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  • Morgan Estes 9:50 pm on February 19, 2015 Permalink |
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    WordPress Core Weekly 

    Hello everyone, and welcome to this installment of the WP Weekly Roundup! This edition covers February 11th, 2015 [31411] through February 18h, 2015 [31478].

    Right at the top of the list: the release of 4.1.1 rolled out Wednesday. You can read the changelog for full details, but here’s the overview.

    WordPress 4.1.1

    • Tag 4.1.1 [31478]
    • Bump $tinymce_version in the 4.1 branch. [31477]
    • Remove errant string. [31475]
    • About: Add changelog for 4.1.1. [31474]
    • Add SVN eol-style = native where missing. [31471]
    • Add eol-style property and normalize EOLs. [31470]
    • Bump 4.1.1 version numbers & dates. [31431]


    • Revert [31198] from the 4.1 branch, as it is an incomplete fix that introduces more problems than the tiny issue it was attempting to solve. [31468] #30725
    • Don’t try to read a non-existent Exif:Title tag in wp_read_image_metadata(), as it’s not a part of the Exif standard. [31462] #31043
    • Fix the display of Audio and Video in the Media Library when using IE8 and below. [31444] #31058
    • Prevent IE9 and lower displaying the download file dialogue when attempting to upload using the html4 Plupload handler. [31429] [31430] #31037


    • Fire nodeChanged when an embedded iframe is resized so we can adjust the editor height and other UI components. Props iseulde, [31466] #30646
    • Ensure the image toolbar stays visible when the image is much wider than the editor. Merges [31362] to the 4.1 branch. [31437] #30696
    • Select the iframe element by id. Needed as some browser extensions insert extra elements in the page. Merges [31180] to the 4.1 branch. [31436] #30785

    Bundled Themes


    • Add inline documentation to clarify the reasoning behind the various conditions that control how WP is loaded. [31463] #30935
    • Improve ‘orderby’ syntax for WP_Comment_Query[31467] #31045, #30478, #31265
    • Replace hardcoded usage of comment-page with the comment pagination base. [31459] #18084
    • Respect ‘default_option’ filters during early sanity checks in add_option() and update_option()[31473] #31047
    • Add $expiration as a parameter to the pre_set_transient_{$transient}filter. [31414] #30576
    • Restore PHP 5.2 to Travis CI. [31472] #31244
    • Return a WP_Error if an empty name is provided when registering a post type. [31450] #31134
    • Posts list table: Add a filter to disable the months dropdown. [31438] #30254
    • In paginate_links(), don’t override custom format arguments when setting up default ‘add_args’. [31433] #30831
    • Avoid a PHP Warning when add_args is passed as false to paginate_links(). [31432] #30831


    • Remove margin for hidden controls. [31460] #31330
    • Don’t focus new widgets if they are added programmatically. [31428] #31295
    • Escape Customizer links in the admin menu. Fix usage of add_query_arg(). [31427] #30952
    • Restore showing a login form inside the previewer if an user is logged out. Broken since [31370]. [31421] #31294
    • Widgets: Add return param for widgets admin page to the “Manage in Customizer” link. [31420] #30888
    • Improve [31252] to show the move-widget buttons only if there is more than one rendered sidebar. [31419] #30690


    • More careful type conversion in WP_Query is_*() methods. [31458] #24674
    • Add tests for some of WP_Query‘s sticky post logic. [31439] #27282


    • Remove title attributes from ‘About WordPress’, ‘Add New’, and ‘My Account’ items. [31456] #31324
    • Add a label for search field on front-end. [31455] #31323
    • Use require_once() to prevent a fatal error if _wp_admin_bar_init() is called twice. [31411] #31287


    • Provide a secondary sort order for wp_get_archives() when type=postbypost[31452] #30480
    • Update the default admin color scheme for more unity and refinement.
      This removes the red channel from blues and cools the grays a bit for a more cohesive and purposeful color scheme. [31422] #31234


    • Return a WP_Error if an empty name is provided when registering a taxonomy. [31449] #31135
    • Split shared taxonomy terms on term update.
      When updating an existing taxonomy term that shares its term_id with another term, we generate a new row in wp_terms and associate the updated term_taxonomy_id with the new term. This separates the terms, such that updating the name of one term does not change the name of any others. #5809

    Networks and Sites

    • Use get_admin_url() to get the correct My Sites URL without calling switch_to_blog() directly. [31448] #31314
    • Create the My Sites URL in the context of a user’s primary site.
      Switch to the user’s primary (or active) site before creating the My Sites URL. This previously linked to the current site’s dashboard, even if a user was not a member of that site. [31445] #31314


    • Use correct default values for some admin template functions. [31446] #31308
    • Rename unused argument and remove obsolete global in iframe_header(). [31443] #31309
    • _list_meta_row() should always return a string. [31442] #31310
    • Terminate JS statements in two admin files. [31440] #31311
    • Move the (recently added) .notice admin notices below the first H2, same as the .updated and .error notices. Merges [31023] to the 4.1 branch. [31434] #30885
    • Admin menu: Ensure top level menu item keeps hover color when hovering over or focusing on the submenu. [31424] #31275
    • Introduce a logout_redirect filter so the redirect destination can be changed when a user logs out. [31417] #27617


    • Use RegEx instead of DOMDocumentwhen protecting <pre> tags in WP_oEmbed::_strip_newlines(). It is incredibly difficult to maintain character encoding and whitespace when parsing viaDOMDocument. [31423] #31214
    • After [31415], make sure str_replace() only occurs once for each matched tag to avoid overwriting until <pre>s. [31416] #31214
    • Protect <pre> tags when parsing oEmbed responses in WP_oEmbed::_strip_newlines() in DOMDocument is available. [31415] #31214
    • oEmbed discovery fails on encoded link URLs: decode HTML chars in the HTML-encoded URLs that are returned. [31413] #31213

    Dev Chat Notes

    The merge period for Feature Plugins has opened. The two candidates, Customizer Theme Switcher and the revamped Press This were both approved and will be “shepherded” in over the next week.

    Also discussed were the possible switch in build tools from CSSJanus to RTLCSS (#31332), using the button element for buttons (instead of <a href="#">) and recruiting release leads for 4.3 and 4.4, with a reminder that this isn’t necessarily a developer position.

