full meeting logs:

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Dev Chat Summary, April 13

This post summarizes the dev chat meeting from April 13.

WordPress 4.5

  • WordPress 4.5 was released on schedule.
  • @swissspidy and @adamsilverstein were proposed to lead the next minor release (4.5.1). Both accepted the nomination.
  • Current status:
    • The jQuery update in 4.5 includes an intentional change which broke a few themes/plugins. Unquoted # in attribute selectors are now causing a syntax error (a[href*=#] vs a[href*="#"]). jQuery was updated in [36285] four months ago.
      Next steps: A make/core posts which explains the issue and to educate developers. It shouldn’t focus on end users. @georgestephanis and @jorbin are preparing the post.
    • #36501: Issue seems to be limited because it only affects an old version of ImageMagick.
    • #36510: Themes like Twenty Eleven don’t expect the new .singular body class. Needs a decision on how to fix the issue and if an update of Twenty Eleven is necessary.
    • #36506: A change to the rewrite rules for IIS installs is breaking sites because of duplicate rules. Patch is available, needs more testing.

WordPress 4.6

  • Announcements:
  • Pre-4.6 tasks:
    • Call for Component Maintainers
      • The release will heavily focus on work of each component, because we’ll try something different this cycle: Bug scrubs per component.
  • Open discussions:
    • Question by @krogsgard whether I’ll look back through past idea posts and filter any candidates, or folks should bring ideas again from the beginning. I suggested to start from the beginning.

View the full logs on Slack.

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