Week In Core, June 15 – June 22 2016

Welcome back the latest issue of Week in Core, covering changes [37720-37800]. Here are the highlights:

  • 80 commits
  • 33 contributors
  • 26 tickets created
  • 9 tickets reopened
  • 37 tickets closed

Ticket numbers based on trac timeline for the period above. The following is a summary of commits, organized by component.

Code Changes


  • Theme Installer, make the “Upload Theme” button… a button. [37742] #35457
  • Remove the ARIA roles from the wp.a11y.speak() live regions. [37734] #36289



  • improve the notice when the sessionStorage autosave is different than the content. [37737] #37025

Build/Test Tools


  • Wrap or unwrap the List Table comment_date as comment status changes via Ajax. Introduced in [36521]. [37743] #36742



  • Clarify documentation for wp_logout_url() and wp_login_url() and corresponding hooks. [37753] #34352
  • Improve the summaries and return descriptions for get_registered_nav_menus() and get_nav_menu_locations(). [37752] #37106
  • Add a missing summary and @since version to the DocBlock for WP_MS_Sites_List_Table::prepare_items(). [37739] #36675, #21837, #24833, #33185


  • Add white outline for contrast on darker backgrounds. Change red colour in toolbar. [37751] #36638
  • after inserting a link detect if the URL is broken, first run. [37741] #36638


External Libraries


  • when running precommit use regex to check which files have been modified. [37749] #36528


  • Add unit tests for the override_load_textdomain filter. [37746] #36398


  • Use the correct variable for the file object. [37728] #14244
  • Pass allowed file extensions to Plupload. [37727] #14244
  • properly refresh the position of the Plupload shim so it moves over the Select Files button or off the screen. Fixes #37039. [37722] #37039




  • Unifies the APIs for getting a post’s modified date or time with getting a post’s date or time. [37738] #37059



  • Include X-Robots-Tag: noindex header in REST API responses to prevent endpoints from being indexed by search engines. [37726] #36390


  • Change the capability needed to view revision diffs to edit_post. Merges [37779] to supported branches. [37799] [37797] [37796] [37791]
  • Change the capability needed to view revision diffs to edit_post. [37779]



  • Improve handling of extensionless filenames. This ensures files retain a filename after sanitization. [37756]
  • Restore keyboard navigation of the media grid. [37755] #36900



Thanks to @adamsilverstein, @afercia, @akibjorklund, @azaozz, @boonebgorges, @coderste, @coffee2code, @dlh, @DrewAPicture, @ericlewis, @Fab1en, @flixos90, @helen, @imath, @iseulde, @jeremyfelt, @joemcgill, @jorbin, @kraftbj, @lukecavanagh, @m_uysl, @nbachiyski, @neverything, @ocean90, @peterwilsoncc, @polevaultweb, @Props, @rabmalin, @rachelbaker, @rockwell15, @Soean, @swissspidy, and @Viper007Bond for their contributions!

#4-5, #week-in-core

Week in Core: Sept. 21-27, 2015

Oh Snap!, it’s time to usher in a new edition of Week in Core! If you have the time, throw a house party with some friends and read the full force of changes on Trac; if not, don’t sweat it — take simple pleasure in these highlights.

This post covers changesets [34362][34658], committed during Sept. 21–27, 2015. Let’s give a hi-five and some TLC to the 102 contributors for a combined 296 updates! Together, we’re making WordPress nice & smooth.

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#4-4, #week-in-core

WordPress Core Weekly – Aug. 24-30, 2015

Welcome back to the weekly core development recap post, with highlights from Trac changesets and other development updates for 4.4. This week’s update covers changesets [33721][33820], Aug. 24-30, 2015. That’s a lot of changes, but there are a few that developers need to be especially aware of:

  • File restructuring: new class and functions files have been introduced, and existing files used as loaders for the new files for backwards compatibility.
  • File and class documentation enhancements: ensuring every file gets a standard file header, even if that file only contains a class that is itself documented.
  • Switching themes now takes menu locations into account so the new theme (maybe) gets the locations of the current theme.
  • New hooks introduced: 'invite_user' (Multisite users) and 'wp_verify_nonce_failed'.
  • The Twenty Sixteen theme is being developed on GitHub.

