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  • Pascal Birchler 7:37 pm on February 25, 2015 Permalink |
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    WordPress Core Weekly 

    Hello everyone, let’s have a look at what’s going on in WordPress core! This edition covers February 19th, 2015 [31479] through February 25th, 2015 [31544].

    If you want to write the next WordPress Core Weekly summary, check out the table over at make/docs and get in touch in the #core-weekly-update Slack channel.


    • Make sure WP_Customize_Manager::theme() never returns null. [31536] #31445
    • Add theme browsing and theme switching to the Customizer. Brings into core the Customizer Theme Switcher feature plugin. You can now browse, preview, and activate themes right from the Customizer [31533] #31303


    • Provide proper label associations and descriptions throughout the network admin [31517] #38406
    • Add missing labels to Archives and Categories dropdown widgets. [31520] #18650

    Press This

    • JSON encode the URL before appending it to the bookmarklet. See #31373. [31537] #31373
    • Hard-code the minified bookmarklet js. Adding the non-minified bookmarklet to the browser bookmarks bar may have unexpected effect. #31373
    • PressThis v2, first run. [31534] #31373


    • Add orderby=description support to get_terms(). This appears as a sortable column header. [31532] #31364
    • Pass taxonomy name, not object, to edit_term_taxonomy and edited_term_taxonomy actions. [31525] #30999


    • Better image-type support checks in image unit tests. PHP can be compiled without support for certain image types. Our unit tests should be sensitive to these configurations. [31510] [31512] #31124
    • Specify globals in media JS files – it is important to denote where we are diverging from dependency injection. [31489] [31491] [31492] [31493] [31494] #28510


    Script Loader


    • Menus: Remove fixed height from .description-thin fields. [31524] #31426
    • Menus: Prevent checkboxes and radio buttons from being stretched to full width on mobile. [31523] #31425


    • Use a darker color for “No themes found” message to increase contrast. [31519] #26600
    • Add feedback for screen readers when search results are changed. [31497] #26600
    • Update the theme count when searching for installed themes, like we do on Add Themes screen. [31495] #26600


    • Add comment-author-is-site-member class to comment output for site members. [31518] #24054
    • Delegate focusin and focusout events for row actions to make sure the actions are always revealed on focus. [31509] #29765


    • Multisite: Pass a response code of 200 to wp_die() when a user is successfully added to an individual site after using the /newbloguser/ URL from an invite email. This is a user facing success message. [31514] #31224
    • Multisite: Avoid clearing stored capabilities for a user when removing their built in role in multisite. [31516] #18934
    • When creating a new user, pasting a password should update the password strength indicator. [31483] #31226


    • Improve table footer tab sequence by moving <tfoot> after <tbody>. [31513] #30914
    • Dashboard: Add a filter for the query arguments used for the Recent Posts widget. [31508] #29374
    • Quick Edit: Make date fields a bit wider. [31507] #27912
    • Use correct closing tag for “Under the Hood” header on About screen. [31503] #31402


    • Do not activate plugins on initial installation in multisite. Check is_multisite() before activating a plugin that has been installed via AJAX. Without this check, the plugin would be automatically activated on the main site of the network. [31511] #31327


    • TinyMCE wpView: don’t insert nested paragraphs when inserting embeddable URLs. [31485] #29526

    Bundled Themes

    Thanks to @afercia, @ AramZS @atimmer, @azaozz, @boonebgorges, @celloexpressions, @cfoellmann, @danielbachhuber, @dd32, @designsimpl, @dipesh.kakadiya, @DrewAPicture, @folletto, @ianmjones, @ipm-frommen, @iseulde, @janhenckens, @jeremyfelt, @jlevandowski, @joedolson, @joostdevalk, @kraftbj, @lancewillett, @mako09, @marcelomazza, @markjaquith,@michael-arestad @MikeHansenMe, @neil_pie, @NikV, @obenland, @ocean90, @PeteMall, @ravindra-pal-singh, @rachelbaker, @rianrietveld, @SergeyBiryukov, @stephdau, @stevegrunwell, @swissspidy @tyxla, @Viper007Bond, @westonruter, and @wonderboymusic for their contributions!

  • Drew Jaynes 10:15 am on February 11, 2015 Permalink |
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    Dev Chat Agenda, February 11, 2015 

    Here’s the agenda for Wednesday’s Dev Chat in the #core channel on Slack.