    Yeah, so, the leads are already thinking about who might lead 4.3 and 4.4. The goal was always to announce these ahead of time, and hopefully see overlap with releases, but if nothing else, the release lead for next major +n can be looking at feature plugins, tracking them, pushing them, etc.

    With 4.3 starting development in less than 3 months, now would be the time to throw your hat into the ring. I think, ideally, there is an announcement before 4.2 hits beta. This wouldn’t be about doing nothing for the next 3 months, but already getting started in terms of laying the groundwork.

    If you are interested in leading a release in 2015, now would be the time to say something. Same if you are interested in helping to lead a release in 2015.

    Tickets needing a look

    These tickets were specifically mentioned by developers looking for assistance or an extra set of eyes:

    • #31218: nav-menu.js menu item added event
    • #27282: WP_Query returns more results when there are sticky posts
    • #17817: do_action/apply_filters/etc. recursion on same filter kills underlying call
    • #31332: RTL CSS generation: Switch from CSSJanus to RTLCSS
    • #23367: Remove message parameters from admin URl’s in the browser address bar
    • #31233: Dismissable admin notices
    • #31251: Show username in wp_dropdown_users when deleting users, not display name
    • #22768: EXIF/IPTC captions should populate caption/post_excerpt on upload, not description/post_content

    Thanks to @adamsilverstein, @afercia, @azaozz, @barrykooij, @boonebgorges, @boonebgorges, @clifgriffin, @cweiske, @danielbachhuber, @dd32, @dlh, @DrewAPicture, @GregLone, @helen, @herbmillerjr, @hugobaeta, @Idealien, @ipm-frommen, @iseulde, @jdgrimes, @jeremyfelt, @johnbillio, @johnbillion, @johnjamesjacoby, @jorbin, @lancewillett, @mattheweppelsheimer, @mboynes, @melchoyce, @mgibbs18, @MikeHansenM, @morganestes, @nacin, @netweb, @norcross, @nunomorgadinho, @obenland, @ocean90, @r-a-y, @SergeyBiryukov, @simonwheatley, @sippis, @stevehickeydesign, @tywayne, @tyxla, @webord, @westonruter, and @wonderboymusic for their contributions!

  • Pascal Birchler 3:31 pm on February 11, 2015 Permalink |
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    WordPress Core Weekly 

    Hi Everyone!

    It’s time for another run-down of what’s going on in WordPress core. This edition covers February 3rd, 2015 [31332] through February 11th, 2015 [31410].

    Quick info: If you’re interested in helping out with these updates, comment below, or ping @mike on Slack! There’s a dedicated #core-weekly-update channel and you can even use a super cool script to parse the logs.

    Without further ado:


    • Improve the Customize experience on mobile. [31384] #28784
    • Introduce an API to create WP_Customize_Settings for dynamically-created settings. [31370] #30936


    • Replace $.post() calls with wp.ajax.post(), and clean up a bunch of the now unnecessary code. [31409] #29820
    • Use a positive wording for translations update notice. [31368] #28199
    • If the current user is not allowed to install/update plugins, we should return a JSON error, so it can be used by the JS handlers. [31335] #29820
    • Add capability checks to the ajax callbacks, to ensure the current user is allowed to install/update plugins. [31334] #29820
    • Add ajax-y updates to the plugin list page, and ajax-y updates and installs to the plugin card page. [31333] #29820
    • Updates: Display plugin update rows even for plugins which are not hosted by WordPress.org or the HTTP request times out on. [31382] #29583, #30767


    • oEmbed discovery fails on XHTML head links, adjust the regex to not match /. [31407] #31212



    • Replace generic “Dear user” greeting in email notifications with a more personalized one. [31403] #31217
    • Update body class when switching between admin color schemes. [31400] #30488
    • Avoid inadvertent stomping of the original $args parameter passed to plugins_api_result and themes_api_result filters in plugins_api() andthemes_api(), respectively. [31363] #29079


    • Switch to a string placeholder, as number_format_i18n() returns a string. [31402] #26553
    • Use _n() in comments_popup_link() when setting the default string to display if there are more than one comment. [31401] #26553
    • Use screen reader text instead of a title attribute in comments_popup_link. [31388] #26553


    • Don’t parse empty tax_input keys in edit_post(). [31392] #30615
    • Remove unnecessary array_shift() usage in get_terms() for better performance. [31365] #31182
    • Parse non-hierarchical tag input into term IDs before sending to wp_insert_post(). [31359] #30615
    • Update the DocBlock for wp_dropdown_categories() to reflect that the entire $args parameter array is optional instead of individual arguments. [31357] #30306
    • Use field-specific sanitization in WP_Tax_Query::transform_query(). [31346] #27810


    • WPDB: If a site is using the utf8 charset, and their version of MySQL supports utf8mb4, auto-upgrade them to utf8mb4. [31349] [31351] [31354] [31358] [31391] #21212
    • WPDB: The mysqli_query() call in wpdb::set_charset() had the parameters the wrong way around. [31374]


    • Add orderby=meta_value_num support to WP_User_Query. [31369] #27887
    • Remove leading space from the definition of a global cache group. This only applied in a rare situation during the switch_to_blog() process where no global groups were currently defined. [31348] #31243
    • Add useremail and userslugs as global cache groups. [31347] #31243


    • Editor: prevent errors in editor-expand when the Text editor is not used. [31361] #31163
    • Fix displaying long tag names in the Tags postbox. [31332] #18946
    • MCE views: Always refresh the view after updating a gallery. This allows things like caption changes to be synced, as they are tied to the attachment and not the shortcode. [31343] #31239
    • TinyMCE: ensure the image toolbar stays visible when the image is much wider than the editor. [31362] #20696

    Build/Test Tools

    • Update Travis-ci Slack notification token [31352] #30755
    • Temporarily (I hope) remove PHP 5.2 from tests being run on Travis-ci. Travis-ci has disabled PHP 5.2. This has happened before when 5.2 didn’t compile and then was restored when that was fixed. #31244

    Posts & Pages

    • Introduce 'value_field' parameter to wp_dropdown_pages(). This parameter allows developers to choose the post field that will be used to fill in the ‘option’ attribute of the generated dropdown markup. [31338] #30306, #12494
    • Always pass back the custom classes get_post_class() was called with, even if the post was not found. [31408] #22271

    Thanks to @adamsilverstein, @afercia, @ArminBraun, @azaozz, @boonebgorges, @bswatson, @Bueltge, @celloexpressions, @ChriCo, @Corphi, @cweiske, @dd32, @dlh, @DrewAPictur, @DrewAPicture, @ericlewis, @F J Kaiser, @Funkatronic, @genkisan, @helen, @hissy, @ipm-frommen, @Ipstenu, @iseulde, @jfarthing84, @joedolso, @johnbillion, @jorbin, @lgladdy, @lgladdy for the initial patch, @nacin, @netweb, @obenland, @ocean90, @pento, @SergeyBiryukov, @siobhan, @tyxla, @valendesigns, @Veritaserum, @VolodymyrC, @vortfu, @westonruter, and @wonderboymusic for their contributions!

