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  • Konstantin Obenland 12:59 pm on May 27, 2015 Permalink |
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    Dev Chat Agenda for May 27 

    Here’s the agenda for today’s Dev Chat in the #core channel on Slack.

    Time/Date: May 27 2015 20:00 UTC:

    1. #32396: Settings Reduction for 4.3
    2. Feature Updates
      1. Admin UI – @helen
      2. Multisite Admin UI – @jeremyfelt
      3. Partial Refresh – @westonruter
      4. Menu Customizer – @celloexpressions / @westonruter / @voldemortensen
      5. Passwords – @markjaquith
      6. Site Icon – @johnbillion
    3. Component Updates

    Feature Leads: Let’s review last weeks goals and set new ones for next week.

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    Dev Chat Summary, May 20 

    Agenda, Slack log.

    Committers Update (#)
    New guest committers: @iseulde, @westonruter, and @obenland, renewed guest committers: @jorbin, @jeremfelt, permanent committers: @pento, @boone, and @johnbillion
    Also see https://make.wordpress.org/core/2015/05/20/new-committers-for-4-3/

    Editor (#)
    No update here. Will discuss goals for this week and next week outside of dev chat.

    Admin UI (#)
    @helen is plugging away at some groundwork for the CSS roadmap, @stephdau should be taking a look at the first steps for list tables in the next day or so. Will discuss goals for next week in tomorrow’s UI meeting.

    Network Admin UI (#)
    They talked through aspects of the Edit Site and Add Site flows yesterday to help @hugobaeta with mock-ups. Hopeful to see a mock up of these soon. They have a couple flows in Make/Flow with more on the way. The 5s flow highlighted an issue with text inputs overflowing. There’s also an updated `WP_Network` patch.

    Things they want to have done by next week:

    • Android and iPad flows.
    • Conversation around updated `WP_Network` patch and a first attempt at `WP_Site`.

    Partial Refresh (#)
    Now has support for refreshing menus changed by Menu Customizer: https://github.com/xwp/wp-customize-partial-refresh/pull/12/files
    It’s much simpler than partial refresh for widgets, and @westonruter thinks that maybe it could safely be on by default, instead of requiring opt-in as is currently done for widgets. The concern with on-by-default would be if menus get some dynamic behaviors added to them with JS, so maybe it’s just something that theme authors would need to account for.
    Also waiting on feedback and testing from the Menu Customizer, merging the corresponding PR for Menu Customizer, to then merge the PR for Customize Partial Refresh and do a new plugin release.

    Goals for next week: Take what was done for Menus and then abstract a level again to facilitate plugins easily adding their own partial-refreshing.

    Menu Customizer (#)
    @voldemortensen, @celloexpressions
    Lazy loading and error handling were committed. Will discuss goals for next week outside of dev chat.

    Better Passwords (#)
    They’ve been working on a mockup of the password UI: http://codepen.io/markjaquith/pen/GJjZbJ
    Probably best to create a temporary hook in core for the password-set UI in the profile, to allow the team to work on this as a plugin. @markjaquith can take care of that core change, and start the plugin on GitHub.
    #32428 is on hold until the Password UI is usable. @voldemortensen started work on expiring reset keys #32429, but hopes to get it showcase-able by the end of the week. @rmarks made a first pass at #32430 but it needs more work.

    Goals for next week:
    1. Hook in core to enable plugin for PW change UI.
    2. Working version of PW change UI on the Profile screen (that is, you can change your password with it… show/hide… back compat for the pw confirmation field… not promising the strength hint stuff yet).
    3. #32430 ready for commit.
    4. Working patch for #32429.

    Favicons (#)
    @johnbillion made a start on the site favicon manager. As discussed during dev chat last week and in #16434 it has an API so plugins/themes can register new sizes for favicons/touch icons/etc if the need arises. I’ll be pushed to a GitHub repo by tomorrow. The main thing that will need to be discussed is whether this should just be a customizer setting or not. @johnbillion will post about the repository location and meeting times on this blog.

    @ocean90 is looking for feedback on #29783!

    Next chat will be on May 27 2015, 20:00 UTC

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    Dev Chat Agenda for May 20 

    Here’s the agenda for today’s Dev Chat in the #core channel on Slack.

    Time/Date: May 20 2015 20:00 UTC:

    1. Feature Updates
      1. Editor – @azaozz / @iseulde
      2. Admin UI – @helen
      3. Multisite Admin UI – @jeremyfelt
      4. Partial Refresh – @westonruter
      5. Menu Customizer – @celloexpressions / @westonruter / @voldemortensen
      6. Passwords – @markjaquith
      7. Site Icon – @johnbillion
    2. Component Updates

    Feature Leads: Let’s review last weeks goals and set new ones for next week.