Now on to the firehose…


  • Bump h3 headings to h2 on various admin screens for better accessibility:
  • Network Admin: Hide the bulk actions checkbox for super admins. [33777] #28529
  • Avoid PHP notices in redirect_canonical() and _wp_menu_item_classes_by_context() if $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] is not set. [33775] #32229


  • Remove error from the query variables when cleaning up a URL in wp_admin_canonical_url(). [33770] #32847
  • Prevent unintended password change after clicking “Generate Password” and then “Cancel” when editing a user profile. [33766] #33419
  • When wp_json_encode() calls json_encode(), the latter will generate warnings if the string contains non-UTF-8 characters. No one likes warnings, so we need to do something about that. [33747] #33524
  • Add oEmbed support for ReverbNation. [33745] #33207
  • Remove rounded corners from “Choose from the most used tags” result in Tags meta box. [33742] #31560
  • Add some more data for shortcode unit tests. [33740] #33455
  • Allow these CSS properties in KSES: min-height', 'max-height', 'min-width', 'max-width' [33739] #31949
  • Pass option name to option and transient filters with dynamic names. [33738] #28402
  • In get_home_url(), import the $pagenow global to avoid having to check if it exists before comparing against it. [33736] #33545
  • In WP_Users_List_Table::single_row(), $actions is not always set before being used. [33735] #33491
  • foreach is a statement, not a function. [33734] #33491
  • Instead of [33713], allow WP_Posts_List_Table::get_bulk_actions() to check edit_posts AND delete_posts. [33733] #29789
  • TinyMCE: ensure the wordpress plugin is loaded before calling _createToolbar(). [33728] #33393
  • With a few modifications in wp-admin/menu.php, we can eliminate the extra logic for Post and Page menu registration. Instead, they can just declare menu_position on post type registration. [33723] #16865
  • WP_Query: add changelog for the title param after [33706] [33722] #33074

Restructured some files for separation of purpose, so class files only contain classes, functions files only contain functions, and the existing file loads the new files for backwards compatibility.


Move WP_Tax_Query into class-wp-tax-query.php and functions into taxonomy-functions.php; taxonomy.php contains only top-level code and loads the new files. [33760] #33413


Move WP_Post into class-wp-post.php and functions into post-functions.php. post.php contains only top-level code and loads the new files. [33759] #33413


Move classes into their own files, and functions into its own:

  • class-wp-roles.php
  • class-wp-role.php
  • class-wp-user.php
  • capbilities-functions.php

capbilities.php contains only top-level code and loads the new files. [33752] #33413


Move classes into their own files and functions into its own:

  • class-wp-http-cookie.php
  • class-wp-http-curl.php
  • class-wp-http-encoding.php
  • class-wp-http-proxy.php
  • class-wp-http-streams.php
  • http-functions.php

http.php contains only top-level code and loads the new files, so this is 100% BC if someone is loading http.php directly.

class-http.php requires functions from http.php, so loading it by itself wouldn’t have worked.

WP_Http remains in class-http.php. [33748] #33413


Move WP_Meta_Query into class-wp-meta-query.php and functions into meta-functions.php. meta.php contains only top-level code and loads the new files. [33761] #33413


Move WP_Rewrite into class-wp-rewrite.php, functions into rewrite-functions.php, and constants into rewrite-constants.php. rewrite.php contains only top-level code and loads the new files.

The rewrite functions have all kinds of cross-dependencies (like WP_Query), so loading the file by itself would have been bizarre (and still is). [33751] #33413


Move WP_Comment_Query into class-wp-comment-query.php, and functions into comment-functions.php. comment.php contains only top-level code and loads the new files. [33750] #33413


Move WP_User_Query into class-wp-user-query.php and functions into user-functions.php. user.php contains only top-level code and loads the new files. [33749] #33413


Move classes and functions into their own files:

  • class-wp-widget.php
  • class-wp-widget-factory.php
  • widget-functions.php

widgets.php contains only top-level code and loads the new files. [33746] #33413


It’s important for every file in WordPress, regardless of makeup or architecture, to have its own file header, even if the file contains nothing but a class. When parsed, files and classes are mutually exclusive and should be documented with this in mind. [33755] [33756] #33413

