Shortcodes were added to text widgets early in…

Shortcodes were added to text widgets early in the cycle, but this has been reverted for 3.3 due to a number of problems discovered. See r19547, #10457, and #19411.

Since I imagine a number of people probably knew about this enhancement already and would assume it is in 3.3 final, I am posting here.


I just added 3.3 to the support forum…

I just added 3.3 to the support forum versions as well as the compatibility dropdowns in the plugins directory. Emailing wp-hackers, wp-testers, and wp-forums about that now.

Strings were frozen earlier today.


Post-RC1 status update

Now that we’ve hit RC, we’re only dealing with regressions or 3.3-specific bugs. The window for guest committers is closed, and we’re all working with patches now — all commits first require secondary approval.

Confirmed 3.3 bugs

Five remaining bugs for 3.3. (See reports 5 or 6.)

  • #19411, an issue with shortcodes in text widgets. Needs developer feedback.
  • #19371, some limitations with the Admin_Bar API changes in 3.3. Needs developer feedback. Ideally, we solve this as simply as possible. That might be making get_nodes() public.
  • #19408, need to finalize logic surrounding some strings on the welcome panel. Patch (from ryan) is about ready.
  • #19410, “New” in + New icon on Admin Bar is black on focus. Patch from koopersmith ready to go.
  • #19346, final styling and strings for maintenance releases. Patches from me and chexee ready to go.

Watching for more bugs

Need to watch two things. One, defects reported against trunk, normally the first section of report 40. I just cleaned it out, so it’s empty.

Two, the Alpha/Beta support forums. I’ve been skimming these threads and they look impressively handled by ipstenu, duck_, and a number of others. If anything comes up, now is the time to sound the alarms.

String freeze

Per Jane’s post earlier this week, the goal is to release 3.3 in under two weeks. String freeze will likely occur on Friday, before the weekend. Need to handle #19346 and #19408, but that’s it — plenty of strings to be worked on.

Twenty Ten and Twenty Eleven

I think both need version bumps.


3.3 Status Update

Nothing too major has come up since beta 4 last week. Looking at pushing RC1 tomorrow by dev chat time. There are a few bugs and such; check to keep up and help test incoming patches. A bunch of Help tab patches came in, so I’ll be reviewing all the committed text today and doing a patch with any edits for tomorrow’s RC/string freeze push.

Note to translators: Since we want to get 3.3 launched before the core team meetup if possible (starts Dec 13), that means a little less than two weeks of string freeze. The help tabs may still change before RC tomorrow, but there are two large chunks of text that are new in 3.3 — about.php and index.php (Welcome section) — but have finalized text if you want to get a head start.


15 10 6 tickets between us and launch…

15 10 6 tickets between us and launch. Still need a beta 4 and an RC. The tickets:

Needs Dev / Bug Wrangler Feedback

  • #19338 Welcome Panel and no JS don’t mix well — Not sure how we missed putting in a no-js version, but we did. Need one. @dkoopersmith was owner of feature, @azaozz has done lots of the no-js stuff in wp, and @joncave made the ticket and wrote a patch. Huddle and work it out. (@jane)
  • #17975 _default_wp_die_handler css referencing logic is fragile and doesn’t always work (@jane)

Has Patch / Needs Testing

  • #19020 Content Updates for Help Tabs — Tedious. Will finish before before string freeze at RC. Mostly same strings, just moved around a bit. @chexee, @jane and whoever wants to help with some copy paste drudgery patching.
  • #19191 Improve admin menu tab navigation — Gotta be keyboard accessible! @dkoopersmith or @azaozz need to check out patch by John Kleinschmidt on ticket. (@jane)
  • #19127 Welcome Panel should be displayed for the first administrator — Panel itself is done, but needs code underneath. @nacin is on this today. (@jane)
  • #19326 jQuery 1.7.1 — They just released this update. There were some issues with 1.7. (@jane)
  • #19292 Not found errors due to sanitization in sanitize_title_with_dashes — Mark’s patch being reviewed.
  • #19125 CPT as a submenu item does not get the correct classes when adding new (@jane)
  • #18693 New feature pointers — These are in, but in some browsers aren’t positioning correctly (fixed, [19416]). Also need a little RTL love, see #19335. (@jane)

Patch Needs Refresh

  • #18880 Back compat for the admin_user_info_links filter (@jane)

Needs Patch

  • #19088 Accessibility for the admin bar — Screen readers, tabbing, etc. (@jane)
  • #18742 New post-update screen — screen itself is done (translators, might want to get a head start, lots of new strings), but needs code to tell when to show it/to whom. Maybe some RTL love also. @nacin doing the when-to-show code. (@jane)
  • #19320 wp_tiny_mce() cannot call wp_editor(), and other issues — @nacin and @azaozz duking it out on the ticket. (@jane)
  • #19335 Make feature pointers nice for our RTL users (@jane)
  • #18467 Standardize Language on Core Update — @nacin working on it.