    Time/Date: February 11 2015 21:00 UTC:

    1. Housekeeping – Schedule updates, merge window status, maintenance release – @drewapicture
    2. Term Splitting@boonebgorges
    3. Feature Updates:
      1. Customizer Theme Switcher – @celloexpressions/@markjaquith
      2. Press This revamp – @michael-arestad
      3. Shiny Updates – @pento
      4. Emoji support – @pento
      5. Customizer Transactions – @westonruter
    4. Component Updates
      1. Accessibility – @afercia
      2. Multisite – @jeremyfelt
    5. Open Floor – If you have something you’d like to discuss, leave a note in the comments
    • Weston Ruter 12:03 pm on February 11, 2015 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      In regards to Customizer transactions, my most recent thoughts are that I’ll hold off pushing for getting everything polished for 4.2. I don’t think I’ll have enough time to give it the attention it needs to make this release. Instead I’ll focus on some related pieces and general improvements that will make it smoother for merging in 4.3.

      • Paal Joachim Romdahl 12:21 pm on February 11, 2015 Permalink | Log in to Reply

        Why is Press This and Emoji being worked on gradually becoming feature plugins planned for core? It seems a lot better if a priority list was created with what is most needed in WordPress, and work was done in that direction.

    • Paul Bearne 2:52 pm on February 11, 2015 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      When will the “Needs Early Attention” patches form https://core.trac.wordpress.org/report/6 get merged?

    • Jonathan Brinley 3:39 pm on February 11, 2015 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      #17817 needs some attention. Any committers able to review before it’s too late for 4.2?

  • Andrew Nacin 8:57 pm on February 4, 2015 Permalink |  

    New chapters for Ryan and Westi 

    WordPress lead developers Ryan Boren (@ryan) and Peter Westwood (@westi) started contributing to WordPress more than a decade ago. Ryan and Peter, along with Mark and Matt, served as the foundation for much of the early years.

    For some time now, Ryan and Peter have avoided weighing in on technical matters. Very simply, when you aren’t able to be active in development, you know you’re not up to speed, and you realize your words shouldn’t carry the weight that they do. Being able to make this judgment is one of the things that makes both of them such great leaders.

    We’ve all been there, at least for particular features or releases. It’s worth noting, for example, that my own time on core has been cyclical for years, as sometimes I end up working full time on the security team, maintenance releases, the WordPress.org site, or related projects.

    The great thing is, there are a lot of fantastic developers who have stepped up over the last few years to seamlessly fill in the huge holes they’ve left. Some of that culminated in promoting Helen and Dion to lead developer yesterday, and my own promotion three years ago.

    When I started contributing, I received a lot of advice and learned a lot from both of them. Peter reviewed a lot of my code and was the guy who would revert my code when I broke something. :) Ryan became my mentor and pushed me to become the engineer I am today.

    And so, it is with mixed emotion I share that Ryan and Peter have stepped down as lead developers.

    Peter will be moving into a dormant/inactive/emeritus status. We hope to have him back when his life and work allows. In the meantime, you may see him committing a bug fix here and there, as he is wont to do.

    Ryan has been focusing all of his energy on improving UX for more than a year, especially for mobile and touch devices, and especially for workflows like media management. So I’m pleased to say he’ll continue to do that: Ryan will be spearheading UX for WordPress in 2015. It’s been a while since we’ve had someone truly focusing on just UX, so this is really exciting.

    Along with yesterday’s announcement, the active lead developers are @markjaquith, me, @azaozz, @helen, and @dd32.

    Please join me in congratulating Ryan and Peter on an epic run. :)

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    Dev Chat Agenda, February 4, 2015 

    Here’s the agenda for Wednesday’s Dev Chat in the #core channel on Slack.

    Time/Date: February 4 2015 21:00 UTC:

    1. Lead Promotions – Congrats @helen & @dd32!
    2. Feature Updates:
      1. Customizer Theme Switcher – @celloexpressions/@markjaquith
      2. Press This revamp – @michael-arestad
      3. Shiny Updates – @pento
      4. Customizer Transactions – @westonruter
    3. Weekly Hit-List Recaps:
      1. Accessibility
        • #30486 – (needs-patch) Missing label associations throughout network admin
        • #30914 – (commit) WP List Table: improve table footer tab sequence
        • #30619 – (follow-up) The wpView toolbar is not accessible by keyboard
        • #26553 – (follow-up) Remove title attributes: comment-template.php
      2. Mobile
        • #31185 – (fixed) The logo header on the log in screen is too large a tap target
        • #29906 – (needs-patch) Submenus can’t be dismissed on mobile
        • #29989 – (needs-patch) Hide Media Buttons on small screens
        • #31162 – (maybelater) Prevent device keyboard from displaying after selecting an image in TinyMCE
    4. 4.2 Community Initiative – Details at the chat
    5. Open Floor – If you have something you’d like to bring to the table to discuss, leave a note in the comments
      • Looking for something to work on in 4.2? Check the comments on the 4.2 open call
    • Paal Joachim Romdahl 10:07 am on February 8, 2015 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      What happened to someone beginning to work on adding tags/taxonomies to the media library? I have a feeling someone began looking at it but have not heard a word about it for quite sometime.

