Team Update: Browsing Buddies

@getsource and I did some in-person hacking at WordCamp Phoenix over the weekend. New patch on #19816 for multiple screenshots that seems good to go in as a first pass after a JS sanity check and probably an update to using .data() instead of .attr() tomorrow before dev chat. Will definitely need some UI/UX once that’s in, and will also likely need a little update for whatever the .org API response will be.

There is also a new patch on #19815 that adds a class member variable and removes a global (yay!) and passes data via JSON instead of parseQuery. Eyes also welcome on that.

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Team Update: Browsing Buddies

@getsource (DH-Shredder) spent some more time over the past week working with @dkoopersmith refining the infinite scroll JS for #19815, which was committed earlier today. We briefly discussed having more results/pagination for some of the other theme-install.php tabs with @nacin (requires changes on the API end), as well as the recurring thought that perhaps the featured tab should show first. Therefore, the other patch that restricted the JS enqueue to the theme-install.php search tab only was not committed for the time being.

After reviewing some comps with @jane, we started on the display of multiple screenshots. An initial rough patch will be up on #19816 soon. We still need to hash out the details of retrieving multiple screenshots, both in get_themes() and from the .org API, and how those images will be added to the extended details div without displaying in no JS, as discussed when first scoping the feature. We also need to take into consideration what happens when the window is resized. Provided that we can get that sorted out tomorrow, it looks like we’re on target for the cycle.

I wrote the Theme Review Team and gave them an update on the anticipated screenshot sizes, which will remain at 300×225 (4:3), constrained by CSS. Gandalf functions as the large screenshot 🙂 The screenshots in the list table view will be enlarged to match, as there is more space now that details are hidden by default.

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Team Update: Browsing Buddies

Our first cycle ended successfully on the 9th, with a first patch for Infinite Scroll on Themes screens (#19815) committed on time.

The task for our next cycle is Multiple Screenshots for Themes (#19816), and helenyhou has been spending time creating comps. Â Additional comps still welcomed at Make UI.

The rest of the time was spent on polishing the code for Infinite Scroll for the Themes screens, including prevention of loading themes.js on unnecessary tabs, throttling for the scroll event, general cleanup, and a move to use Deferred for AJAX requests. Â Feedback and JS review welcomed on #19815.

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Team update: Browsing Buddies

Current Cycle Focus: Themes Screen Infinite Scrolling (#19815); ends this Thursday, 2/9

This week we talked a bit about the UI/UX of it all and decided to hide pagination links if infinite scrolling is on. Latest patch on the ticket also moves the JS into the existing theme.js. Discussed with rboren and decided to raise the per_page number on the installed themes screen to something high (999 in the current patch, or in essence, everything). Related: #19469

With the commits of patches for #18094 and #19853, search filters and the details link are now fully functional with infinite scroll. DH-Shredder is working on the display of the spinner, and a refreshed patch should be up on Trac before tomorrow’s dev chat for review and more eyes, especially on the JS. Looks like we’re on track to finish this cycle on time.

Next up: Multiple screenshots for themes (#19816). Comps still wanted over at Make UI.

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Team Update Browsing Buddies Tuesdays Current Cycle Focus…

Team Update – Browsing Buddies (Tuesdays)

Current Cycle Focus: Themes Screen Infinite Scrolling (#19815)

  • helenyhou: Created initial patch for hiding default theme details and displaying author on #19853. Ported changes made on themes-list-table to theme-install-list-table.
  • DH-Shredder: Enabled fetch-list for class-wp-themes-list-table. Currently porting wp-includes/js/, which handles infinite scrolling for internal linking, to for use in the Themes screen. Initial patch (work in progress) posted on #19815.

Office Hours:Â 22:00-24:00 UTC (2:00p-4:00p PST) on Fridays

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