    Recommended reading:

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    Dev Chat Summary, May 13 

    Agenda, Slack log.

    Editor (#)
    @azaozz has been looking at the “WordPress integration” parts the last couple of days, a lot of things that can be improved there. It removes some of the oddities, like running the post content through wpautop() before outputting it in the textarea, but only when TinyMCE is expected to be loaded, etc. @iseulde is working on the mobile toolbar and is hopeful she can get a patch ready this week. By next week’s meeting they want to have the mobile toolbar working (except in iOS), as well as #31655, #30949, and maybe #31441 in.

    Admin UI (#)
    @helen has largely been working on prepping things (tickets, examples, links, etc.) for Thursday’s UI meeting. More about the meeting (including agenda) can be found here: https://make.wordpress.org/core/2015/05/11/weekly-core-ui-meetings-for-4-3/

    Network Admin UI (#)
    Recap of Multisite office hours: https://make.wordpress.org/core/2015/05/12/multisite-office-hours-recap-may-12-2015/
    Things they want to have done by next week:

    • Mockups for the Edit Site / Add New Site improvements by @hugobaeta.
    • Having more flows posted to Make Flow for the network admin, via @sofiarose @kraft, and @ubernaut.
    • Get some decent progress on `WP_Site` and `WP_Network` with @jjj.

    Partial Refresh (#)
    Weston hopes to add initial integration between Menu Customizer and Partial Refresh this weekend. Due to client projects he’ll have to work on Concurrency _concurrently_ with Partial Refresh so he doesn’t hold up Menu Customizer. By next week Partial Refresh should be abstracted enough for the Menu Customizer to work with.

    Menu Customizer (#)
    @voldemortensen, @celloexpressions
    Now that it’s object-oriented they’re ready to start ramping up work. They’ll be going through github issues and come up with the next milestone for possibly the end of the week. By next week they’re planning on getting lazy-loading of both all menu item controls and the add-menu-item panel done, as well as better error handling for duplicate menu names and the like.

    Better Passwords (#)
    By next week, Mark wants a HTML, CSS, JS working demo of the password setting UI, and tickets for that and all other items on their hitlist. If there’s time beyond that, they could knock off one of the easier ones like notifying users of their password/e-mail changes.

    Accessibility component update (#)
    There’s been a ton of work done on the List Table class and associated areas. Joe has a set of 10 tickets with patches that he’d like to see committed by next week: #32150, #32254, #32255, #32028, #32152, #32147, #32189, #31654, #32253, #32170.

    Build tools component update (#)
    QUnit update seems to have gone off without a hitch. There are 7 npm dependencies that need to be updated. 6 are ready to go. grunt-sass needs a bit more digging in. This week, @jorbin is going to update the build tools roadmap he wrote up after WCSF and then pester a lead (likely @helen) to give it a read so that it can finally be published.
    Not exactly build related, but test related: Bug scrub identified that we don’t have any tests for nav menus, especially around the classes we add. @johnbillion has agreed to write some tests there so that we can fix all the bugs around that.

    Favicons (#)
    Support for managing favicons seems like a rudimentary thing, and its absence in core does seem odd to some. We still need plugins to handle favicon and other media icons in the admin, there is currently no good way for users to do that. We’ve been talking about adding support for a favicon manager for a long time ( #16434 ), let’s make 4.3 the release that finally adds it. @johnbillion volunteered to lead the feature for 4.3, with help from @brandondove, @kraftbj, @sofiarose, and possibly @dh-shredder.

    Next chat will be on May 20, 2000 UTC

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    Devchat Agenda for May 13 

    Here’s the agenda for tomorrow’s Dev Chat in the #core channel on Slack.

    Time/Date: May 13 2015 20:00 UTC:

    1. Feature Updates
      1. Editor – @azaozz / @iseulde
      2. Admin UI – @helen
      3. Multisite Admin UI – @jeremyfelt (if available)
      4. Partial Refresh – @westonruter
      5. Menu Customizer – @celloexpressions / @westonruter / @voldemortensen
      6. Passwords – @markjaquith
    2. Component Updates
      1. Accessibility – @joedolson
      2. Build tools – @jorbin
    3. Site Icon feature proposal – @obenland
    4. Open Floor – Looking for dev feedback on a ticket? Use this part of the meeting to let us know!

    Recommended reading:

    • Nick Halsey 3:09 pm on May 13, 2015 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      I can’t make the meeting, but regarding site icons, if that feature does happen it should really go in the Customizer. Specifically, the “Site Title & Tagline” section should be renamed to something like “Site Identity” and icons should be added there after the two existing options. Seeing as those options are all used in browser contexts (and usually, but not always in the theme for title & tagline). In the process all three options should be previewed in the browser as well as the Customizer preview, at least as well as we can (actually site title and tagline are currently previewed whenever a refresh is triggered, but many themes postMessage those, so we may want to find a way to do it directly with JS).