  • Nick Halsey 12:46 am on February 3, 2015 Permalink |
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    Customizer Theme Switcher Update – 2/2 

    We’ve made lots of progress in the past week and will be holding another meeting tomorrow, Tuesday February 3 2015 16:00 UTC, in #core-customize Slack. The accessibility team did an extensive review and we’ve addressed nearly all of the issues that can be fixed in the plugin (big props to @afercia especially for reviewing and patching some of the issues). I made several core tickets (some with patches, some good-first-bugs) for some of the other issues that came up during the review.

    @designsimply and @vizkr have been working on formal and informal user tests as well. It’s been a little tricky to try to nudge users in the direction of the Theme Switcher in the Customizer without explicitly asking them to change the theme, but they haven’t had any negative feedback or expressed that having themes in the Customizer felt at all out of place. We’ve made a couple of minor adjustments both to the plugin (improving the filter to search for tags without hyphens) and the prompts, and additional tests are in-progress. We’d like to encourage anyone that can to do informal in-person testing, asking for feedback on the workflows and/or comparing the themes admin screen to themes in the Customizer.

    Our biggest remaining decision is whether to change the title of the “themes” section in the Customizer. Currently, it’s “Theme: Current Theme”. Open to suggestions here; we’ll tweak it for screen readers regardless if it works for everyone else as-is, but I’m not convinced that it’s the most discoverable option currently.

    Here’s an agenda for the meeting:

    • Usertesting.com testing update – @designsimply
    • Theme section heading title discussion
    • Informal testing/feedback updates – anyone
    • Accessibility updates: ready for (or do we need) another round of testing for the plugin? – @afercia
    • Outstanding issues – anyone
    • Final proposal and core patch/merge plan and timing – @MarkJaquith, me, @DrewAPicture
  • Ryan Boren 2:53 pm on December 11, 2014 Permalink |  

    Dev Chat Summary, December 10th 




    • RC


    • About page text will land tonight (Wednesday the 10th).
    • Moving API docs into the plugin and theme handbooks will be discussed at the next docs meeting.
    • A heads up email to plugin devs will go out after RC.
    • RC will go out tonight.
    • @nacin will alert hosts and one-click installers in advance release.
    • 4.1 final targeted for Tuesday.
    • Release dry-run on Monday.
    • Status check-in meeting on Sunday.


    • @stephdau and @nacin will enable localized results for plugins after RC.
    • @nacin will work on the plugin developer email.
    • @melchoyce @ryelle @helen @jorbin will work on the about page. First draft design due by Friday.
    • @nacin @markjaquith will make the final decision on Focus, Distraction Free Writing naming, branding, text.
    • @nacin will alert hosts and one-click installers in advance of release.

    Links Mentioned


    (More …)

  • Ryan Boren 2:11 pm on December 3, 2014 Permalink |  

    Dev Chat Summary, November 26th 




    • Beta 3


    • Beta 2 (soft-released)


    • Term splitting will be pulled from 4.1 and considered for inclusion at the beginning of the 4.2 cycle.
    • Focus will default to off.
    • The particulars of Focus UX will be documented.
    • RC1 will be Monday the 1st.
    • The final beta will be on the 27th or 28th.
    • Focus will roll out to wordpress.com for testing.
    • String freeze on Wednesday December 3rd.
    • The about page will get attention this weekend in preparation for string freeze.


    Links Mentioned


    (More …)

  • Mike Schroder 8:49 am on November 14, 2014 Permalink
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    WordPress Core Weekly 

    Hi Everyone!

    It’s that time again: WordPress Core Weekly is here. This is a catchup post and covers all commits since the last post up until 11/9/2014.

    First, a couple quick notes!