  • Ryan Boren 7:32 am on January 29, 2015 Permalink |

    Dev Chat Summary, January 28th 





    • Jumpstart posts will be posted every Monday.
    • Weekly bug scrubs will occur on Fridays at 16:00 UTC in #core.
    • Each feature plugin will have a core mentor.


    • @drew will post a Jumpstart to make/core on Monday.
    • @mark will be the core mentor for Customizer Theme Switcher.
    • @azaozz will be the core mentor for Press This.
    • @boone will relay term splitting doc plans to the docs team this week.
    • @pento will post a Shiny Updates update post to make/core by the weekend.
    • @ryan will post to make/core about contributing to mobile flow improvements.

    Links Mentioned


    (More …)

  • Mike Schroder 8:38 pm on January 28, 2015 Permalink |
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    WordPress Core Weekly 

    Hi Everyone!

    It’s time for another run-down of what’s going on in WordPress core. This edition covers January 17th, 2015 [31234] through January 25th, 2015 [31281]. If you’re interested in helping out with these updates, comment below, or ping me on Slack as @mike! Without further ado:


    • Menus: Improve accessibility of nav menu locations form. [31272] #31090
    • TinyMCE: Correct vertical positioning of the image toolbar when there are several instances of the editor. [31235] #31028

    Script Loader

    • jQuery UI: Add missing dependencies for puff and scale effects. [31273] #31113


    • In get_terms(), check hierarchy for all $taxonomies before bailing early from parent or child_of. [31276] #31118
    • Introduce ‘childless’ parameter to get_terms(). [31275] #29839
    • Add classes for custom taxonomy terms in get_post_class(). [31271] #16223
    • Introduce ‘parent’ parameter to wp_get_object_terms(). [31270] #15675
    • Better loop detection for _pad_term_counts(). [31248] #20635
    • Additional orderby values for wp_get_object_terms(). Adds support for ordering by ‘taxonomy’, ‘term_taxonomy_id’, and ‘parent’. [31236] #28688

    Bundled Theme


    • Hide the reorder-widgets button when a widget area is empty. [31255] #27787
    • If there’s only one available sidebar, hide the move-widget button. [31252] #30690
    • Replicate behavior from options-reading.php and hide front page options if there are no pages. [31234] #27630


    • Display correct title in Archives widget if the type of archive was changed using the widget_archives_dropdown_args filter. [31241] #31024


    • Options: Allow $autoload in add_option() to receive false. [31278] #31119
    • Users: In wp_update_user(), make sure $userdataID is set before using it. [31269] #31097
    • Comments: When a comment fails to insert, remove any invalid characters and try again. [31263] [31264] #21212
    • WP_Date_Query date validation should not fail for hour = 0. [31251] #31067

    Thanks to @afercia, @ashfame, @azaozz, @avryl, @boonebgorges, @cais, @celloexpressions, @ChriCo, @Clorith, @dlh, @DrewAPicture, @enej, @floriansimeth, @horike, @joostdekeijzer, @jorbin, @lancewillett, @mikeschinkel, @miqrogroove, @morganestes, @nacin, @nathan_dawson, @obenland, @ocean90, @pento, @SergeyBiryukov, @sillybean, @stevenkword, @theMikeD, and @tyxla for their contributions this week!

  • Ryan Boren 2:53 pm on December 11, 2014 Permalink |  

    Dev Chat Summary, December 10th 




    • RC


    • About page text will land tonight (Wednesday the 10th).
    • Moving API docs into the plugin and theme handbooks will be discussed at the next docs meeting.
    • A heads up email to plugin devs will go out after RC.
    • RC will go out tonight.
    • @nacin will alert hosts and one-click installers in advance release.
    • 4.1 final targeted for Tuesday.
    • Release dry-run on Monday.
    • Status check-in meeting on Sunday.


    • @stephdau and @nacin will enable localized results for plugins after RC.
    • @nacin will work on the plugin developer email.
    • @melchoyce @ryelle @helen @jorbin will work on the about page. First draft design due by Friday.
    • @nacin @markjaquith will make the final decision on Focus, Distraction Free Writing naming, branding, text.
    • @nacin will alert hosts and one-click installers in advance of release.

    Links Mentioned


    (More …)

  • Mike Schroder 8:49 am on November 14, 2014 Permalink |
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    WordPress Core Weekly 

    Hi Everyone!

    It’s that time again: WordPress Core Weekly is here. This is a catchup post and covers all commits since the last post up until 11/9/2014.

    First, a couple quick notes!


    • Do not create shared taxonomy terms. [30240] #21950; See #5809.
    • Split shared taxonomy terms during term update. [30238] [30239] [30241] #5809
    • Don’t force child_of=0 for non-hierarchical taxonomies in get_terms(). [30265] #30275
    • In get_adjacent_post(), $excluded_terms should check term_id rather than term_taxonom_id. [30263] #29663, #22112.
    • Allow resource_type to be specified in get_ancestors(). Being explicit about resource type (taxonomy vs post_type) allows for the proper resolution of conflicts when a taxonomy and post_type share a slug. [30141] #15029
    • In wp_insert_term(), clean up accidental duplicate terms after insert. [30238] See #22023, #5809.
    • Add some unit tests for is_object_in_term(). These tests check a number of the ways that different kinds of values for $terms (integers that match term_id, strings that match term_id or name or slug) are handled. [30204] #29467
    • In in_object_in_term(), only check numeric string values against term_id. [30205] #29467
    • Introduce term_template param to get_the_taxonomies() to allow theme and plugin authors to specify the formatting on term links as they are parsed into the taxonomy list. [30209] See #27238.
    • Allow duplicate slugs across different post types. [30158] #18962
    • In get_terms(), do not override hierarchical and pad_count when parent is present. The previous behavior resulted in descendant terms being improperly excluded from the results when passing a parent, even when hierarchical had been set to true. [30107] #29815
    • Clean up get_term_by() caching, fix cache key/group modification that was missed in [30073], and update unit tests. [30108] #21760

