In the better late than never category notes…

In the better late than never category: notes about plugins from core team meetup in December!

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Core Team Meetup Recap – Part I

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As the WordPress core team is in the…

As the WordPress core team is in the middle of an in-person meetup, we’ll be skipping the IRC dev chat this week. We’ll be collecting our notes throughout each day of the meetup and posting a summary the following day.

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Austin Happy Hour Next Week

Next week I’m going to be in Austin next week along with the rest of the Automattic Dot Org Team (that’s the team at Automattic that is dedicated full-time to contributing to wp and related open source projects) — that’s me, Ryan Boren, Andrew Ozz, Daryl Koopersmith, Chelsea Otakan, BuddyPress and bbPress lead John James Jacoby, and newcomer Andrea Middleton (who is taking over the administration of WordCamp Central).

Next Wednesday, June 15th, we’ll all be at Doc’s on South Congress for happy hour. If any of you in the Austin area (@technosailor? @sivel?) feel like stopping by,that would be fun.

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