FSE Program: Answers from Round Three of Questions

This post is part of a wider series that provides answers to questions gathered through the FSE Outreach Program. This round of questions was started on October 13th and ended on October 27th. Thank you to everyone who submitted a question so our knowledge can grow together! Stay tuned for future rounds and join the FSE Outreach Program if you’re keen to both learn more about these features and help shape how they evolve.

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Submit Full Site Editing questions by Oct 27th

With the Go/No Go session happening this week ahead of WordPress 5.9’s release in December 2021, let’s use this time to dig into any general questions you all might have around Full Site Editing! As it’s possible, please focus questions specifically around WordPress 5.9 as those will be the most high impact to address and not on larger strategic decisions. You are welcome to submit questions using the form below or to leave them as a comment on this post by October 27th:  

Keep in mind that because, depending on the questions it’s likely that some answers might take the form of “people are working to figure this out and feedback is welcome here,” rather than a definitive answer. This is especially true for features/milestones that are planned for future releases. 

When and where will you share the answers? 

I’ll share a recap post on this blogblog (versus network, site) (Make CoreCore Core is the set of software required to run WordPress. The Core Development Team builds WordPress.) as soon as I possibly can and aim to do so no later than November 1st, 2021. If there are a ton of questions, they will be grouped with corresponding answers for easy review. You can see what the outcome will look like based on the first round and second round. I will work in the open as I go in a collaborative Google doc that will be shared in #fse-outreach-experiment for anyone who wants to collaborate or check in on the work. 

Once the post is published, I will follow up via email with everyone who left their email and a question in the form. For anyone who leaves a question as a comment on this post, I will @ your username in the recap post so you don’t miss out too!

What else will this effort help with?

While the main outcome will be a lovely list of answers to grow community knowledge, this collective effort will also be useful for future documentation updates, potential tutorials, hallway hangout topics, and more.

For more information about the FSE outreach program, please review this FAQ for helpful details. To properly join the fun, please head to #fse-outreach-experiment in Make Slack for future testing announcements, helpful posts, and more will be shared there.

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