    Twenty Fifteen


    • Bump db_version and add upgrade routine for schema change in [30056]. [30121] [30134] #22023
    • WPDB’s __get() function should perform strict comparisons against member names. [30292]


    • Allow revision Backbone classes to be used on pages other than revision.php. [30128] #30221
    • Add a single responsibility function for outputting Revisions JS templates: wp_print_revision_templates(). Use it in wp-admin/revision.php. [30129] #30220
    • Revisions modules should not rely on global settings; only pass in global settings on init, this allows the classes to be used agnostically elsewhere. [30131] #30219


    • Pass all updated meta IDs to filters in update_metadata(). [30140] #11683
    • Unserialize get_metadata() results when key is omitted. [30115] #15030



    • Display error message when Media Library upload fails. [30156] [30177] #29891
    • Delete admin_created_user_subject() rather than deprecate. As it was never used as anything more than a callback to a filter before the MU merge, and is only available in user-new.php in multisite, it is safe to remove this function entirely. [30176] #29915


    • Improve/introduce Customizer JavaScript models for Controls, Sections, and Panels, along with a reference. [30102] see #28032, #28579, #28580, #28650, #28709, #29758. Fixes #29529.
    • Improve ColorControl‘s wpColorPicker to update UI based on setting changes. Update Twenty Fifteen’s colorScheme control to properly interact with the API, using wp.customize.control(). [30126] #30031
    • Add stable sorting for panels, sections and controls in JS. Improve sorting in PHP. [30214] #30225
    • Bind input and propertychange events for range input types. [30219] #30223
    • Twenty Fourteen: Make featured content in Customizer contextual to the front page. [30143] #29578


    • Introduce new template functions for archive titles and descriptions: [30223] #21995
      • get_the_archive_title() and the_archive_title() for returning/displaying the title of the current term, date, post type, post format, or author archive.
      • get_the_archive_description() and the_archive_description() for returning/displaying the description associated with the current term archive.
    • In get_page_children(), only check $page->ancestors once to avoid duplicates when the function recurses. Adds an argument, $ancestors. [30246] #18962
    • Allow get_pages(), with child_of passed to it, to work with interrupted hierarchies. [30159] #18962

    Thanks to @afercia, @avryl, @azaozz, @bobbingwide, @boonebgorges, @bradyvercher, @Caspie, @celloexpressions, @dancameron, @davidakennedy, @davidjlaietta, @dikiy_forester, @dlh, @donutz, @DrewAPicture, @ericlewis, @filosofo, @florianziegler, @garyc40, @gcorne, @greuben, @hereswhatidid, @iamtakashi, @iandstewart, @imath, @Jayjdk, @jeremyfelt, @jesin, @joedolson, @johnbillion, @jorbin, @kitchin, @kovshenin, @kraftbj, @kurtpayne, @lancewillett, @landakram, @loushou, @markjaquith, @mattkeys, @mattwiebe, @mboynes, @MikeHansenMe, @mlteal, @mordauk, @morganestes, @nacin, @NikV, @nobinobi, @obenland, @ocean90, @pento, @philiparthurmoore, @realloc, @rmccue, @ryankienstra, @sakinshrestha, @SergeyBiryukov, @slobodanmanic, @TobiasBg, @tollmanz, @tywayne, @voldemortensen, @wedi, @westonruter, and @wonderboymusic for their core contributions!

    Revisions covered: [30094] to [30292]. For the complete list of commits to trunk, check out the log on Trac.

    Interested in joining in? Write or test a patch for 4.1.

  • Ryan Boren 1:31 pm on November 13, 2014 Permalink |  

    Dev Chat Summary, November 12th 



    • Beta 1, 2, 3
    • Feature plugin merge window


    • Focus will merge and default to on during beta.
    • Sessions UI will be reduced to a button to log out of all other sessions and be merged.
    • Shiny updates will not be in 4.1.
    • Merge tonight (Wednesday) and aim for beta 1 around lunchtime GMT tomorrow (Thursday)
    • Friday’s bug scrub (starting 4PM GMT) will be flow focused. https://core.trac.wordpress.org/query?status=!closed&keywords=~make-flow


    • There was debate over whether Focus should be on by default. It will be on during beta and feedback will inform the final decision.
    • Twenty Fifteen has an issue with expanding navigation that currently lacks an elegant solution. Fallbacks discussed. https://core.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/30208


    • johnbillion will merge Focus
    • johnbillion will merge sessions UI
    • john billion will aim for beta 1 tomorrow
    • ocean90 will update the patch for 29395
    • iamtakashi will make a patch that unsticks the sidebar if there are child menu for #30208

    Links Mentioned



    Beta 1

    johnbillion [15:04]
    So the main question on everyone’s lips is probably beta 1

    johnbillion [15:05]
    Unfortunately several members of the core team have been preoccupied with 4.0.1, hence we’ve slipped a bit

    johnbillion [15:05]
    The current plan is thus

    johnbillion [15:38]
    On that note, I’m aiming to get some merges made tonight and aim for beta1 around lunchtime GMT tomorrow

    johnbillion [15:38]
    That may shift a little depending on nacin’s availability as I believe he’s doing some talks tomorrow


    johnbillion [15:06]
    I will be merging in the editor focus changes that the focus team have been busy working on. Mark posted a good overview video on make yesterday.