      Also, we should work out a way to implement the RSS feed links that can be specified for Windows 8.1 tiles alongside the various site icons that are used in that context so that all WordPress sites get automatic live tiles out of the box. See https://wordpress.org/plugins/custom-windows-pinned-tiles/. A filter to change the post type that it pulls would be nice too.

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    Dev Chat Summary, May 6th 

    Agenda, Slack log.

    Editor (#)
    Spent last week to go over the things they want to work on. @iseulde will work on the mobile editor toolbar first. They’ll milestone tickets as they get patches. For posterity and everyone who wants to follow up, the Editor game plan for 4.3 can be found here: https://make.wordpress.org/core/2015/05/01/editor-wish-list-for-4-3/

    Admin UI (#)
    Not much to talk about yet as @helen was out last week and will be out for the next few days. She will schedule a meeting for next week, likely Thursday, May 14 1700 UTC. location to be determined.

    Network Admin UI (#)
    There was a good chat about NA UI on Tuesday. First steps are documenting pain points now and move forward with tickets, etc. Multisite chat summary: https://make.wordpress.org/core/2015/05/06/multisite-office-hours-recap-may-5-2015/

    Customizer (#)
    Noteworthy from Monday’s chat is that Menu Customizer was added to the 4.3 roadmap for the Customizer, while Transactions were taken off it. No other news besides that: https://make.wordpress.org/core/2015/05/04/customizer-chat-summary/

    Better Passwords (#)
    Weekly meetings are on Mondays at 1700 UTC in #core-passwords. Right now they’re throwing ideas around, by Monday @mark wants to have gone through that and have a make/core post that outlines the major goals for this release, so they can get to work.

    Accessibility component update (#)
    The accessibility team has spent a lot of time generating tickets for tabular data, based on user feedback gathered during the 4.2 cycle. It’s about 8 tickets right now, all prefixed with “List Table:”. They have also been focusing on establishing a new heading hierarchy for the admin. Resolving the H1 issue is fairly simple, but has broad impact across the admin; should probably get this in ASAP. It shouldn’t have much impact in normal usage, but e team is unsure what kinds of edge cases might be out there. There are two separate issues: implementing H1 across pages and addressing the hierarchy within pages; @joedolson suggested to handle just the primary H1 to start, then start looking at the internal issues.

    Build tools component update (#)
    Started upgrading dev dependencies and our version of QUnit. @jorbin will finish those updates this week. People will likely need to do some npm installs to ensure they have the up to date versions.

    Next chat will be on May 13, 2000 UTC

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    Dev Chat Summary, April 29th 

    Agenda, Slack log.

    Editor (#)
    Want to concentrate on mobile improvements, especially the toolbar, other buttons around the editor, and ajax saving. @iseulde will publish a list of all items they’ll work on. We will need to test on many mobile devices in couple of weeks, so please join them in the #core-editor Slack channel where they’ll also have weekly chats on Tuesday, 20:00 UTC.

    Admin UI (#)

    1. Better responsive list tables – this involves some PHP-side API changes as well as UI work. The base thought here is that a narrow screened device is also often a mobile device, which may have limited bandwidth. That’s exactly the situation in which you don’t want to have to load more pages to see important information, and our current strategy of truncation is in direct conflict with that.
    2. Getting rid of media-new.php and exploring what a better list table+upload experience might be, both for JS and no-JS.
    3. Getting started on the admin CSS clean up roadmap @helen will be spinning up a kick off for that as well.
    4. Screen-by-screen sweep on touch and small screen devices, grabbing low-hanging fruit like “the spacing is off here” or “font sizes are inconsistent”.

    UI chats are going to be spun up again to further this effort, stay tuned for when and where.

    Network Admin UI (#)

    • Piggyback on other Admin UI improvements. The network admin often seems quite a bit behind everything else. Responsive list tables would be fantastic.
    • Start looking at network admin screens on mobile. There are many places where workflow can be reimagined. @boren has shared some great thoughts previously, let’s have more conversation around that.
    • It may be possible to start working on what a future site switcher would look like. Especially on mobile, providing context can be tough when working on a network of many sites.
    • #22383-core and #31240-core for nicer ways of creating and editing sites. Might lead to some domain/path validation, which could be useful elsewhere and help address older tickets.
    • Under the hood, significant progress on WP_NetworkWP_Site, WP_Site_Query, and maybe WP_Network_Query would be nice.

    @jeremyfelt will come up with a consumable list of 4.3 priorities by next week. Regular multisite office hours are Tuesday, 20:00 UTC in #core-multisite.