    • Do not create shared taxonomy terms. [30240] #21950; See #5809.
    • Split shared taxonomy terms during term update. [30238] [30239] [30241] #5809
    • Don’t force child_of=0 for non-hierarchical taxonomies in get_terms(). [30265] #30275
    • In get_adjacent_post(), $excluded_terms should check term_id rather than term_taxonom_id. [30263] #29663, #22112.
    • Allow resource_type to be specified in get_ancestors(). Being explicit about resource type (taxonomy vs post_type) allows for the proper resolution of conflicts when a taxonomy and post_type share a slug. [30141] #15029
    • In wp_insert_term(), clean up accidental duplicate terms after insert. [30238] See #22023, #5809.
    • Add some unit tests for is_object_in_term(). These tests check a number of the ways that different kinds of values for $terms (integers that match term_id, strings that match term_id or name or slug) are handled. [30204] #29467
    • In in_object_in_term(), only check numeric string values against term_id. [30205] #29467
    • Introduce term_template param to get_the_taxonomies() to allow theme and plugin authors to specify the formatting on term links as they are parsed into the taxonomy list. [30209] See #27238.
    • Allow duplicate slugs across different post types. [30158] #18962
    • In get_terms(), do not override hierarchical and pad_count when parent is present. The previous behavior resulted in descendant terms being improperly excluded from the results when passing a parent, even when hierarchical had been set to true. [30107] #29815
    • Clean up get_term_by() caching, fix cache key/group modification that was missed in [30073], and update unit tests. [30108] #21760

    Twenty Fifteen


    • Bump db_version and add upgrade routine for schema change in [30056]. [30121] [30134] #22023
    • WPDB’s __get() function should perform strict comparisons against member names. [30292]


    • Allow revision Backbone classes to be used on pages other than revision.php. [30128] #30221
    • Add a single responsibility function for outputting Revisions JS templates: wp_print_revision_templates(). Use it in wp-admin/revision.php. [30129] #30220
    • Revisions modules should not rely on global settings; only pass in global settings on init, this allows the classes to be used agnostically elsewhere. [30131] #30219


    • Pass all updated meta IDs to filters in update_metadata(). [30140] #11683
    • Unserialize get_metadata() results when key is omitted. [30115] #15030



    • Display error message when Media Library upload fails. [30156] [30177] #29891
    • Delete admin_created_user_subject() rather than deprecate. As it was never used as anything more than a callback to a filter before the MU merge, and is only available in user-new.php in multisite, it is safe to remove this function entirely. [30176] #29915


    • Improve/introduce Customizer JavaScript models for Controls, Sections, and Panels, along with a reference. [30102] see #28032, #28579, #28580, #28650, #28709, #29758. Fixes #29529.
    • Improve ColorControl‘s wpColorPicker to update UI based on setting changes. Update Twenty Fifteen’s colorScheme control to properly interact with the API, using wp.customize.control(). [30126] #30031
    • Add stable sorting for panels, sections and controls in JS. Improve sorting in PHP. [30214] #30225
    • Bind input and propertychange events for range input types. [30219] #30223
    • Twenty Fourteen: Make featured content in Customizer contextual to the front page. [30143] #29578


    • Introduce new template functions for archive titles and descriptions: [30223] #21995
      • get_the_archive_title() and the_archive_title() for returning/displaying the title of the current term, date, post type, post format, or author archive.
      • get_the_archive_description() and the_archive_description() for returning/displaying the description associated with the current term archive.
    • In get_page_children(), only check $page->ancestors once to avoid duplicates when the function recurses. Adds an argument, $ancestors. [30246] #18962
    • Allow get_pages(), with child_of passed to it, to work with interrupted hierarchies. [30159] #18962

    Thanks to @afercia, @avryl, @azaozz, @bobbingwide, @boonebgorges, @bradyvercher, @Caspie, @celloexpressions, @dancameron, @davidakennedy, @davidjlaietta, @dikiy_forester, @dlh, @donutz, @DrewAPicture, @ericlewis, @filosofo, @florianziegler, @garyc40, @gcorne, @greuben, @hereswhatidid, @iamtakashi, @iandstewart, @imath, @Jayjdk, @jeremyfelt, @jesin, @joedolson, @johnbillion, @jorbin, @kitchin, @kovshenin, @kraftbj, @kurtpayne, @lancewillett, @landakram, @loushou, @markjaquith, @mattkeys, @mattwiebe, @mboynes, @MikeHansenMe, @mlteal, @mordauk, @morganestes, @nacin, @NikV, @nobinobi, @obenland, @ocean90, @pento, @philiparthurmoore, @realloc, @rmccue, @ryankienstra, @sakinshrestha, @SergeyBiryukov, @slobodanmanic, @TobiasBg, @tollmanz, @tywayne, @voldemortensen, @wedi, @westonruter, and @wonderboymusic for their core contributions!

    Revisions covered: [30094] to [30292]. For the complete list of commits to trunk, check out the log on Trac.

    Interested in joining in? Write or test a patch for 4.1.

