XMPP: how to post messages over HTTP

I have activated the http_message module which allows posting Jabber messages via HTTP. Continue reading



The jabber server is up and running. Other than accepting WordPress.org credentials, it doesn’t do anything special right now. It’s a standard Jabber service. You can configure your XMPP client to connect as user_login@im.wordpress.org using your WordPress.org password.

If you would like to allow users of any web service to subscribe to any kind of notifications, it’s very simple. You need a WordPress.org account to act as sender. When an event triggers a notification, you compose an XMPP message to the subscribers and deliver it via HTTP Basic authenticated POST. You don’t need any special permission to use simple HTTP API. However, it is possible to post messages from arbitrary senders (e.g. illegal JIDs such as ticket_123@core.trac.wordpress.org) if I give you special privileges.

I hope someone who has experience hacking Trac will step up. Same goes for bbPress and any other services on wordpress.org that could benefit from instant notifications. To get my attention, try pinging me in Jabber.


I’ve just gotten ejabberd auth working …

I’ve just gotten ejabberd auth working with the wordpress.org user database. The bot is also online and ready for its behaviors to be written in lovely PHP. Waiting for DNS to make it accessible for everyone.

The short list: bot behaviors, HTTP message API, investigate using webhooks for subscriptions.