    Partial Refresh (#)
    This greatly improves performance of previewing changes in the Customizer for non-postMessage transport settings (JS-applied changes) by just refreshing the area of the page that has been changed. As such it eliminates some of the need to do postMessage in the first place, while also reducing the amount of duplicated logic that would have to be implemented in JS to mirror what is being done in PHP. This resurrects some code from the old Widget Customizer feature plugin developed for 3.9. Writeup and feature plugin are available at https://wordpress.org/plugins/customize-partial-refresh/

    Customizer Transactions (#)
    A low-level re-architecture of the Customizer plumbing that has a lot of side benefits and bugfixes, introducing some exciting possibilities for future feature plugins like scheduled settings, setting revisions, and drafted/pending settings. Partial Refresh is a dependency for this. Pull request available, but needs refresh. See proposal at https://make.wordpress.org/core/2015/01/26/customizer-transactions-proposal/. This was previously worked on for 4.2.

    Customizer office hours are on Friday, 18:00 UTC in #core-customize.

    Better Passwords (#)

    1. Make “user chooses own password” non-default. We can generate better passwords than they can, and writing as secure password down on a sticky note is in general more secure than memorizing a weak password. So the default should be “give me a new password”, and “let me choose” should be something they specifically choose.
    2. When the use is generating their own password, we should encourage strong passwords more forcefully. Right now we just have a meter. We don’t tell them why it’s “weak”. We don’t tell them how to fix that. Simple feedback like “too short — add more characters!”, “Try adding some numbers and symbols!”. Not only that, we could actually make the addition for them. Show them their password attempt with some additions that would make it better.
    3. In order to help the user modify their chosen password, we need it to be visible. If they click “hide”, they can input it hidden for an “over shoulder” situation. Also gets rid of the annoying “enter twice” thing.
    4. Let’s not send passwords via e-mail anymore, it’s insecure. We’re not getting around “full access to e-mail means you can reset”, but we can stop passwords from sitting around in e-mail accounts forever.

    Discussions will happen in #core-passwords. Time and day for regular meetings TBA.

    Open Floor (#)

    @jorbin has set up a Call for Tickets. Please feel free to add the tickets you want to work in the comments there.

    • tronic69 7:12 am on April 30, 2015 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Because I have no invite for wordpress@slack I will write my comments for #core-passwords here. Maybe someone can move it to Slack.

      1) Making a system-generated password default looks like paternalism for me and many people 😉
      A lot of people use strong passwords and password safes (e.g. KeePass or Lastpass).

      2) It would be nice to have settings for password complexity (like which classes have to be used, 3 out of 4 classes).

      3) The reverse option would be better and more secure: password is invisible during input and then you can check no one is watching you before you click “show”!
      More and more Apps, browser extensions or website do it this way in the last months.

      4) I see here two well-known procedures which are known and used by users since years for password reset:
      A: A “one time password” (valid only some hours) is send to the user and he has to change it on next login.
      B: A “password reset link” is send to the user which allows just setting a new password and nothing else!
      Both ways should be valid only for some hours to secure only the user can check them quickly.

      Just my 2 cent 😉

    • Ryan Boren 5:17 pm on April 30, 2015 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Better passwords: I really like having show/hide, but it can interfere with password manager form filling since enabling show/hide changes the input type from password to text. Is there a way to show/hide that gets along with password manager password filling?


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    WordPress 4.3 Kickoff 

    First I’d like to thank @drewapicture for his outstanding work in 4.2! I was particularly impressed with his ability to keep meetings on track and in time, I’ll work on making sure that won’t change going forward. :) A lot of the structure and artifacts he put in place have been proven quiet successful and I’d like to continue that, so you shouldn’t see too much change in that regard either.

    Release Date

    We’re aiming to release on Tuesday, August 18th. The 4.3 schedule is live and can be found here: https://make.wordpress.org/core/version-4-3-project-schedule/

    Deadlines are not arbitrary, and with your help I fully intend to get this version shipped comfortably on the 18th. Past releases have been quite good about releasing on time, let’s make that a signature trait of the WordPress project!


    WordPress 4.3 will be all about enabling users of touch and small-screen devices. @ryan has been testing flows on a myriad of different devices the past few releases and uncovered many things that desperately need attention.

    @joedolson has published a post over on make/accessibility about a11y priorities.

    If you see anything that sparks your interest feel free to leave a comment here and attend the kickoff meeting tomorrow, when we go through the list of things that were suggested. Specifically, Admin UI can will need a lot of hands. The meeting will also be a good time to suggest additional areas that you want to work on.


    We’ll kick 4.3 off with a 2-hour meeting in #core at the usual time, April 29, 20:00 UTC.

