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  • Daryl Koopersmith 11:04 pm on February 27, 2012 Permalink
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    Team Gandalf Update 

    Last week marked the end of our second cycle and the beginning of our sprint to get things done. We began by doing just that: last Friday, we merged the theme customizer into core. There’s still quite a bit to do and polish, so please keep that in mind. Development is being trac(k)ed at #19910.

    In the past week, we’ve introduced better JS APIs, working preview navigation (you can click URLs and it works, hooray), namespaced attributes (which will allow us to enable form submission within previews), and more. We also uncovered and fixed a fairly insane bug that stemmed from a low-level bug in Opera’s JS engine. Good times.

    Moving forward, the main goals are to integrate more setting types (headers, widgets), improve the refreshing process, polish the UI, and remove any vestigial plugin cruft. Dominik’s time will be limited over the next few weeks due to exams, so if any of this sounds exciting to you, please let me know.

    • drecodeam 3:43 am on March 10, 2012 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      @koopersmith. I really like this idea and would love to contribute to it. I dont have much experience in the WordPress core code, but if you can guide me towards your roadmap, things to do or some bugs, i would love to contribute to whatever i can.

    • Paal Joachim Romdahl 12:04 pm on March 11, 2012 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Is it possible to try out the current (or soon to be current version) and create a video tutorial on what is coming into the next version of WordPress? Customization is so very important, and I look forward to checking out what you have created! My youtube channel: youtube.com/user/paaljoachim

  • Daryl Koopersmith 3:59 am on February 17, 2012 Permalink
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    Team Gandalf Update 

    Yesterday marked the halfway point of our second cycle. We’re moving along at a steady clip. The main goal for the coming week is to tie up any loose ends and begin integrating the plugin into core. Until then, follow our progress at #19910 and in the plugin repo.

    We’ve made considerable progress in the past week. We completed a first pass for menu locations and have almost all of the elements we need for custom backgrounds (all that remains is the file upload dialog and fixing the color picker). We also added the ability to alter/choose a static front page within the customization (as decided in dev chat yesterday). Under the hood, we’ve made numerous improvements including working APIs (including rendering controls, previewing, and saving) for theme_mods and options, proper handling of multidimensional IDs, and a whole bunch of bug fixes.

  • Daryl Koopersmith 11:57 pm on February 9, 2012 Permalink
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    Team Gandalf Update 

    Our first cycle ended yesterday, and all is well. Follow along with the fun at #19910 in the plugin repo.

    Dominik (ocean90) and I have implemented a base UI, and have properly sandboxed both the theme preview and the customization controls. Only the target theme can alter the controls/preview, the preview can be independently refreshed, and the controls/preview can communicate with each other.

    We’re set to begin our second cycle. A tentative scope:

    • Develop APIs for adding/previewing/saving individual settings.
    • Implement custom background (properly, with save).
    • Core integration (decided in dev chat).
    • Work with the Headerators to implement custom headers.
    • Begin work on adding menu locations.
  • Daryl Koopersmith 8:49 pm on February 3, 2012 Permalink
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    Team Gandalf Update 

    Wednesday marked the halfway point of our first iteration. The description of our current cycle can be found in #19910. Development is currently taking place in a plugin (you can find the repo here). For an overview of appearance improvements, see #19909.

    We’ve accomplished most of the initial goals for this cycle and are now refining and building out the existing concepts. Currently, the two remaining points are to add an (initially blank) save action and to enable communication between the UI and preview via postMessage.

    On Tuesday, we had a UX review with Jane where we decided to proceed with a stacked accordion UI to navigate between different components in the preview frame. We also decided to add a button to collapse the sidebar (similar to the “collapse menu” button in the admin menu, but larger and “more buttony”). Once postMessage support has been added, we’ll also experiment with a zooming feature to allow the user to get a bird’s eye view of the page. In addition to adding the save action and postMessage, ocean90 and I are hoping to get a head start on the accordion UI so we can break more tasks out to subteams.

    We have another meeting with Jane in #wordpress-dev scheduled on Monday at 21:00 UTC that will double as office hours. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to swing by the meeting, drop a comment here, or ping me (koopersmith) or ocean90 in IRC. All in all, we’re on track to meet our two week deadline.

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