    So this is *in* for 4.1

    eric [15:07]
    will it be on by default?

    johnbillion [15:07]
    It will most likely be on by default with an upcoming admin feature pointer to point it out

    ipstenu [15:09]
    I’d vote for on for beta and see how people react. If Beta goes “woah awesome!” reconsider leaving it on for realz.

    johnbillion [15:09]
    Yep this is a simple toggle and we can decide based on feedback during beta

    Sessions UI

    johnbillion [15:20]
    So the other merge item is the user session UI, which, after discussion during last week’s meeting, has been simplified by @jorbin to just a button which displays when a user has more than one active session, which will log them out of other sessions when clicked

    johnbillion [15:20]
    This removes a whole lot of complexity and UI fluff for what is essentially a power user feature

    johnbillion [15:21]
    It also mirrors what several other services do, primarily Slack because we all love Slack

    johnbillion [15:21]
    So that is also *in* for 4.1

    johnbillion [15:21]
    Like everything else, we can iterate on it at a later date

    mark [15:22]
    Are we still capturing IP data for later?

    johnbillion [15:22]
    Yes we will be capturing IP, user agent, timestamps

    johnbillion [15:23]
    See jorbin’s latest patch on #30264

    WordPress Trac [15:23]
    #30264: Users should have a UI for managing sessions

    Shiny Updates

    johnbillion [15:28]
    So unfortunately due to the work that some core folks have been doing on 4.0.1, the improvements that were slated for the plugin and theme install (and update) screens has not progressed past mockups, so that has been shelved for 4.1

    johnbillion [15:29]
    This has a bit of a knock-on effect on #29395
    #29395: Site Language: Install translations on the fly

    obenland [15:29]
    Is this planned to be developed plugin first?

    johnbillion [15:29]
    @obenland: Yeah possibly, although @pento and @nacin (not here) pointed out that dealing with installs and updates via a plugin is a hassle, and working directly on core via patches could end up being easier

    ocean90 [15:31]
    For 29395 the plan was to ignore FS credentials for 4.1, is this still okay?

    johnbillion [15:31]
    29395 now has a need for some form of filesystem credentials interstitial, whether it be a modal window or an interim screen, for users who want to install a new language from the general settings screen.

    Yes @ocean90, I think that will end up being the case

    mark [15:32]
    So, it will fail if FS creds required?

    ocean90 [15:32]
    @mark There will be no option to install a translation on these systems. (edited)
    Would be the same as in <4.0. (edited)

    johnbillion [15:34]
    @ocean90: When do you think you’ll have an updated patch ready?

    We can roll with the current patch for beta1 if necessary

    ocean90 [15:37]
    I have already started, maybe in the next 2 hours. Otherwise end of tomorrow.

    Taxonomy Roadmap

    johnbillion [15:41]
    So hopefully most of you have seen the awesome work @boone has been doing on the taxonomy roadmap. He posted an update earlier today: https://make.wordpress.org/core/2014/11/12/an-update-on-the-taxonomy-roadmap/

    johnbillion [15:42]
    I believe this puts us in a good position to think about splitting shared terms in 4.2 and beyond

    boone [15:43]
    Yeah. 4.1 does a lot of the unsexy work required for more exciting taxonomy development in, say, 4.3+.

    johnbillion [15:43]
    And as boone pointed out, this actually needs to happen across releases due to the nature of schema changes on multisite

    boone [15:43]
    Shared terms will be split starting in 4.1, when they’re updated. So the most painful part of shared terms – updating one and having others changed unwittingly – will go away right away.

    But we’ll wait until the schema changes have been rolled out (say 4.2) to force all terms to be split (ie, outside of `wp_update_term()`).

    Mobile Flow

    johnbillion [15:48]
    Next up, @boren has expressed some concerns over lack of improvements to the mobile workflow, mostly with regard to media, but also for post editing etc

    johnbillion [15:48]
    Which I tend to agree with

    I’m not sure what the best way to tackle this is. Maybe we should use Friday’s bug scrub time as a chance to talk through some high priority mobile stuff rather than bug scrubbing?

    johnbillion [15:49]

    We need a bit of focus here, rather than just “mobile stuff”

    boren [15:50]
    A flow scrub, perhaps. Pick a flow, clean some stuff up.

    eric [15:51]
    there’s a lot of good ideation on mobile media going on in the Image Flow group; not sure what easy wins can be picked up for 4.1 for that though.

    boren [15:51]
    There are also the make-flow tagged tickets.

    azaozz [15:51]
    Good start would be to go through https://core.trac.wordpress.org/query?status=!closed&keywords=~make-flow

    stephdau [15:52]
    yeah, the trac tag is probably the focus you’re looking for. The leg work has been done (edited)

    boren [15:52]
    The image flow stuff is looking good, but picking small things from that for 4.1 would be difficult. Getting rid of the media modal sidebar on phones would be awesome, but that opens a big can.

    mark [15:53]
    Should we maybe try to direct attention to low hanging fruit elsewhere (in mobile flows)?

    boren [15:54]
    Those make-flow tickets might be the best bet. Several annoyances in there like admin bar behavior.

    netweb [15:56]
    Adding /flow to https://make.wordpress.org for greater exposure and/or contributions would also be beneficial (edited)

    boren [15:58]
    I haven’t done it because it’s been a one person show. But now that @mark has posted. :simple_smile:

    johnbillion [15:58]
    I don’t think that would increase exposure a whole lot. We just need to talk about it more.

    mark [15:58]
    Also, if anyone wants to be able to post on /flow, /msg me here.

    stephdau [15:58]
    johnbillion: it can’t impair it either

    johnbillion [15:58]

    mark [15:59]
    The “Ryan makes an impassioned personal plea” approach worked well for me. :laughing:

    stephdau [15:59]
    maybe it’ll be lucky 13(th box on the page)

    boren [15:59]
    I have a “Be an Alan Lomax of flow” speech that I won’t go into here. :simple_smile:

    mark [16:00]
    For anyone with iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite, you can tether and record the screen.

    mike [16:00]
    It’s also a bit strange, since I’m not sure it’s a “contributor group” in the same way the others listed on the root are.

    obenland [16:00]
    I was wondering how you did it :simple_smile:

    boren [16:00]
    That’s another reason its not listed.

    mike [16:01]
    Not that it’s not important, or doesn’t need more exposure; just feels like a different thing. (edited)

    mike [16:01]

    stephdau [16:01]
    @obenland: http://ioshacker.com/how-to/use-quicktime-record-screen-iphone-ipad-ipod-touch-running-ios-8 (edited)

    netweb [16:01]
    See https://meta.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/482#comment:12, icons already added, /flow just needs adding as a listing :)

    WordPress.org Meta Trac [16:01]
    #482: Add Training to “Get Involved”

    johnbillion [16:03]
    Ok so Friday’s bug scrub (starting 4PM GMT) will be flow-focused

    Twenty Fifteen

    johnbillion [16:06]
    Twenty Fifteen is moving along nicely, although I must admit I’m not sure of the current status of the separate scrolling sidebar

