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Going to be working on a project around stats for the contributor community, something at which we currently suck (even creating the list of people with props each release is still a fairly manual process). For the sake of this exercise, ignore the voice in your head that thinks, “There’s no way to gather that information,” or “We’d need a new API for that,” and just brainstorm. What stats would it be cool for us to have about the activity of core contributors? Leave your ideas in the comments, and they’ll be cobbled together into a big list that I take to Otto to see what’s possible (at which point Nacin can start daydreaming about APIs, but not until then).


Previously we’d talked about putting up…

Previously we’d talked about putting up a stats page on (WPORG) so that more people could see what was happening. While working on some of the new stats processing code on WPORG I realized that people would likely end up scraping this data for their own uses. That seemed like a waste, so instead as a first run the stats numbers are available in JSON format via:

A few notes about these numbers. First, they are summary percentages for the previous day (where day is based on GMT). You’ll also notice that these numbers don’t really line up with each other, this is because the system normalizes the version numbers and throws out odd/invalid versions (I was surprised by how many odd version strings there are out there). As a result each category is best compared to itself, instead of trying to compare PHP with MySQL numbers.

The content type returned for this data is ‘application/json’, your browser may or may not display them correctly.

This is a start, there are more things to be added to this in the future. One obvious item is support for getting numbers for previous days and date ranges. Another would be to add some pretty graphs to WPORG to display this data.

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Just ran some stats on where WordPress 3…

Just ran some stats on where WordPress 3.0 development is compared to some of the previous larger releases:

  • Closed 896 tickets so far compared to the previous peak of 786 for 2.8 and only 448 in 2.9
  • Been coding for ~5months so far compared to 7 months for 2.5 and 9 months for 1.5 (Those were the days!)


Michael Adams ran some Trac stats last w…

Michael Adams ran some Trac stats last week for my keynote at WCSF, I only mentioned one of them but here are the rest:

We had 1,440 unique people particpate in tickets, attachments, comments, commit, or get props in the past year.

There were 3,506 new tickets from 1,093 people, and they had 3,979 attachments from 491 people.

TWENTY SEVEN THOUSAND comments. (And change.) From 1,032 people, or about 27 per person.

13 people committed 3,176 revisions, about a third (1,387 of those) with “props.”

It was a very good year.