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WordPress 3.4 Field Guide for Developers

WordPress 3.4 Release Candidate 2 due to drop any moment, and we’re aim to do a final release of 3.4 early next week. Developers, this is your last pre-release opportunity to test your plugins and themes.

For 3.3, I wrote up a field guide of things developers need to know. For 3.4, I get to crowd-source it:

Custom Headers and Backgrounds. Chip Bennett posted a great summary of the API changes on the make/themes blog. Amy Hendrix posted about flexible custom headers. If you are a theme developer, I would strongly suggest you follow the make/themes P2.

Live Previews (The Customizer). You’ll want to read Otto’s definitive post on the subject, How to leverage the Theme Customizer in your own themes.

New WordPress XML-RPC API. If you’re interested in the new APIs for custom content types and taxonomies, check out the Codex page, put together by Max Cutler. Max also recapped the bug fixes, test coverage, and other changes on his blog.

Internationalization/Localization Changes. There’s a document on the translators P2 that outlines the numerous changes here.

That’s all we have for now! If there’s something we missed that deserves a writeup for developers, leave a comment and I’d be happy to make sure it gets written up here (under the field guide tag).

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What’s Your Name?

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Pre-RC Dev Chat 5/23/2012 Live Blog

  • #16079 Automatic excerpts don’t work well with Chinese txt (word counting): Nacin is handling. Westi closed for 3.4.
  • #20703 wp.getComments logs in the user (1 + #comments) times: Unit tests = fast track to commit. Ryan doing so.
  • #20699 AJAX Actions now pass the action name as an arg: reverting to 3.3 behavior, Ryan will handle it. Re-assess for 3.5.
  • #20448 Update Twenty Ten and Twenty Eleven to use 3.4 features: Koop and Nacin to review Lance’s patch.
  • #20554 3.4 Feature Pointers: Change position of the one on Headers to be side pointer. Jane talking to Ryan Ozz.
  • #19599 Localizations should not need to worry about the default secret key: Nacin’s top priority.
  • #8759 Word count function doesn’t work in several languages: Nacin is handling. Westi closed for 3.4, wants new tickets for 3.5 as needed.
  • #20737 Improve appearance of “choose from library” link for headers and backgrounds: Wait and standardize in 3.5.
  • #20507 3.4 Preview/Customize page “Return to Manage Themes” link doesn’t work as expected: Koop says nacin is handling.
  • #20600 Customize and display_header_text(): Koop will fix, patch needs some more love before committing. (Don’t we all.)
  • #20692 Handle unsaved changes in the customizer: change to button style per Jane’s comment on ticket. Helen will try patching.
  • #20736 Move customizer to wp-admin/customize.php: Nacin.
  • #20582 Theme Customizer: IE 8/9 compatibility: @ryan‘s top priority
  • #20733 Theme customizer doesn’t order sections based on order added: @dkoopersmith couldn’t reproduce, others could. Jane suggested punting, but Koop/Ocean90/Sergey looking and will fix if a simple one. Otherwise, a nicety that can wait for 3.5.
  • #20423 About WordPress page for 3.4: Closed. Reopen if any typos, credits will be updated from wordpress.org .

Tally for remaining ticket assignments:

  • Nacin – 6
  • Koop – 3 + 2 reviews
  • Ryan – 3
  • Helen – 1
  • Ozz – 1
  • Ocean/Sergey – 1

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Dev Chat Plan

This week we wanted to declare beta. But things are still being committed that are not just bug fixes! And things with patches are still waiting for review! And half the core team is out of town today! What to do?!

  • Koop more or less wrapped up theme previewer last night.
  • Before we do another check on where our planned features stand, I’d like the queue of has-patch tickets to be cleared. Any/all commit-level developers in chat today should divvy up the tickets for the commit/punt roll call until there are no more patches waiting in the 3.4 milestone. Tomorrow we can do a check in of the planned features and punt the things that just didn’t make it in time despite valiant efforts. Maybe Friday we could call beta, or that could be Monday (not sure when Ryan gets back). Nacin is driving in dev chat today.

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Dev chat summary Two more days of wrap…

Dev chat summary:

  • Two more days of wrap-up on features
  • Weekend review by people with commit access
  • Major puntfest begins now, things that were thisclose can be targeted for early 3.5
  • Hoping for Beta 1 next Wednesday.

For complete transcript including team-by-team updates, see the IRC transcript.

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r20212 introduced new methods for registering custom headers…

r20212 introduced new methods for registering custom headers and custom backgrounds. Everything now wraps add_theme_support(), and the various HEADER_ and BACKGROUND_ constants are gone.

This is ideally backwards compatible (I am cautiously optimistic), but because of the many factors at play here — child theme inheritance, constants, and theme support — it is very difficult to test.

I am going to come up with some sort of a testing protocol in the hope that we can crowd-source testing the WP.com themes that implement custom headers or backgrounds. For now at least, if you are running a theme with custom header or background support, please test and make sure functionality did not change.


Starting next week the dev chat is moving…

Starting next week, the dev chat is moving to 20:00 UTC to follow the schedule of daylight saving in the U.S. Since we forgot about daylight savings, and every person on the core team is either traveling or busy at some point over the next two hours, we’re going to be in a working session (see earlier post) — triaging teams, tasks, and tickets on the road to 3.4 Beta 1. See y’all in IRC.

I’ve updated the sidebar to reflect the new time starting next week.

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Dev chat at the usual time today but…

Dev chat at the usual time today, but since half the core team is at and/or on their way home from sxsw, might be more of an ‘anyone who’s around can talk bugs and progress’ than a regular meeting.

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