    Ah looks like that’s been resolved in #29979

    #29979: Twenty Fifteen: Long sidebar produces double-scrollbars


    iamtakashi [16:07]
    The scroll bar is gone now

    iamtakashi [16:08]
    we still have an issue with expanding navigation though

    johnbillion [16:08]
    Expanding the submenu items?

    iamtakashi [16:08]

    #30208: Twenty Fifteen: expanding a sub-menu when the sidebar is fixed needs to conditionally unfix the sidebar


    iamtakashi [16:09]
    I don’t have an elegant solution yet.

    johnbillion [16:09]
    So @azaozz and I briefly chatted about this at WCSF

    iamtakashi [16:09]
    I really don’t want to lose sticky sidebar if it’s short

    johnbillion [16:09]
    We have a similar situation with the admin menu

    azaozz [16:10]
    Yeah, no good solution exists :disappointed:

    iamtakashi [16:10]
    At the very last resort, we have to unstick all the time.

    mark [16:11]
    Do we need to get some brains together to think it through? Or is it 100% at an impasse?

    azaozz [16:11]
    The current behavior seems pretty logical: after expanding the menu, the user would click on it to go away or can close it to reach the bottom

    iamtakashi [16:13]
    But if there are only, say, just three menu items that have twenty child menu items, there is no way to reach some of child menu items.

    mark [16:14]
    Current behavior on http://twentyfifteendemo.wordpress.com is quite problematic.


    mark [16:15]
    What if, upon expanding down beyond the bottom, it unpins, but it doesn’t re-pin until it is small enough to fit, AND is scrolled to the top?
    So that way, when contracting a menu, it wouldn’t suddenly jump.
    To the original fixed position.
    But once it got to that position naturally, it would stick again.

    johnbillion [16:16]
    You’d need to scroll back up to fix it again

    azaozz [16:16]
    If you are scrolled half-way through long page, the menu will “dissapear” when unpinned

    johnbillion [16:17]
    So as Takashi mentioned, unpinning the menu completely is still an option

    mark [16:17]
    @ozz I don’t follow

    mark [16:17]
    Oh, maybe I do. But we could work around that.

    mark [16:18]
    By not letting it unpin to the top.

    mark [16:18]
    But letting it unpin in its current location.

    azaozz [16:18]
    The sidebar is `position: fixed` :simple_smile: RIght, workaround would be to add all the pinTop/pinBottom stuff.

    mark [16:18]
    I’m just thinking of it acting like two panes.

    mark [16:19]
    When it fits, it sticks. When it doesn’t, it flows naturally. Until it fits again.

    iamtakashi [16:19]
    I think what azaozz is talking about this: https://cloudup.com/cCxgCbrWaWv

    mark [16:20]
    Yeah. it shouldn’t go to the top on unpin.

    iamtakashi [16:20]
    But as mark says, if we can resolve this issue, that’d be great :simple_smile:

    mark [16:23]
    Solvable technical issues? Tricky technical issues? Or conceptual issues?

    iandstewart [16:23]
    All the old patches are in #29979

    WordPress Trac [16:23]
    #29979: Twenty Fifteen: Long sidebar produces double-scrollbars

    mark [16:25]
    Is there a partial punt solution? Like not sticking if there are submenus?

    iamtakashi [16:27]
    The current approach is much simpler than any of patches in the ticket and I kind of like unstick when we have child menus.

    johnbillion [16:28]
    I think this needs to simmer for a while, see if anyone comes up with an idea

    mark [16:29]
    I don’t think we can sit with what we have. It creates menu items you can’t access.

    iamtakashi [16:29]
    we can continue on the ticket #30208

    WordPress Trac [16:29]
    #30208: Twenty Fifteen: expanding a sub-menu when the sidebar is fixed needs to conditionally unfix the sidebar

    johnbillion [16:29]
    How about a complete un-sticking of the menu as an interim solution

    mark [16:33]
    No-pin-if-child is a punt, that allows pinning in some situations. Addresses usability issues, while allowing it to be nice an pinned for some sites.

    johnbillion [16:35]
    Is someone on the theme team able to spend some time on this in the next couple of days or do we need a volunteer?

    iamtakashi [16:35]
    I’ll try to make a patch that unstick the sidebar if there are child menu.

    iandstewart [16:35]
    @mark just to be clear, you’re using “punt” for no-pin-if-child in this case, as in “this’d be a good enough fix”? (edited)

    mark [16:36]
    iandstewart: it would solve the accessibility issue. So it no longer blocks release for that reason.
    @iandstewart: whether it’s a functional dealbreaker is another question. I would say… probably not.

    mark [16:37]
    It’s less than ideal, because in my mind there is a JS solution that would be perfect. But it’s a good chunk of JS work. And we’re running out of time.

  • Ryan Boren 1:42 am on November 6, 2014 Permalink |  

    Dev Chat Summary, November 5th 




    • Beta 1
    • Feature plugin merge window


    • Extend the feature plugin merge window to Friday, or later.
    • Tag Beta 1 on Friday, or later.
    • Do a scrub of enhancement tickets this week, particularly customizer tickets. 1600 UTC tomorrow (Nov. 6) was suggested.
    • Hook recursion, #17817, will be discussed further after beta 1 with the aim of having it ready for early 4.2.
    • Pending the final call of @ johnbillion, the full UI for the session manager will come later (and will be moved into a plugin in the plugin repository). @jorbin will work up a patch that adds a “Sign out everywhere else” button along with killing all other sessions on password change and capturing data for a future UI.

    Uncertainties, Ambiguities, Do Betters

    • Shiny Updates may be punted in whole or in part. The necessary folks are preoccupied.
    • The Session Manager UI was debated and will likely change for 4.1.
    • “We need guidelines for how we handle feature plugins. It’s been really haphazard, and it has affected our ability to get the features in front of a lot of people.”
    • There is skepticism that merge and Beta 1 will happen this week.