  • Bring the file header and class DocBlock summaries for class-wp-widget.php in-line with the intention of the docs standard:
    • File headers: What the file is
    • Class DocBlocks: What purpose the class serves. Mentioning the class name in the class DocBlock is redundant [33816] #33413
  • Add inline-docblocks for the require_once() calls that now bring in the WP_Widget and WP_Widget_Factory classes, as well as general core widgets functionality, as of [33746]. [33758] #33413
  • Add a file header description and @since version to wp-includes/widget-functions.php, introduced in [33746].
    Also adds sub-section headers per the inline documentation standards for syntax. [33757] #33413
  • Add a file header to wp-includes/class-wp-widget-factory.php, created when the WP_Widget_Factory class was moved to its own file in [33746]. [33756] #33413
  • Correct the hook docs for the user_profile_update_errors action. [33769] #33537
  • After [33764], fix docblock formatting for wp_list_categories(). [33765] #33460
  • Use proper array documentation formatting for wp_list_categories().
    This changeset also corrects a few parameter descriptions, and adds a few that
    were previously missing. [33763] #33556
  • Fix copy pasta in wp_cache_decr() doc block. [33809] #33548
  • The type for the $t_time parameter in the post_date_column_time filter docs should be string, not array. [33731] #33540
  • Document the default comment data arguments for wp_new_comment(). [33730] #32369
  • After [33698], wrap the time constants in a DocBlock template. [33737] #33397
  • Clarify the return description for wp_create_user() to illustrate that a WP_Error object will be returned on failure. [33725] #33321

Add changelog entries for a variety of hook doc parameters added in [33738]:

hook parameter changeset/ticket
set_site_transient_$transient $transient [33794] #28402
site_transient_$transient $transient [33792] #28402
pre_delete_site_option_$option $option [33789] #28402
pre_add_site_option_$option $option [33788] #28402
pre_site_option_$option $option [33785] #28402
transient_$transient $transient [33783] #28402
option_$option $option [33779] #28402
pre_option_$option $option [33768] #28402
pre_set_site_transient_$transient $transient [33793] #28402
pre_site_transient_$transient $transient [33791] #28402
pre_update_site_option_$option $option [33790] #28402
site_option_$option $option [33787] #28402
default_site_option_$option $option [33786] #28402
pre_set_transient_$transient $transient [33784] #28402
pre_transient_$transient $transient [33782] #28402
update_option_{$option} $option [33781] #28402
pre_update_option_$option $option [33780] #28402
default_option_$option $option [33778] #28402


  • Get the correct theme when template and stylesheet were both passed as arguments. Fixes a bug introduced in [21131] where $new_theme got set before the second argument was
    appropriately handled, causing the current_theme option to later always be updated to the parent theme’s name. [33815] #32635


  • Improve/update escaping in default widgets:
    • wrap some variables in esc_attr() before echoing
    • replace some strip_tags() calls with sanitize_text_field()
    • call esc_url() when wrapping some URLs [33814] #23012
  • Improve/update escaping in WP_Widget_Pages. [33813] #23012
  • Switch back to using array_key_exists() instead of isset() for widget instance existence check.
    Reverts unnecessary change in [32602] since array_key_exists() does actually work with ArrayIterator objects.
    Merges [33696] to the 4.3 branch. [33721] #32474, #33442



  • Fix the doc block syntax for the 'wp_get_current_commenter' filter. [33811] #33304
  • get_comment_count() currently increments awaiting_moderation when comments are in the trash. This occurs because case 0: will match any value passed to switch that is a string that isn’t specified in the list of cases. This is terrifying.
    Cases for 0 and 1 should be '1' and '0'
    Add unit tests for get_comment_count(). Currently, there are none. [33806] #33414


  • Favor using the consistent and agnostic string ‘Attach’ over ‘Attach to a post’ in the media list table. [33810] #33515
  • Make a period translatable. [33802] #33594
  • Switching themes: if the new theme doesn’t have nav_menu_locations defined, but the old theme does, copy the old theme’s nav_menu_locations into the new theme’s theme mods. [33808] #18588


  • Improve the reliability of the crop returned by image_get_intermediate_size() and add a bunch of unit tests to tests/image/intermediate_size.php. [33807] #17626
  • When inserting an image into a post, the values in wp.media.controller.Library should not default to linking the image when no user settings are present.
    The default display setting value for link is now none. User settings persist and will override or confirm this value based on user actions. [33729] #31467

Posts, Post Types

  • In get_post_type_labels(), ensure that filtered labels contain all required default values. [33776] #33543
  • Don’t change the View Post button permalink in the sample permalink HTML when updating the slug on a published or future post. [33773] #32954
  • Pass taxonomy name to filters in get_adjacent_post(). [33805] #33568
  • Make post meta box toggles accessible. [33762] #33544