  • Ryan Boren 1:42 am on November 6, 2014 Permalink  

    Dev Chat Summary, November 5th 




    • Beta 1
    • Feature plugin merge window


    • Extend the feature plugin merge window to Friday, or later.
    • Tag Beta 1 on Friday, or later.
    • Do a scrub of enhancement tickets this week, particularly customizer tickets. 1600 UTC tomorrow (Nov. 6) was suggested.
    • Hook recursion, #17817, will be discussed further after beta 1 with the aim of having it ready for early 4.2.
    • Pending the final call of @ johnbillion, the full UI for the session manager will come later (and will be moved into a plugin in the plugin repository). @jorbin will work up a patch that adds a “Sign out everywhere else” button along with killing all other sessions on password change and capturing data for a future UI.

    Uncertainties, Ambiguities, Do Betters

    • Shiny Updates may be punted in whole or in part. The necessary folks are preoccupied.
    • The Session Manager UI was debated and will likely change for 4.1.
    • “We need guidelines for how we handle feature plugins. It’s been really haphazard, and it has affected our ability to get the features in front of a lot of people.”
    • There is skepticism that merge and Beta 1 will happen this week.


    • @markjaquith will do a merge request post for Focus on make/core.
    • @jorbin will work up a patch that adds a “Sign out everywhere else” button along with killing all other sessions on password change and capturing data for a future UI.
    • @nacin will leave feedback on #29395
    • @drew will look at #21483

    Links Mentioned



    drew [15:10]
    Seems like there’s more than a few Customizer-related enhancements. @celloexpressions: ya’ll have an idea about what could be close and what might need to be punted?

    celloexpressions [15:10]
    Most of the customizer stuff has been ready for/waiting for commit or further feedback for a while

    celloexpressions [15:11]
    A couple aren’t quite there, but we want to get in if we can because they enhance Twenty Fifteen

    Hook Recursion

    #17817: do_action/apply_filters/etc. recursion on same filter kills underlying call

    drew [15:18]
    This is quite likely 4.2-early, but could use eyes-on for unit test coverage and regression testing,

    jbrinley [15:19]
    To _briefly_ answer (as well as I can), the three questions in the agenda:

    jbrinley [15:19]
    Is there enough unit test coverage?

    I don’t know.

    jbrinley [15:19]
    Does it break plugins which interact with $wp_filter and $wp_actions directly (eg accessing the nested arrays)?

    The patch doesn’t touch $wp_actions. $merged_filters is removed. The $wp_filter array will contain WP_Hook objects instead of nested arrays. Those objects can still be accessed as an array, albeit with some of the quirks that come with the ArrayAccess interface (e.g., you can’t indirectly set elements).

    Does it “fix” any existing behavior which could be seen as a regression?

    Currently, let’s say you have a callback at priority 10. In that, you set another callback with priority 1. The latter ends up running after the former. This patch would change that. Similarly, if you have something at priority 10 and something at priority 11, but the priority 10 callback end up calling the hook recursively, the priority 11 callback won’t run for the outer loop. This patch would change that.

    nacin [15:20]
    As this is definitely not 4.1 (sorry @jbrinley! though I know you know that), can we sit on this until after beta is out and then chat more later this month? This is a good briefing of things as it stands, and I hope a few of us can pick it up soon, but there are lots of other things on everyone’s plate at the moment.

    drew [15:21]
    yep, sounds good @nacin



    drew [15:23]
    @mark: Any update on posting the merge request update on make/core?

    mark [15:23]
    Got sidetracked yesterday. Will do that now.

    Since it’s such a visual thing, I’m just gonna make a video that shows it off and talks through some of the decisions.

    drew [15:24]
    Great. Sounds like the patch is looking pretty good too.

    azaozz [15:25]
    yes, patch is good. May need some more around interactions with the old DFW

    boren [15:25]
    Has it been flow tested on mobile lately, to make sure it doesn’t break anything?

    azaozz [15:26]
    New DFW is pretty much disabled on mobile because of the screen size

    janneke [15:26]
    azaozz: Right, I work on that. Also maybe move the button out.

    janneke [15:26]
    Yeah, it’s disabled…

    psoluch [15:26]
    joined #core

    ginsterbusch [15:27]
    @drew + @mark Hope it doesnt break a11y

    janneke [15:27]
    Don’t think so, but please test. :simple_smile:

    boren [15:28]
    A visual record of a mobile flow would demonstrate that it is indeed disabled for mobile.

    mark [15:28]
    We addressed keyboard accessibility. But please do advise if we missed something.

    azaozz [15:28]
    It doesn’t change anything for accessibility.

