Team Update Bugs RPC Our first cycle closed…

Team Update: Bugs-RPC

Our first cycle closed on Friday. Only three of the original tickets on our list have been committed so far, with others at various steps closer to commit readiness.

The plan for our second cycle is to continue wrap on our original ticket list. If that completes with time left over we’ll begin adding more test code to @westi‘s new RPC test code.

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Team Update Bugs RPC Realized this morning that…

Team Update: Bugs-RPC

Realized this morning that we totally missed our Friday update, so I’m posting it now.

Went over every ticket on our list for this cycle. All but two (and possibly a third) look commit ready. We’ll have a core dev give those a quick look. If that all passes then I’ll plan on committing them. Beyond that we’ll look at other two or three that need a bit more feedback and try to get them commit ready and in this cycle.

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Team Update Bugs RPC We’ve set our outline…

Team Update:Bugs-RPC

We’ve set our outline for this cycle

Blog post on: Friday (this counts for an update on Friday!)

Current cycle description: The Max Cutler Hunt
Max took the time to go through xml-rpc related tickets and post details about them. Eric and I will be going through his bugfix category of tickets this cycle.

Most of these tickets have already had some review and are likely ready to go. A few may need a bit more polish before they are commit ready.

Relevant Tickets: #19027 #18126 #18683 #13917 #10933 #17132 #17109 #17981

Current cycle start: 1/27

Current cycle end: 2/9

Previous cycles: N/A

Office Hours: 14:30-15:30 UTC (6:30a-7:30a PST) on Tuesdays and Thursdays

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