  • Improve the efficiency of is_user_member_of_blog() by removing its use of get_blogs_of_user(). Adds additional tests. [33771] #32472
  • Add 'invite_user' action that fires immediately after a user is invited to join a site, but before the notification is sent. [33732] #33008


  • In wp_list_categories(), ‘current_category’ should accept an array of values. [33804] #33565
  • Introduce $hide_title_if_no_cats parameter to wp_list_categories(). [33764] #33460
  • Rename param added to wp_list_categories() in [33764] to $hide_title_if_empty. [33767] #33565
  • Term Splitting: Switch to a faster cron unschedule process to benefit sites with thousands of affected jobs. Fix the cron hook name in the failsafe rescheduler. [33727] #33423
  • In WP_Query::parse_tax_query(), allow ‘cat’ and ‘tag’ querystrings to be formatted as arrays. [33724] #32454, #33532


  • Simplify the weeks-per-year calculation WP_Date_Query::validate_date_values(). [33803] #30845


  • Bring network admin user searching to parity with single site user searching by wrapping search terms in asterisks. This means that searches don’t require an exact match and therefore significantly reduces friction when searching for users on the network admin screens. [33801] #32913

Bundled Theme

Correct license information in readme.txt.

Text Changes

  • Drop the hyphen from e-mail and standardize on email.
    The AP Stylebook changed this in 2011, and we’re woefully inconsistent, so let’s go with the standard. [33774] #26156



  • Add 'wp_verify_nonce_failed' action that fires when nonce verification fails. [33744] #24030
  • Fire the check_ajax_referer action on failure as well as success. [33743] #33342

Build Tools

Thanks to @azaozz, @BinaryKitten, @boonebgorges, @bordoni, @Cheffheid, @chipbennett, @danielbachhuber, @dd32, @DeBAAT, @dimadin, @DrewAPicture, @ebinnion, @egill, @eherman24, @ericlewis, @garza, @hauvong, @helen, @janhenckens, @jjeato, @jmayha, @joedolson, @joehills, @joemcgill, @johnbillion, @KalenJohnson, @kitchin, @liljimmi, @luciole135, @mako09, @MikeHansenMe, @miqrogroove, @morganestes, @niallkennedy, @nikeo, @obenland, @Otto42, @pavelevap, @pento, @peterwilsoncc, @rachelbaker, @rhubbardreverb, @sammybeats, @sboisvert, @scribu, @SergeyBiryukov, @Shelob9, @tyxla, @Veraxus, @vilkatis, @Viper007Bond, @voldemortensen, @welcher, @westonruter, @wonderboymusic, and @yamchhetr for their contributions!

#4-4, #week-in-core

WordPress Core Weekly

Hello everyone, let’s have a look at what’s going on in WordPress core! This edition covers February 19th, 2015 [31479] through February 25th, 2015 [31544].

If you want to write the next WordPress Core Weekly summary, check out the table over at make/docs and get in touch in the #core-weekly-update Slack channel.


  • Make sure WP_Customize_Manager::theme() never returns null. [31536] #31445
  • Add theme browsing and theme switching to the Customizer. Brings into core the Customizer Theme Switcher feature plugin. You can now browse, preview, and activate themes right from the Customizer [31533] #31303


  • Provide proper label associations and descriptions throughout the network admin [31517] #38406
  • Add missing labels to Archives and Categories dropdown widgets. [31520] #18650

Press This

  • JSON encode the URL before appending it to the bookmarklet. See #31373. [31537] #31373
  • Hard-code the minified bookmarklet js. Adding the non-minified bookmarklet to the browser bookmarks bar may have unexpected effect. #31373
  • PressThis v2, first run. [31534] #31373


  • Add orderby=description support to get_terms(). This appears as a sortable column header. [31532] #31364
  • Pass taxonomy name, not object, to edit_term_taxonomy and edited_term_taxonomy actions. [31525] #30999


  • Better image-type support checks in image unit tests. PHP can be compiled without support for certain image types. Our unit tests should be sensitive to these configurations. [31510] [31512] #31124
  • Specify globals in media JS files – it is important to denote where we are diverging from dependency injection. [31489] [31491] [31492] [31493] [31494] #28510


  • Upgrades: Specifically pass the version and locale POST vars through the Core Update FTP credentials form. [31527] [31528] #30245 #31378