    • sara cannon 7:55 pm on April 28, 2015 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Excited for this release! I would love to help out with the Network Admin UI

    • Dave Navarro, Jr. 7:58 pm on April 28, 2015 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Would like to see an update of the AUDIO shortcode as well to pull the title text from the audio file and display it.

      Really excited for the Shortcake stuff, hope it makes it.

    • Nick Halsey 9:51 pm on April 28, 2015 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      I have several ideas for continuing to work on themes in the Customizer building on 4.2. Would like to aim for adding theme install in 4.3, which would require a shiny install process, and shiny updates could work into that well too. I won’t be able to get started on that for a couple weeks, but should have a functional and tested proposal together well before the scheduled decision time.

      Along with the other mobile and touch improvements, I’d really like to see the much-needed Customizer UI design changes happen as well, hopefully we can pick back up with #31336 soon cc @folletto @designsimply.

      FYI, as is usually the case, I won’t be able to make most dev chats again this cycle.

    • aradams 10:07 pm on April 28, 2015 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Hello All,

      I am not part of Make, just a WP user & designer. I have watched the unfurling of the New Editor saga over at WP.com and am concerned that there might be movement to implement that Editor to replace “Classic” editor for self-hosted WP. Could someone speak to that? I would be most grateful.

      • Konstantin Obenland 2:28 am on April 29, 2015 Permalink | Log in to Reply

        There are no plans that I’m aware of.

      • James Huff (MacManX) 5:27 am on April 29, 2015 Permalink | Log in to Reply

        You can use the new editor at WordPress.com for your self-hosted WordPress.org blog already if you have the Jetpack plugin installed and its Manage module active. Note that you’ll actually be using the new editor *on* WordPress.com, and can continue to use your WordPress.org blog’s Dashboard and “classic” editor as normal.

        Considering that WordPress.com and Jetpack are both products of Automattic Inc, and WordPress(.org) is not, I’m pretty sure there will be no deeper integration or replacement.

    • Pete Nelson 10:59 pm on April 28, 2015 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Just a couple of patches waiting for that sweet, sweet commit: #31813 #31029

    • Stephen Edgar 11:49 pm on April 28, 2015 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Admin UI – In #26311 I added a patch to make the “export admin screen” more responsive, I did this by replicating existing functionality from other admin screens, turns out these screens use tables, details of who, what and where tables are used in admin screens is also listed in that ticket.

    • mrjarbenne 3:50 am on April 29, 2015 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      It would be great to see this attended to: https://core.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/29606. Still can’t re-order gallery images on mobile (on iOS at least)

    • Max 7:37 am on April 29, 2015 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      I am not sure if that relates to Admin UI but #12706 is something which has been flowing around for a very long time without getting any closer to being fixed…

    • Ryan Boren 9:31 am on April 29, 2015 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      The touch bug I most want to see fixed is #29906. It is lingering desktop bias that fouls important toolbar flow.

    • leemon 12:45 pm on April 29, 2015 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      https://core.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/22938 – Presentation of hierarchical taxonomy in Media modal should be checkboxes rather than comma-separated tag list

    • Torsten Landsiedel 1:13 pm on April 29, 2015 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      It would be really great to fix https://core.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/28303 in 4.3. I know this is a problem just for a bunch of languages, but files being overwritten is always a big problem and people are complaining in our local forums.

    • Ryan Boren 7:47 pm on April 29, 2015 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Perennial wish, retire media-new.php.


      Seems like most of the work would be hooking the media addition ui from the grid view into the list view with some row insertion ajax. The list view would also need to become a full screen drop target like grid view.

    • pingram3541 8:07 pm on April 29, 2015 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Would love to see the ability for nesting multiple shortcodes of the same name. Many themes and plugins could benefit, especially when building grids and nesting columns etc. The logic is fairly simple but there is no way to filter this currently.

      Another thing I’d love to see is the ability to define query “orderby” based on multiple meta_key, meta_values, currently you can pass an array to order by a single meta_value + any of the other orderby arguments but not 2 or more meta_keys.

    • Weston Ruter 9:59 pm on April 29, 2015 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      My proposals as I’ve also blogged:

      Customizer Partial Refresh
      This greatly improves performance of previewing changes in the Customizer for non-postMessage transport settings (JS-applied changes) by just refreshing the area of the page that has been changed. As such it eliminates some of the need to do postMessage in the first place, while also reducing the amount of duplicated logic that would have to be implemented in JS to mirror what is being done in PHP. This resurrects some code from the old Widget Customizer feature plugin developed for 3.9. Writeup and feature plugin are available.