14 tickets

14 tickets.


It’s that time again in the release cycle…

It’s that time again in the release cycle where we have to be bad guys to be good guys. We’re past deadline, we’re hitting the holidays, and if we don’t start cutting the cord, 3.3 will hang on until next year. Say it with me: Not again!

For the people working on the release, most of whom run trunk on their own sites for at least a month or two (if not longer) before each launch, it’s easy to forget that features we had done months ago — flyout menus, drag and drop uploading — are still being hoarded by us (and more recently by the lucky recipients of a merge onto and are not available on the sites of regular users. While we try to take the time to examine every bug, every fix, and every report of one of those not working, all the stuff that is done and working fine is just sitting there, waiting on the sidelines to be asked to dance by a happy WordPress user who’s still not even at the party.

It’s time for everyone to join the 3.3 party.

From the Philosophy page:

Deadlines are not arbitrary, they’re a promise we make to ourselves and our users that helps us rein in the endless possibilities of things that could be a part of every release. We aspire to release three major versions a year because through trial and error we’ve found that to be a good balance between getting cool stuff in each release and but not too much that we end up breaking more than we add.

Good deadlines almost always make you trim something from a release. This is not a bad thing, it’s what they’re supposed to do.

The route of delaying a release for that one-more-feature is, literally, a rabbit hole. We did that for over a year once, and it wasn’t pleasant for anybody.

The more frequent and regular releases are, the less important it is for any particular feature to be in this release. If it doesn’t make it for this one, it’ll just be a few months before the next one. When releases become unpredictable or few and far between, there’s more pressure to try and squeeze in that one more thing because it’s going to be so long before the next one. Delay begets delay.

So, here’s where we stand: We’ve had some unexpected big bugs (widgets, etc). We’ve had some people get sick. We’ve had some people traveling. Or moving. Or having kids, a job, a family, a life. It happens. We are one week away from our target launch date, and we still need to do beta 4 and an RC cycle. Clearly we will be launching late.

As of today, we are a steamroller paving the way to 3.3 launch. There are 36 tickets right now. Of those, a few are still time-consuming blockers. Yes, those have to get fixed. If someone can’t write content, that’s a big problem. Pretty much everything else that still needs work will be moved to 3.4-early. Note that “has-patch” is not the same as “has-patch and has been agreed upon as a patch we should include in core.” Patches needing more work… need more work.

So instead of yelling, “How dare you punt my bug!” please instead focus on how important it is for us to get this release out, and the sooner we do, the sooner we can get back to all the things that got punted or postponed as we start the 3.4 cycle. Hey, we punted our pet projects that weren’t done in time too — language packs, some of the responsive admin stuff, pointers on the new-install tour, etc. No one was spared. (And believe me, I really wanted those pointers.)

So, countdown to 3.3 should start now. I’d offer a betting pool, but since we could totally rig it, that would be lame. If we can do beta 4 today, RC1 after the US Thanksgiving holiday, we could still release before the core team meetup in mid-Dec. We postponed a release until after the meetup last year, and I wish we hadn’t. So let’s just get this sucker out the door, yeah?

Shipping is a feature. 🙂

And remember, since you run trunk, you’ll get all that 3.4 goodness before you know it!


45 tickets

45 tickets.


Also daily ticket counts time 55 tickets

Also, daily ticket counts time. 55 tickets.


Still shooting for Beta 4 widgets bug last…

Still shooting for Beta 4; widgets bug last week threw us for a loop. Sounds like it’s about fixed, so hopefully we can shoot for beta 4 on Monday. If no unexpected blockers crop up, could potentially RC a couple of days later? It seems not very likely that we’ll release by the original target of November 29, but we have a little wiggle room. Core team meetup will be the week of December 12, so if we can get it out by then we’ll be okay.