    • @markjaquith will do a merge request post for Focus on make/core.
    • @jorbin will work up a patch that adds a “Sign out everywhere else” button along with killing all other sessions on password change and capturing data for a future UI.
    • @nacin will leave feedback on #29395
    • @drew will look at #21483

    Links Mentioned



    drew [15:10]
    Seems like there’s more than a few Customizer-related enhancements. @celloexpressions: ya’ll have an idea about what could be close and what might need to be punted?

    celloexpressions [15:10]
    Most of the customizer stuff has been ready for/waiting for commit or further feedback for a while

    celloexpressions [15:11]
    A couple aren’t quite there, but we want to get in if we can because they enhance Twenty Fifteen

    Hook Recursion

    #17817: do_action/apply_filters/etc. recursion on same filter kills underlying call

    drew [15:18]
    This is quite likely 4.2-early, but could use eyes-on for unit test coverage and regression testing,

    jbrinley [15:19]
    To _briefly_ answer (as well as I can), the three questions in the agenda:

    jbrinley [15:19]
    Is there enough unit test coverage?

    I don’t know.

    jbrinley [15:19]
    Does it break plugins which interact with $wp_filter and $wp_actions directly (eg accessing the nested arrays)?

    The patch doesn’t touch $wp_actions. $merged_filters is removed. The $wp_filter array will contain WP_Hook objects instead of nested arrays. Those objects can still be accessed as an array, albeit with some of the quirks that come with the ArrayAccess interface (e.g., you can’t indirectly set elements).

    Does it “fix” any existing behavior which could be seen as a regression?

    Currently, let’s say you have a callback at priority 10. In that, you set another callback with priority 1. The latter ends up running after the former. This patch would change that. Similarly, if you have something at priority 10 and something at priority 11, but the priority 10 callback end up calling the hook recursively, the priority 11 callback won’t run for the outer loop. This patch would change that.

    nacin [15:20]
    As this is definitely not 4.1 (sorry @jbrinley! though I know you know that), can we sit on this until after beta is out and then chat more later this month? This is a good briefing of things as it stands, and I hope a few of us can pick it up soon, but there are lots of other things on everyone’s plate at the moment.

    drew [15:21]
    yep, sounds good @nacin



    drew [15:23]
    @mark: Any update on posting the merge request update on make/core?

    mark [15:23]
    Got sidetracked yesterday. Will do that now.

    Since it’s such a visual thing, I’m just gonna make a video that shows it off and talks through some of the decisions.

    drew [15:24]
    Great. Sounds like the patch is looking pretty good too.

    azaozz [15:25]
    yes, patch is good. May need some more around interactions with the old DFW

    boren [15:25]
    Has it been flow tested on mobile lately, to make sure it doesn’t break anything?

    azaozz [15:26]
    New DFW is pretty much disabled on mobile because of the screen size

    janneke [15:26]
    azaozz: Right, I work on that. Also maybe move the button out.

    janneke [15:26]
    Yeah, it’s disabled…

    psoluch [15:26]
    joined #core

    ginsterbusch [15:27]
    @drew + @mark Hope it doesnt break a11y

    janneke [15:27]
    Don’t think so, but please test. :simple_smile:

    boren [15:28]
    A visual record of a mobile flow would demonstrate that it is indeed disabled for mobile.

    mark [15:28]
    We addressed keyboard accessibility. But please do advise if we missed something.

    azaozz [15:28]
    It doesn’t change anything for accessibility.

    mark [15:28]
    We addressed keyboard accessibility. But please do advise if we missed something.

    azaozz [15:28]
    It doesn’t change anything for accessibility.

    azaozz [15:28]
    For the UI outside of the editor

    boren [15:29]
    A feature plugin shouldn’t break mobile or accessibility the moment it lands.

    boren [15:30]
    I’m not too worried about mobile with Focus, but we don’t have a good record here and I’d like to improve it.

    azaozz [15:31]
    Ryan, right, DFW v2.0 is not loaded on mobile and on old browsers, IE < 9 (edited)

    gokejnr [15:31]
    joined #core

    boren [15:31]
    Someone tell me that with a visual record.

    boren [15:31]

    mark [15:31]
    We just need to verify that for sure. Yup.

    mark [15:32]
    I learned you can tether an iPhone and record video on its screen, so I’ll try that.

    boren [15:32]
    Screenshots would probably be good enough for mobile in this case, but cool.

    ginsterbusch [15:33]
    @mark a11y is not just about keyboard. its also eg. about folks not being able to quickly shift *their* focus (viewing field) to something else. and reading through the ticket doesnt really indicate its an automated or a “click this button to”-feature right now.

    janneke [15:33]
    The button still needs to be removed I think, but I mentioned before I’ll redo that. :simple_smile:

    Sessions UI

    #30264: Users should have a UI for managing sessions

    jorbin [15:41]
    For #30264@johnbillion is supposed to be working up a patch. I’ll check with him and if he needs help, will take over. Otherwise I think the only piece we are waiting on is the API on wordpress.org that @nacin is still working on.

    jorbin [15:42]
    User testing of the feature at WCSF only identified some enhancments we can do to make it more mobile friendly, otherwise it was very well received. Note that it still works fine, but the experience on mobile can be made better (edited)

    drew [15:43]
    @jorbin: Were there still UI concerns with the single vs many sessions problem?

    boren [15:43]
    I know it is a small feature, but this thing wasn’t really a feature plugin. It’s not in the plugin dir, the slug collides with an existing plugin, and hearing “the experience on mobile can be made better” is a bit aggravating.

    jorbin [15:44]
    Not that I know of, but if there are it seems like something we can iron out in beta

    boren [15:44]
    Iron it out before merge.

    boren [15:45]
    Otherwise these aren’t feature plugins, they’re blobs of code on github that are merged without criteria.

    nacin [15:45]
    I’m still kind of tempted to bring it in as a single “Sign out of other sessions” button with no extra UI for 4.1, and continue to play with it for 4.2.

    nacin [15:45]
    Identifying browsers and locations is no small thing.

    jorbin [15:46]
    I hate that idea. I think it adds a button without any context for people to understand “why”

    mark [15:46]
    Context could be added.

    jorbin [15:46]
    The context is the other sessions

    nacin [15:46]

    • Sign out all other sessions *

    Lost your phone? Left yourself logged in on a public computer? Need a way to sign out everywhere except your current browser? This is for you.
    [ Sign out all other sessions ]

    mark [15:46]
    Was going to point to Slack, yeah.

    drew [15:47]
    That’s also not say that you can’t just specify the number of other session without spitting out the fine-grained details.

    mark [15:47]
    And the context could additionally be “You are signed into this site in %d other locations.”