      Customizer Transactions
      A low-level re-architecture of the Customizer plumbing that has a lot of side benefits and bugfixes, introducing some exciting possibilities for future feature plugins like scheduled settings, setting revisions, and drafted/pending settings. Partial Refresh is a dependency for this. Pull request available, but needs refresh. See proposal.

      Customizer Concurrency/Locking
      This is an important one for a client project I’m involved with, and so I’m having to prioritize it. I’m working on a client site that will have many users in the Customizer at a time, and given the way the Customizer is currently implemented (as with most areas of WP), there is no concurrency/locking support. So I’m working on adding locking at the control/setting level. See #31436.

    • RENAUT 11:31 pm on April 29, 2015 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      what about reviewing all the mails send by wordpress ?

  • Morgan Estes 12:43 pm on April 19, 2015 Permalink |
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    WordPress Core Weekly 

    Howdy! Sorry, I dropped the ball last week so this week’s Weekly Roundup is a double issue — it covers April 4, 2015 [32003] to April 18, 2015 [32140].

    This week marks the release of RC1, which is the first release that many plugin authors and beta testers will test heavily. If you don’t already, now is a good time to check out the Alpha/Beta forums for any issues that crop up during this testing cycle.

    We’re only days away from the release of 4.2; let’s finish strong! 🏃👏 Here’s the rundown of recent changes:


    • Update to 4.1.9+. Changes:
      • Fixed bug where extra empty paragraphs would get deleted in WebKit/Blink due to recent Quriks fix.
      • Fixed bug where the editor wouldn’t work properly on IE 12 due to some required browser sniffing.
      • Fixed bug where formatting shortcut keys where interfering with Mac OS X screenshot keys. [32058] #31895
    • Disable the wp-autoresize plugin in iOS. All iframes there are already expanded to the height of the content document. [32095] #31937
    • Update the “Keyboard Shortcuts” modal. [32060] #29558
    • Fix our shortcuts on Mac, use Ctrl + Opt + letter. [32059] #29558
    • Use window.twemoji directly in the wpemoji plugin. Gives a chance to the browser to lazy load twemoji.js when reloading the page. [32142] #31901
    • Remove the empty paragraph that sometimes is left over after adding an image caption. [32141] #32003


    • Remove selected views when inserting content but not when loading all content, and remove the ref. to the selected view node on resetting the views. [32140] #31998
    • Resize sandbox iframes on load. [32056] #31480
    • Empty the content in the timeout, so it doesn’t render iframes twice. [32022] #31669

    Build/Test Tools

    • During PHPUnit tests, don’t autodetect permalink structure during WP installation. [32139] #31994
    • Move the built media JS files up a directory to their previous location and naming convention. [32125] #31912 (see [31373])
    • Don’t reference underscore.js source map. [32065] #31477


    • WordPress 4.2-RC1 [32137] [32138]
    • Use HTTPS URLs for codex.wordpress.org. [32116] #27115
    • Explain all placeholders in translator comment, not just the first one. [32111] #31675
    • Ensure post title input is not shortened for non-public post types. [32071] #30968
    • Improve handling of incomplete From and Content-Type headers in wp_mail(). [32070] #30266
    • wpLink: always show the URL field at the top. [32017] #28206
    • Force default avatar for HiDPI avatars on Discussion Settings. [32129] #31972

    Translation and Strings

    • Merge strings that describe the same command. [32078] #31776
    • Update placeholder for FTP credentials. [32077] #31922
    • After [31941], use the decoupled strings from wp-admin/network/themes.php in wp-admin/network/site-themes.php as well. [32029] #28502
    • Correct grammar when referring to “a user” vs “an user” in several places. [32025] #31894


    Emoji and Smilies

    • Tweak which smiley matches which emoji. [32105] [32107] #31709
    • Update our few remaining smilies to better align with Twemoji, and add frownie.png until Twemoji provides a build containing it. [32104] #31709
    • The emoji JS files should be run through the script_loader_src filter, as they would be if they were registered scripts. [32097] #31938
    • Tidy up the wp_encode_emoji() regex, and clarify the function comment on Unicode 8 support. [32096]
    • Remove an errant / in Twemoji URLs. [32024] #31893
    • Remove executable bit from smilies. [32109] #31709


    • Twenty Fourteen: update editor styles to better account for adaptive images in small screens. [32094] #31934
    • Twenty Fifteen: update editor styles to better account for adaptive images in small screens. [32090] #31934
    • Theme Compat: Make string translatable and add translator comments. Added in [31941]. [32084] #28502, #31921
    • Move initialization of $customizeSidebar to api.ThemesSection.initialize() to prevent cases where the result can be undefined. [32119] #31793
    • Translator comment should just reference placeholder numbers, not the actual placeholders. [32112] #31675
    • Tell developers how to correctly silence register_sidebar() notices. [32110] #31675


