Commit Promotions

Jon Cave, who many of you know as duck_, is now a permanent committer, joining core developers @koopersmith and @dd32. He has been a guest committer for the last three WordPress cycles, and continues to grace all of us with great code and a sharp eye for both code review and security (he’s often found on Trac cleaning up my messes). He’s also a great guy and always willing to help. Twitter: @joncave.

Helen Hou-Sandí, who now simply goes by helen on Trac (and in WordCamp San Francisco keynotes), is now a guest committer for WordPress 3.6! She’s a committer with a focus area — front-end dev. She’s made a tremendous impact to WordPress core over the last year, working hard on the user interface, CSS, and accessibility, and running weekly meetings in #wordpress-ui. And, her code is pitch-perfect. (See what I did there, I made a music joke, since she’s also a collaborative pianist who studied at the Eastman School.) Twitter: @helenhousandi.

Congrats, both of you.

WordPress 3.5 RC6 is out Please if you…

WordPress 3.5 RC6 is out. Please, if you can (and earlier the better), hammer on TinyMCE with the most ridiculous object and embed tags you can find, and anything HTML5. (Here’s a zip for the nightly build.)

What’s important in RC6? After a good first attempt last week (#22790), we took another stab (#22842) at fixing TinyMCE’s handling of, well, ridiculous object and embed tags. Our goal right now is to ensure that nothing breaks in 3.5 that worked in 3.4.2. So, go find your best embed spaghetti* and make sure nothing breaks.**

  • Very easy to test: Go to the “Text “tab, paste something in, head to the Visual tab, confirm things don’t look broken, head back to the “Text” tab, see if it looks mangled, head back to Visual, confirm things don’t look broken. Remember, we are looking for regressions, so also check 3.4.2 to see if it occurs there.

** Breaks means the embed disappears in whole or part, or there’s a JavaScript error, or your computer starts smoking. Whitespace and other HTML changes do/will happen (contents may settle during shipping). Of course, your content should never be damaged, as that’s just no fun.

What happened to the last two RCs? We generally try to do a “soft” or “silent” RC at the very end of a cycle. We’re confident we’ve gotten the testing it needs, but we’d like to enter a 24-hour period where there are no more changes to trunk. Having a cleaner version number provides for a good line in the sand, and can help in case some blocker bug report comes in. Of course this time, we’ve stuttered a few times. TinyMCE hell was RC4. A few final changes on Friday (after we decided to not release) resulted in RC5. And the second round of TinyMCE hell is RC6.

This also means our new target is Tuesday, December 11. We’ll again convene at 10 a.m. Eastern to see if the winds are blowing in our direction. (Even NASA needs good weather.)

And hey, on the bright side:

#3-5, #tinymce

Please suggest items for the Wednesday September 26…

Please suggest items for the Wednesday, September 26, dev chat.

Suggested reading: Countdown to 3.5 Beta 1 and Timeline for Twenty Twelve 1.0.

Updated. Agenda topics based on the comment thread:

  • #21951 – Twenty Twelve – Conditionals in one template versus more templates but less logic
  • #21101 – get_comments() – comment_approved versus status
  • #18302 – theme_uri() with child theme inheritance
  • #22002 – Plugin favorites via the plugin installer screen

An incomplete list of things that need to land before beta 1:

  • Welcome screen v2
  • Color picker (even if it is the initial pass; we can follow up after with @mattwiebe’s changes)
  • Retina spinners (more likely people can find bugs)
  • Page on front UI
  • Multisite in a subdirectory


Suggest agenda items for September 5 chat

Please suggest agenda items for today’s chat. We will be going over every 3.5 project and task today, to decide if our time and energy is best allocated across what remains on the table.

#3-5, #agenda