Script Loader


  • Menus: Remove fixed height from .description-thin fields. [31524] #31426
  • Menus: Prevent checkboxes and radio buttons from being stretched to full width on mobile. [31523] #31425


  • Use a darker color for “No themes found” message to increase contrast. [31519] #26600
  • Add feedback for screen readers when search results are changed. [31497] #26600
  • Update the theme count when searching for installed themes, like we do on Add Themes screen. [31495] #26600


  • Add comment-author-is-site-member class to comment output for site members. [31518] #24054
  • Delegate focusin and focusout events for row actions to make sure the actions are always revealed on focus. [31509] #29765


  • Multisite: Pass a response code of 200 to wp_die() when a user is successfully added to an individual site after using the /newbloguser/ URL from an invite email. This is a user facing success message. [31514] #31224
  • Multisite: Avoid clearing stored capabilities for a user when removing their built in role in multisite. [31516] #18934
  • When creating a new user, pasting a password should update the password strength indicator. [31483] #31226


  • Improve table footer tab sequence by moving <tfoot> after <tbody>. [31513] #30914
  • Dashboard: Add a filter for the query arguments used for the Recent Posts widget. [31508] #29374
  • Quick Edit: Make date fields a bit wider. [31507] #27912
  • Use correct closing tag for “Under the Hood” header on About screen. [31503] #31402


  • Do not activate plugins on initial installation in multisite. Check is_multisite() before activating a plugin that has been installed via AJAX. Without this check, the plugin would be automatically activated on the main site of the network. [31511] #31327


  • TinyMCE wpView: don’t insert nested paragraphs when inserting embeddable URLs. [31485] #29526

Bundled Themes

Thanks to @afercia, @ AramZS @atimmer, @azaozz, @boonebgorges, @celloexpressions, @cfoellmann, @danielbachhuber, @dd32, @designsimpl, @dipesh.kakadiya, @DrewAPicture, @folletto, @ianmjones, @ipm-frommen, @iseulde, @janhenckens, @jeremyfelt, @jlevandowski, @joedolson, @joostdevalk, @kraftbj, @lancewillett, @mako09, @marcelomazza, @markjaquith,@michael-arestad @MikeHansenMe, @neil_pie, @NikV, @obenland, @ocean90, @PeteMall, @ravindra-pal-singh, @rachelbaker, @rianrietveld, @SergeyBiryukov, @stephdau, @stevegrunwell, @swissspidy @tyxla, @Viper007Bond, @westonruter, and @wonderboymusic for their contributions!

#4-2, #week-in-core

WordPress Core Weekly

Hi everyone!

It’s this time of the week again: WordPress Core Weekly is here. This updates covers all commits since last week up to today, October 23rd.

In case you missed it, there has been quite some activity here. I recommend you to check out these great summaries from this week to stay up-to-date:

Now, let’s have a look at the recent comments!


  • Themes: Make “Live Preview” the primary action and “Activate” secondary. [29957] #26899
  • Themes: Fix some theme install stylings [29959] #28148 #29556
  • Live-update site title in toolbar when changing the corresponding field in General Settings. [29963] #28682
  • Allow apostrophes in email addresses when adding users via the Dashboard. [29966] #18039
  • Admin menu changes [29978] #29806
    • Fix scrolling the pinned menu with a mouse wheel.
    • Fix pinning when the menu is only slightly taller than the viewport.
    • Disable pinning on IE8, updating CSS top makes it jump when scrolling with a mouse wheel.


  • Introduce customize_preview_$setting->type action to handle multiple settings of the same type. [29948] #29165
  • Extract content markup for panels to its own method,WP_Customize_Panel::render_content(). This allows to override the behavior of a panel and its contents. [29950] #29324


  • Editor-expand [29929] #29954
    • Better calculation for the caret position when auto-scrolling while typing.
    • Fix auto-scrolling for non-WebKit browsers when the caret is above the top of the editor.
  • TinyMCE: update the default styles: make the font size larger and make it the same size in tables. [29986] #30038
  • TinyMCE: update to 4.1.6+. Adds support for cache-busting when auto-loading JS and CSS. [29994] #30079

Twenty Fifteen

  • Make font-size/line-height in editor-style.css the same as in style.css. Remove margins from the editor body, interferes with autoresize in some browsers and is overriden in the default styles. [29909] #29799
  • No rem in editor-style.css for now. [29910] #29799
  • Add print styles. [29919] #29967