    Theme Switcher

    • Fix some esoteric breakage in iOS Safari. [32103] #31794
    • Don’t deactivate section on empty search results. [32083] #31889
    • Remove “Add New” reference from customize-controls.js. [32004] #31837
    • Use text input for the search field to prevent double tap issues for Preview and Customize buttons on iOS. [32127] #31794
    • Don’t re-render a theme control if it has already been rendered.
    • Lazy load theme screenshots. [32088] #31793
    • Fix tabbing order if section is open. [32087] #31289
    • Fix preview URL for subfolder installs. [32086] #31896

    Shiny Updates

    • Disable shiny updates from modal based on parent window [32082] #31739
    • Fix logic for details based shiny updates. [32080] #31739
    • Disable modal initiated shiny updates on wp-admin/update-core.php. [32067] #31739
    • Use dashes instead of dots as separator for jQuery events in shiny updates . is used for namespaces, so better to use dashes. [32063] #31819
    • Trigger events upon the completion of a shiny update. [32061] #31819
    • Remove Shiny Bulk Updates. Bulk updates don’t need to be ajaxified so let’s revert. [32053] #31770, #29820
    • Conditionally add AYS to leaving shiny updates. [32052] #31769
    • Enable users to initiate a shiny update from plugin detail modal. [32062] #31739


    • Don’t allow whitespace-only image captions from the Media modal. [32079] #21848
    • Fix focus and selected state for the selected attachments set. [32072] #31898
    • Rename get_media_embedded_in_content_allowed filter tomedia_embedded_in_content_allowed_types. [32113] #26675
    • Bring back spinners, now without bouncing select elements. [32101] #22839, #30725
    • Fix the media modal Insert into post button on narrow screens by limiting the width of .media-toolbar-primary and .media-toolbar-secondary only inside .attachments-browser (the top toolbar). [32121] #31908
    • Insert from URL: Make sure the link text is actually used. [32055] #29476
    • Make sure the spinner in the media modal is visible on narrow screens (without affecting the media grid). [32120] #30725

    Build Tools

    • Don’t override minified libraries included in core. [32066] #31477


    • Remove unnecessary inline @see tags from a variety of parameter and return descriptions in wp-includes/wp-db.php. [32050] #31888
    • Remove unnecessary inline @see tags from the wpdb::process_field_charsets()DocBlock. [32049] #31888
    • Add a missing return description for has_header_image(). [32048] #31888
    • Fix a variety of inline documentation syntactical issues in wp-includes/taxonomy.php. [32047] #31888
    • Add a missing @access tag to the DocBlock for the WP_Meta_Query->$clauses property. Also adds a missing return description for WP_Meta_Query::get_clauses(). [32044] #31888
    • Add a variety of missing descriptions and fix syntax for wp_scripts(),_wp_scripts_maybe_doing_it_wrong(), and wp_script_add_data(). [32040] #31888
    • Remove an unnecessary inline @see tag and document the $wpdb global in two WP_Comment_Query methods. [32038] #31888
    • Add missing parameter and return descriptions to WP_Customize_Widgets->filter_customize_dynamic_setting_args(). [32036] #31888
    • Add parameter and return descriptions for WP_Customize_Widgets->get_setting_type(). [32035] #31888
    • Add missing @access tags to two DocBlocks in WP_Customize_Setting. [32034] #31888
    • Document the $theme property in WP_Customize_Themes_Section. Also adds a missing@access tag to the DocBlock for WP_Customize_Themes_Section->render(). [32033] #31888
    • Cleanup DocBlock syntax, add a missing parameter description for WP_Customize_Manager->set_post_value(). [32031] #31888
    • Add inline doc syntax fixes for WP_Customize_Manager->doing_ajax(). Also adds a return description. [32030] #31888
    • Add documentation for the $type and $theme properties in WP_Customize_Theme_Control. Also add some missing @access tags to various DocBlocks. [32028] #31888
    • Fix description alignment for the category_css_class filter docs. [32026] #31888
    • Add documentation for the $type, $mime_type, and $button_labels properties in WP_Customize_Media_Control. [32023] #31888
    • Clarify the DocBlock summary and parameter description forwp_edit_attachments_query_vars(). [32019] #31888
    • Add proper descriptions for the @global and @param tags in the wp_media_attach_action() DocBlock. [32018] #31888
    • Clarify the DocBlock description for wp_print_request_filesystem_credentials_modal(). [32016] #31888
    • Clarify 4.2.0 changelog entry, add global description to the DocBlock for WP_Users_List_Table->single_row(). [32015] #31888
    • Add missing @since versions from a variety of methods in WP_Press_This. [32014] #31888
    • Add missing DocBlocks for the _limit_array(), _limit_string(), _limit_url(),_limit_img(), _limit_embed(), and _process_meta_entry() utility methods in WP_Press_This. [32013] #31888
    • Add a return description to the DocBlock for WP_Posts_List_Table->is_base_request(). [32009] #31888
    • Add an @see mention for Plugin_Upgrader, plus spacing to the wp_ajax_update_plugin()delcaration. [32006] #31888
    • Add a more descriptive function summary for options_discussion_add_js(). [32005] #31888
    • Fix Docblock syntax for the taxonomy_parent_dropdown_args filter. [32003] #31888
    • Add a missing return description for wp_styles(). [32041] #31888
    • wp_install_maybe_enable_pretty_permalinks() should have a consistent @return value. [32027] #6481, #31888