    mark [15:28]
    We addressed keyboard accessibility. But please do advise if we missed something.

    azaozz [15:28]
    It doesn’t change anything for accessibility.

    azaozz [15:28]
    For the UI outside of the editor

    boren [15:29]
    A feature plugin shouldn’t break mobile or accessibility the moment it lands.

    boren [15:30]
    I’m not too worried about mobile with Focus, but we don’t have a good record here and I’d like to improve it.

    azaozz [15:31]
    Ryan, right, DFW v2.0 is not loaded on mobile and on old browsers, IE < 9 (edited)

    gokejnr [15:31]
    joined #core

    boren [15:31]
    Someone tell me that with a visual record.

    boren [15:31]

    mark [15:31]
    We just need to verify that for sure. Yup.

    mark [15:32]
    I learned you can tether an iPhone and record video on its screen, so I’ll try that.

    boren [15:32]
    Screenshots would probably be good enough for mobile in this case, but cool.

    ginsterbusch [15:33]
    @mark a11y is not just about keyboard. its also eg. about folks not being able to quickly shift *their* focus (viewing field) to something else. and reading through the ticket doesnt really indicate its an automated or a “click this button to”-feature right now.

    janneke [15:33]
    The button still needs to be removed I think, but I mentioned before I’ll redo that. :simple_smile:

    Sessions UI

    #30264: Users should have a UI for managing sessions

    jorbin [15:41]
    For #30264@johnbillion is supposed to be working up a patch. I’ll check with him and if he needs help, will take over. Otherwise I think the only piece we are waiting on is the API on wordpress.org that @nacin is still working on.

    jorbin [15:42]
    User testing of the feature at WCSF only identified some enhancments we can do to make it more mobile friendly, otherwise it was very well received. Note that it still works fine, but the experience on mobile can be made better (edited)

    drew [15:43]
    @jorbin: Were there still UI concerns with the single vs many sessions problem?

    boren [15:43]
    I know it is a small feature, but this thing wasn’t really a feature plugin. It’s not in the plugin dir, the slug collides with an existing plugin, and hearing “the experience on mobile can be made better” is a bit aggravating.

    jorbin [15:44]
    Not that I know of, but if there are it seems like something we can iron out in beta

    boren [15:44]
    Iron it out before merge.

    boren [15:45]
    Otherwise these aren’t feature plugins, they’re blobs of code on github that are merged without criteria.

    nacin [15:45]
    I’m still kind of tempted to bring it in as a single “Sign out of other sessions” button with no extra UI for 4.1, and continue to play with it for 4.2.

    nacin [15:45]
    Identifying browsers and locations is no small thing.

    jorbin [15:46]
    I hate that idea. I think it adds a button without any context for people to understand “why”

    mark [15:46]
    Context could be added.

    jorbin [15:46]
    The context is the other sessions

    nacin [15:46]

    • Sign out all other sessions *

    Lost your phone? Left yourself logged in on a public computer? Need a way to sign out everywhere except your current browser? This is for you.
    [ Sign out all other sessions ]

    mark [15:46]
    Was going to point to Slack, yeah.

    drew [15:47]
    That’s also not say that you can’t just specify the number of other session without spitting out the fine-grained details.

    mark [15:47]
    And the context could additionally be “You are signed into this site in %d other locations.”

    drew [15:47]

    chriscct7 [15:47]
    Yeah I like that idea

    drew [15:48]
    Either way, I agree with @nacin that continuing to flesh out the UI/plugin for a future release might be the smartest way to go. (edited)

    nacin [15:48]
    I think an actual number is possibly more confusing, because we can’t tell them context, and would consider just showing the Slack-like UI if it’s > 1.

    jorbin [15:48]
    That seems confusing to me. %d doesn’t really help me as nacin is pointing out

    jorbin [15:48]
    ok, so is the decision that we punt?

    nacin [15:49]
    I’m not advocating punting necessarily, I just saw an opening that would allow us to provide immediate user benefit and try to further improve the overall UX and data we can provide.

    mattheweppelsheimer [15:49]
    +1 to a Slack-like explanation without %d sessions, in 4.1

    drew [15:49]
    I think punt is still up to @johnbillion, but as it is now, that would be my recommendation (in terms of the detailed UI)

    georgestephanis [15:49]
    I’d like to see some user testing sessions on the ux of it to see if / how much it is confusing to normal users.

    stephdau [15:49]
    on the +1 side too. Seems the friendliest, while addressing an immediate need.

