Open Academy Mentorship Progam

Hi all. It was suggested by a community member that we participate in the upcoming Facebook Open Academy mentorship program round the way we participate in GSoC. Since I’m on my way out, I wouldn’t be the organization contact for this, and someone would need to step up from the team to take point if […]

Open Update Thread, Week of November 10th

Let’s try this again. How are those meeting assignments going? How goes feature plugin merge and beta 1 prep? Which tickets do you have your eye on? What’s on your mind and on your todo this week? Let it out in the open update thread. #open-update-thread

Open Update Thread

What’s going on in your core development world this week? Drop a comment. Let it OUT. #open-update-thread

Metadata project moving into development stage, opens Github repo

Metadata had a productive meeting today. The MV* style architecture I suggested in the pseudo-code I shared in the last post was discussed, and everyone seems on board. Will write more on this in full later. We’re moving our development to a Github repo, where anyone can open up an issue to voice concerns of […]

Open Sans, bundling vs. linking

In Wednesday’s 3.8 planning meeting we discussed hotlinking vs bundling Open Sans. MP6 followed Twenty Twelve’s example by linking to Google Webfonts, but the consensus from Wednesday’s chat was that bundling would be preferable. I began experimenting with this last week; first determining which font formats were necessary to include. I settled on WOFF and […]

Opening a Ticket

Overview This article will walk you through the process of opening a ticket on Trac. Getting Started Trac requires that you log in with your account to open a ticket. If you do not have one, you will need to register for an account before proceeding. Trac Preferences: You will automatically receive email notifications […]

Potential roadmap for multisite: Subdirectories, subdomains, open registration, and domain mapping

Following up on the potential roadmap for terms and taxonomy meta, here is a potential roadmap for multisite. This is based on years of discussions among core developers and other contributors, which has taken place on IRC, tickets, blog posts, comment threads, at WordCamps and contributor days, and at last October’s community summit. The Current […]

The student application period opens on Monday For…

The student application period opens on Monday. For the record, here is the GSoC timeline between now and the end of the program: March 28, 19:00 UTC Student application period opens. April 8, 19:00 UTC Student application deadline. Interim Period: Mentoring organizations review and rank student proposals; where necessary, mentoring organizations may request further proposal […]

4.9.5 Feedback: leading a WordPress minor release

WordPress 4.9.5 was released a couple of weeks ago, at the scheduled time and without known issues. We (@audrasjb and @danieltj) had the pleasure to co-lead this minor release of the CMS, with @sergey‘s invaluable help as deputy and @jbpaul17’s mentorship. For this release, we were two co-leaders, contributing to the core for a short […]

New User Quick Start Guide

Who should use this guide? If you are a developer who wants to contribute to WordPress core for the first time, this guide is designed to help you navigate and use Trac. This is meant as a high level overview to get you started quickly. This page should guide you through some overall knowledge you […]