  • Add a 6th (!) attribute to wp_get_attachment_link() to allow aria-describedby to be added to gallery output. [29914] #27402
  • Cache get_term_by() calls [29915] #21760
    • Add a helper function, wp_get_last_changed(), to retrieve a last-modified timestamp by cache group.
    • Original term cache entries maintain BC
  • wp_schedule_single_event() should not prevent scheduling a future duplicate event. It should only reject an event as a duplicate if there is already a similar event scheduled within 10 minutes of the given timestamp. [29939] #28213
  • Add ID attribute to style element from wp_add_inline_style(). [29956] [29958] #30032
  • Move password hint text to a function. Add password_hint filter. [29962] #21243
  • HTTP API: Support both the limit_response_size and stream parameters at the same time, allowing a partial file download. [29968] #26726


  • Don’t print an empty HTML markup when comment_reply_link() returns no link. [29908] #29895
  • Use the comment API rather than direct SQL queries in comments_template(). [29965] #19623

External Scripts


  • Check that search value is scalar before parsing. Prevents PHP notices when non-scalar values are passed. [29912] #29736
  • Introduce nested query support to WP_Date_Query. [29923] #29822
  • Throw notices _doing_it_wrong() notices are now generated when passing out-of-range values (month=13) or invalid dates (2014-02-29) to WP_Date_Query. [29925] #25834
  • Support date_query by user_registered in WP_User_Query. [29934] #27283
  • Comment/post author in/not_in for WP_Comment_Query. [29935] #29885
  • Better “inclusive” support for string values in WP_Date_Query. [29936] #29908

Thanks to @westonruter, @obenland, @tivnet, @joedolson, @DrewAPicture, @rianrietveld, @wonderboymusic, @tollmanz, @boonebgorges, @Manoz69, @iamtakashi, @kwight, @pauldewouters, @ideag, @ChriCo, @NikV, @nofearinc, @ew_holmes, @neoxx, @Viper007Bond, @nacin, @chriscct7, @tellyworth, @sc0ttkclark, @jorbin, @socki03, @ocean90, @convissor, @TobiasBg, @TomHarrigan, @jdgrimes, @jcastaneda, @celloexpressions, @avryl, @simonwheatley, @hardy101, @georgestephanis, @jesin, @hugodelgado, @nobleclem, @afercia, @bradyvercher for their core contributions!

Revisions covered: [29906] to [29994]. For the complete list of commits to trunk, check out the log on Trac.

Interested in joining in? Write or test a patch for 4.1.

#4-1, #week-in-core

The email used for notifications on Trac is…

The email used for notifications on Trac is currently specified in Trac preferences. I’m changing this to pull automatically from your WordPress.org profile. After this change, there will not be a way to have a separate email address for Trac and any manually specified email address will be overridden.

We need to make this change because, very simply, it’s a better user experience. By killing this extra user preference, it’s one less step users need to set up in order to receive notifications. (And a tighter feedback loop could possibly boost engagement.)

That will affect about a thousand users we have in the system, probably incidentally for most. But, about 50-100 users might have been deliberately declaring a separate email address; for example 50 users had “trac” appear specifically in their email. Even without a dedicated email, it is trivial to filter Trac emails; you just might need to make some adjustments.

As you may have noticed, this is part of a series of changes I’ve been making to Trac. I’ll be doing a summary post in a few days outlining everything that has changed.

NOTE: This does not affect wp-trac@lists.automattic.com. If you subscribe to the “firehose” this is not affected.

Edit, 20:23 UTC. This is now enabled. For the moment, the email address will sync when you next visit Trac. Please find me if you have any questions.

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Normally we don’t start talking about the next release until the current one is out the door, or at least in beta/RC, so this post jumps the gun a bit, but for a good reason: the GSoC deadline. There are two approaches we could take toward our participation in GSoC this year, and one of them is tied closely to 3.5.


  • Good GSoC mentoring takes time. Time is hard to come by at the best of times, even harder for many during the summer.
  • Many of our previous GSoC mentors have held the position for several years and could use a break from trying to mentor while simultaneously working on features for a regular release.
  • Almost none of our GSoC projects have actually made it into core. A few because they were plugins, but most because once GSoC is over there hasn’t been a concerted effort to follow up on these projects.
  • We often run late on dev cycles.