    nacin [15:50]
    Also, I’d suggest: “If you think you were compromised, you should change your password. This will also sign you out everywhere.” (And on password change, I don’t know if we clear out all of their sessions, but we should, since they’re dead at that point.)

    jorbin [15:50]
    If we go that route, we should start capturing the UA string and other data in 4.1 so that we have less “unknowns” displayed

    drew [15:50]
    @jorbin: Can you possibly work on a patch for the alternate approach?

    nacin [15:51]
    As a replacement for %d, something like this, perhaps something like this, so as not to completely terrify them: `<small>You are signed into this site in %d other locations. This could be a different browser on your computer, your phone, or another computer.</small>”

    nacin [15:51]
    I’m not against capturing more data now.

    boren [15:51]
    This is the correct repo, yes? https://github.com/johnbillion/wp-session-manager

    Contribute to wp-session-manager development by creating an account on GitHub.

    drew [15:51]
    @boren yes

    chriscct7 [15:51]
    boren: yes

    boren [15:51]
    Last updated 23 days ago?

    jorbin [15:51]
    I can work up the alternate patch based on this discussion

    georgestephanis [15:51]
    @nacin: Or the same browser that had its cookies purged, even.

    boren [15:51]
    Not in the plugin repo.

    boren [15:51]
    Why are we even talking about it?

    chriscct7 [15:51]
    name conflict on it

    chriscct7 [15:51]
    its a feature plugin for 4.1

    georgestephanis [15:51]
    So let’s give it a different slug.

    georgestephanis [15:52]
    +lots to getting these things into the repo as early as possible.

    georgestephanis [15:52]
    Better discoverability for feature plugins would be super-handy.

    mark [15:53]
    We need guidelines for how we handle feature plugins. It’s been really haphazard, and it has affected our ability to get the features in front of a lot of people.

    jorbin [15:55]
    @johnbillion will need to make the final call, but it sounds like the decision is: Full UI will come later (and will be moved into a plugin in the plugin repositroy), I will work up a patch that adds a “Sign out everywhere else” button along with killing all other sessions on password change and capturing data for a future UI. Any objections to this plan?

    sabreuse [15:55]
    I’ve thought about session-by-session, and I agree that it feels plugin-like to me.

    sabreuse [15:55]
    But +1 for an easy “sign me out everywhere else”

    drew [15:55]
    @jorbin I think that sounds reasonable. If it’s not where we need it to be by Friday, we can wait.

    mark [15:55]
    If a feature plugin effort just results in a well-crafted plugin, that’s not a terrible outcome.

    stephdau [15:55]
    @mark @georgestephanis : we could at least use a standard prefix, to “ensure” slug uniqueness: wpf- or something

    Shiny Updates

    Smooth installation and updating of plugins and themes

    drew [15:57]
    It’s my understanding the decision was made at WCSF to go with shiny installs and leave shiny updates for later

    nacin [15:57]
    Correct. Updates can already be done in bulk, while installs cannot.
    However, all of the people most familiar with the updates code are tied up right now. Beta 1 is unlikely for what we want.

    It’s possible some stuff can be aligned by next week, and that’s up to John if he wants to accept some discrete changes.

    drew [15:58]
    @nacin: OK. So are you thinking punt for the whole thing?

    nacin [15:59]
    Right now, I’m not thinking about it. I may have a better idea come Friday.

    FS Credentials Modal

    #29820: Smooth installation and updating of plugins and themes

    #29395: Site Language: Install translations on the fly

    nacin [16:01]
    FS credentials is tied into updates/installs more than language.

    nacin [16:02]
    While it’s nice-to-have for language, if language installs can only happen with ‘direct’, I’m not going to cry.

    drew [16:02]
    Can you leave some feedback to that effect on 29395?

    nacin [16:05]
    Sure. @ocean90 is it already good to land, otherwise?

    ocean90 [16:06]
    If we can ignore the FS credentials, yes

    Taxonomy Roadmap


    #5809: Updating a term in one taxonomy affects the term in every taxonomy

    boone [16:09]
    I also created some new tickets and dug up some oldies to reflect next steps in the extended Taxonomy Journey

    drew [16:09]
    @boone: Is there a specific report where people can follow progress on that roadmap?

    drew [16:09]16:09
    Or just the Taxonomy component?

    boone [16:09]
    No. Taxonomy component is best for now.
    In the next week I’ll write up a make/core post with some updates and some thoughts about the future

    boone [16:10]
    that’ll have links to relevant tickets

    nacin [16:11]
    some of the stuff that went into this had to do with properly handling DB replication lag and such, just to give you an idea.

    mark [16:11]
    Yes, this is the equivalent of us building a rocket to go to McDonalds and then disassembling it while in flight.