    • All strings are available for translation. [32132] [32135] [32136] #31929
    • Change the subhead strings on credits.php and freedoms.php to match about.php.
    • Link the Emoji Codex article in the emoji blurb.
    • Add a second sentence to the JavaScript Accessibility blurb.
    • Switch positions for the JavaScript Accessibility and Complex Query Ordering sections for balance. [32131] #31929
    • Update about page for 4.2. [32118] [32123] [32130] #31929


    • Move wp-plugin-update-success event to after lock is released [32133] #31978, #31819
    • Use named function instead of anonymous function, making it testable and replaceable. [32126] #31964
    • When dbDelta() is checking whether an index is defined in a CREATE TABLE statement, don’t worry if MySQL has a subpart defined on an index, but the CREATE TABLE doesn’t. [32108] #31869

    Script Loader

    Press This

    • Do not show the bookmarklet upgrade notice when accessing directly press-this.php. [32122] #31968
    • Add mb_strlen() compatibility function. Works the same way as the existing mb_substr() compatibility function. [32114] #31951
    • Check the bookmarklet version and add the update notice from PHP. [32106] #31942
    • Add ARIA attributes to the alerts container. [32102] #31942
    • Fix focusing the Standard Editor link after saving draft, if the user has not focused another element. [32098] #31923
    • Change the link text to Standard Editor. [32093] #31923
    • When saving a draft change the text of the Save Draft button to “Saving…” [32092] #31923
    • Update documentation for press_this_save_redirect filter after [31992]. [32143] #31996


    • wp_update_term() should check if get_term() returned null. [32117] #31954
    • Avoid an unexpected object error when syncing global terms. Pass the expected single value, rather than object, when recursively calling global_terms(). [32064] #31914, #31149


    Thanks to @adamsilverstein, @afercia, @awbauer, @azaozz, @boonebgorges, @DavidAnderson, @dimadin, @dlh, @DrewAPicture, @ericlewis, @hauvong, @helen, @hugobaeta, @iseulde, @jamescollins, @jeremyfelt, @joemcgill, @joen, @johnbillion, @jorbin, @kraftbj, @lancewillett, @markjaquith, @mattheu, @Michael-Arestad, @mindrun, @morganestes, @nacin, @nitkr, @obenland, @ocean90, @pavelevap, @pento, @peterwilsoncc, @samuelsidler, @SergeyBiryukov, @siobhan, @sirbrillig, @slobodanmanic, @swissspidy, @tmatsuur, @Tmeiste, @tyxla, @valendesigns, @westonruter, and @wonderboymusic for their contributions!

  • Drew Jaynes 3:26 pm on April 8, 2015 Permalink |
    Tags: ,   

    Dev Chat Agenda, April 8, 2015 

    Here’s the agenda for Wednesday’s Dev Chat in the #core channel on Slack.

    • Beta 4 was tagged last week as scheduled and we’re heading toward tagging Release Candidate 1 this week.
    • The hard string freeze is targeted to coincide with tagging RC1 this week, so we need to wrap any remaining tickets with strings, including the About page ticket (#31929).

    Time/Date: Wednesday 21:00 UTC 2015:


    1. Task/Enhancements Review [List]
    2. RC1 Scrub – About 15 tickets remain on Report 6

    No Open Floor this week – Due to time constraints, we won’t be holding an open floor period during the regularly-scheduled dev chat this week. If you have a ticket on the 4.2 milestone you’d like to get dev feedback on, leave a note in the comments.

    4.2 Release Progress
    • Beta 1
      • Punt/convert all non-essential enhancements to tasks
    • Beta 2 (120 tickets on Report 6)
      • Get first run of FTP credentials modal in trunk
    • Beta 3 (90 tickets on Report 6)
      • Start finishing up tickets with string changes
      • Start About page
    • Beta 4 (50 tickets on Report 6)
      • Soft string freeze (all string changes completed save for the About page)
      • Start finishing up the About page
    • RC 1 (0 tickets on Report 6)
      • About page finished
      • Hard string freeze
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