Since 3.4

  • We have ramped up several core contributors to more responsible/trusted roles as a result of the 3.4 process experiment (teams, cycles, updates, etc). This could mean more mentors.
  • We are running late in our dev cycle, and with SXSW about to eat a week, I’m thinking we’re about to get even more behind. My guess is we’re looking at a May launch, not April.
  • The stated intention of having all feature dev for the cycle tied to a central goal of making it easier to customize your site didn’t really happen. There were at least 3 teams working on features that had nothing to do with this, and another couple that were related, but not smack in the middle of it. Good features all, but we failed in sticking to that goal as a unifying concept.


What if for 3.5, instead of it being a “regular” cycle, we made it a mentoring cycle tied to the GSoC schedule (shorter than normal)? If we assume 3.4 will launch sometime at the end of April or early May (and if it does happen earlier, awesome), that would put us in a position to start working on 3.5 right when the GSoC accepted students are announced.

If we chose a “release concept” (like customizing your theme, but something different) and outlined every feature/enhancement/bug that’s related, we could make those things be the potential GSoC projects. We could work in teams like in 3.4, but in this case each team would have a student or two working on things with them closely. Since these would be the only features being worked on (additional bug-fixing always ongoing, obviously),

  • Students would be guaranteed mentor attention and working with core
  • We would be more likely to do the work necessary to get student work to commit-worthy status
  • We would target a launch for late August to coincide with the end of GSoC (so we could do one more small release before end of year)
  • We could do additional outreach to include new contributors who do not qualify for GSoC (too young, too old, not in college, etc), improve our mentoring skills and processes
  • At the end of this mentorship-focused summer, we would not only have the features developed by mentees, but we would have an ideal pool of people to help us create documentation to help new contributors.

I’m thinking that what might make sense would be for there to be a team or two that doesn’t mentor or work on a feature for 3.5, but begins working on one of the more complex things we keep putting off, so that it could be the first thing into 3.6 (like gallery management or something similar).

Deciding on a release concept that could be done in a 2.5-3 month cycle would be important. I’m thinking maybe it could be the feedback loop — improving comments and communication with readers via html emails, forms, etc on the front end and a UI facelift of the comments/related screens on the back end, putting something cool into Twenty Twelve around this (or just support for something in core related to same), etc. There are a number of projects around this that have been done in the past that could be looked to for inspiration and/or what not to do, it’s needed attention for some time, and it’s not as complicated as something like media or multisite.

Thoughts? Specifically, thoughts on:

  • Doing a mentorship-focused release timed to GSoC
  • Potential areas of focus for 3.5 if we were to do this
  • Mentoring in teams like 3.4
  • Wanting to mentor in this case
  • How many students you think we could take on if we used teams like in 3.4

Comment here today, and tomorrow I’l round up the core team to see what people think based on the conversation so we can make a decision and I can update our application before the application deadline if needed. If we don’t do something like this, then I’m planning on reducing our GSoC student allotment to 5-6 students (we’ve asked for up to 15 in the past) to ensure enough mentors and adequate attention/follow-up on projects.

Thanks for your input!

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New API in 3.3: is_main_query()

There’s a nifty new method for WP_Query that is available in 3.3: is_main_query().

This enables someone to hook into pre_get_posts and modify only the main query. No more checking for suppress_filters (which was wrong), or comparing against $wp_the_query (complicated), or using query_posts() in a template.

is_main_query(), the function, will return true if the current $wp_query is also the main query. (As an example, this would be false after query_posts() is called but before wp_reset_query() is called.) This is consistent with existing conditional tags — for example, is_page() refers to the main query, while is_page() can also be called against any WP_Query object.

Quick example (YMMV) —

add_action( 'pre_get_posts', 'nacin_modify_query_exclude_category' );
function nacin_modify_query_exclude_category( $query ) {
    if ( $query->is_main_query() && ! $query->get( 'cat' ) )
        $query->set( 'cat', '-5' );

For more: #18677

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GSoC mentors who have not posted their selections…

GSoC mentors who have not posted their selections to the mentor blog and need to do so today if they still want to be mentors: @nacin, @dkoopersmith, @dd32, @johnjamesjacoby, Mitcho, Thorsten, @viper007bond, @filosofo, Brian Layman, Chris Jean, ocean90, Russell Fair. If anyone on this list does not know what I’m talking about, they should leave a comment saying as much immediately so I can walk you through it if you missed the original emails. We’ll be doing mentor-student matching tomorrow, so this is it.