    Twenty Fifteen

    drew [16:14]
    Apparently we’re looking pretty good as we approach beta.

    iandstewart [16:14]
    It’s looking pretty good
    we have one milestoned bug with expanding widgets that we’re still trying to figure out
    and there are some template tag and customizer enhancements that’d be nice to have solid
    but it’s in good shape
    @obenland: did you want to chime in on template tags?

    obenland [16:16]
    Sure. So there are only very few pieces left after a very productive few days at wcsf

    obenland [16:17]
    One is #29890 which @helen is looking at

    #29890: Make menu descriptions available to be displayed on the front-end

    obenland [16:17]
    Then we have #29808 with two proposed patches

    #29808: Post/paging navigation template tags

    obenland [16:18]
    https://core.trac.wordpress.org/attachment/ticket/29808/29808.8.diff fixing some some bugs and simplifying bits, as well as changing the screen reader text to an h2 as requested by the a11y team (edited)

    obenland [16:18]
    And https://core.trac.wordpress.org/attachment/ticket/29808/29808.9.diff which would add parity between post and comment navigation template tags (edited)
    Between 29808.9.diff and 29890 we could remove two callbacks from Twenty Fifteen
    and have a nice set of theme api improvements in 4.1

    iandstewart [16:22]
    #29988 would also be a nice improvement that depends on a few other patches outside of the theme (edited)

    #29988: Twenty Fifteen: Use JS/postMessage to update the color scheme instead of triggering a page refresh

    ocean90 [16:25]
    For the record, 29988.patch will not land in. We have new tickets for this where some are already fixed. But still needs some work. Or a review by me. (edited)

    westonruter [16:25]
    That’s right. The existing patch on 29988 is a standalone proof of concept.

    Bug Scrubs

    drew [16:27]
    We had kind of lackluster effort on the Friday bug scrubs the last couple of weeks due to WCSF/summit stuff.

    As discussed a little bit ago, I’d like to do an enhancement scrub tomorrow morning-ish to see if we can’t clear out some of those outstanding tickets. Any takers for probably 11:00 am EST tomorrow in here?

    drew [16:29]
    I guess 16:00 UTC

    Open Mic

    kraft [16:32]
    Would still love to see feedback on this UI adjustment for default categories: https://core.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/26268 :simple_smile:

    #26268: Add UI to Category page to indicate default category

    drew [16:32]
    I think @helen had some feedback on 26268 but she had to go. I’m not convinced that’s ready for primetime in terms of flow.

    chriscct7 [16:34]
    If a core committer has a couple minutes, got a running list of tickets that are ready to be committed here: https://make.wordpress.org/core/2014/11/03/open-update-thread/#comment-20901

    celloexpressions [16:35]
    #21483 would also benefit from feedback. In addition to UI and code, could use docs help from @drew, has an audio/video issue for @wonderboymusic

    #21483: Refactor Customizer Upload, Image, and Background Image controls to leverage the media library/modal

    drew [16:37]
    @celloexpressions: OK, I can take a look.

  • Drew Jaynes 7:23 pm on November 5, 2014 Permalink
    Tags: ,   

    Agenda for today’s dev chat in the #core channel on slack (November 5 2014 21:00 UTC):

    • Beta/Merge Window@johnbillion would like to extend the merge window and tagging the beta to Friday
    • Hook Recursion #17817: @jbrinley is requesting some eyes on it (likely 4.2-early). Three main issues:
      1. Is there enough unit test coverage?
      2. Does it break plugins which interact with $wp_filter and $wp_actions directly (eg accessing the nested arrays)?
      3. Does it “fix” any existing behavior which could be seen as a regression?
    • Focus #29806: Patch for editor focus v2 looks good. @markjaquith will be posting a merge request update on make/core. @johnbillion will decide whether to merge on Thurs/Fri
    • Sessions UINeeds a ticket, #30264 decision for merge will be Thurs/Fri
    • Shiny Updates #29820: Decision at WCSF was to go with shiny installs, leave shiny updates for a later release. Awaiting feedback from @pento/@nacin/@melchoyce about whether this still has a chance of getting done in time for merge
    • FS Credentials Modal #29820: Also affects #29395 (installing languages from general settings screen)
    • Taxonomy Roadmap@boone is on fire
    • Twenty Fifteen – Some discussion around smaller issues with the new template functions and color schemes, nothing that can’t be iterated upon during beta
    • Bug Scrubs – Continuing weekly bug scrubs on Friday this week, likely a mixture of a11y and 4.1 tickets
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