    drew [15:47]

    chriscct7 [15:47]
    Yeah I like that idea

    drew [15:48]
    Either way, I agree with @nacin that continuing to flesh out the UI/plugin for a future release might be the smartest way to go. (edited)

    nacin [15:48]
    I think an actual number is possibly more confusing, because we can’t tell them context, and would consider just showing the Slack-like UI if it’s > 1.

    jorbin [15:48]
    That seems confusing to me. %d doesn’t really help me as nacin is pointing out

    jorbin [15:48]
    ok, so is the decision that we punt?

    nacin [15:49]
    I’m not advocating punting necessarily, I just saw an opening that would allow us to provide immediate user benefit and try to further improve the overall UX and data we can provide.

    mattheweppelsheimer [15:49]
    +1 to a Slack-like explanation without %d sessions, in 4.1

    drew [15:49]
    I think punt is still up to @johnbillion, but as it is now, that would be my recommendation (in terms of the detailed UI)

    georgestephanis [15:49]
    I’d like to see some user testing sessions on the ux of it to see if / how much it is confusing to normal users.

    stephdau [15:49]
    on the +1 side too. Seems the friendliest, while addressing an immediate need.

    nacin [15:50]
    Also, I’d suggest: “If you think you were compromised, you should change your password. This will also sign you out everywhere.” (And on password change, I don’t know if we clear out all of their sessions, but we should, since they’re dead at that point.)

    jorbin [15:50]
    If we go that route, we should start capturing the UA string and other data in 4.1 so that we have less “unknowns” displayed

    drew [15:50]
    @jorbin: Can you possibly work on a patch for the alternate approach?

    nacin [15:51]
    As a replacement for %d, something like this, perhaps something like this, so as not to completely terrify them: `<small>You are signed into this site in %d other locations. This could be a different browser on your computer, your phone, or another computer.</small>”

    nacin [15:51]
    I’m not against capturing more data now.

    boren [15:51]
    This is the correct repo, yes? https://github.com/johnbillion/wp-session-manager

    Contribute to wp-session-manager development by creating an account on GitHub.

    drew [15:51]
    @boren yes

    chriscct7 [15:51]
    boren: yes

    boren [15:51]
    Last updated 23 days ago?

    jorbin [15:51]
    I can work up the alternate patch based on this discussion

    georgestephanis [15:51]
    @nacin: Or the same browser that had its cookies purged, even.

    boren [15:51]
    Not in the plugin repo.

    boren [15:51]
    Why are we even talking about it?

    chriscct7 [15:51]
    name conflict on it

    chriscct7 [15:51]
    its a feature plugin for 4.1

    georgestephanis [15:51]
    So let’s give it a different slug.

    georgestephanis [15:52]
    +lots to getting these things into the repo as early as possible.

    georgestephanis [15:52]
    Better discoverability for feature plugins would be super-handy.

    mark [15:53]
    We need guidelines for how we handle feature plugins. It’s been really haphazard, and it has affected our ability to get the features in front of a lot of people.

    jorbin [15:55]
    @johnbillion will need to make the final call, but it sounds like the decision is: Full UI will come later (and will be moved into a plugin in the plugin repositroy), I will work up a patch that adds a “Sign out everywhere else” button along with killing all other sessions on password change and capturing data for a future UI. Any objections to this plan?

    sabreuse [15:55]
    I’ve thought about session-by-session, and I agree that it feels plugin-like to me.

    sabreuse [15:55]
    But +1 for an easy “sign me out everywhere else”

    drew [15:55]
    @jorbin I think that sounds reasonable. If it’s not where we need it to be by Friday, we can wait.

    mark [15:55]
    If a feature plugin effort just results in a well-crafted plugin, that’s not a terrible outcome.

    stephdau [15:55]
    @mark @georgestephanis : we could at least use a standard prefix, to “ensure” slug uniqueness: wpf- or something

    Shiny Updates

    Smooth installation and updating of plugins and themes

    drew [15:57]
    It’s my understanding the decision was made at WCSF to go with shiny installs and leave shiny updates for later

    nacin [15:57]
    Correct. Updates can already be done in bulk, while installs cannot.
    However, all of the people most familiar with the updates code are tied up right now. Beta 1 is unlikely for what we want.

    It’s possible some stuff can be aligned by next week, and that’s up to John if he wants to accept some discrete changes.

    drew [15:58]
    @nacin: OK. So are you thinking punt for the whole thing?

    nacin [15:59]
    Right now, I’m not thinking about it. I may have a better idea come Friday.

    FS Credentials Modal

    #29820: Smooth installation and updating of plugins and themes

    #29395: Site Language: Install translations on the fly

    nacin [16:01]
    FS credentials is tied into updates/installs more than language.

    nacin [16:02]
    While it’s nice-to-have for language, if language installs can only happen with ‘direct’, I’m not going to cry.

    drew [16:02]
    Can you leave some feedback to that effect on 29395?

    nacin [16:05]
    Sure. @ocean90 is it already good to land, otherwise?

    ocean90 [16:06]
    If we can ignore the FS credentials, yes

    Taxonomy Roadmap


    #5809: Updating a term in one taxonomy affects the term in every taxonomy

    boone [16:09]
    I also created some new tickets and dug up some oldies to reflect next steps in the extended Taxonomy Journey

    drew [16:09]
    @boone: Is there a specific report where people can follow progress on that roadmap?

    drew [16:09]16:09
    Or just the Taxonomy component?

    boone [16:09]
    No. Taxonomy component is best for now.
    In the next week I’ll write up a make/core post with some updates and some thoughts about the future

    boone [16:10]
    that’ll have links to relevant tickets

    nacin [16:11]
    some of the stuff that went into this had to do with properly handling DB replication lag and such, just to give you an idea.

    mark [16:11]
    Yes, this is the equivalent of us building a rocket to go to McDonalds and then disassembling it while in flight.

    Twenty Fifteen

    drew [16:14]
    Apparently we’re looking pretty good as we approach beta.

    iandstewart [16:14]
    It’s looking pretty good
    we have one milestoned bug with expanding widgets that we’re still trying to figure out
    and there are some template tag and customizer enhancements that’d be nice to have solid
    but it’s in good shape
    @obenland: did you want to chime in on template tags?

    obenland [16:16]
    Sure. So there are only very few pieces left after a very productive few days at wcsf

    obenland [16:17]
    One is #29890 which @helen is looking at

    #29890: Make menu descriptions available to be displayed on the front-end

    obenland [16:17]
    Then we have #29808 with two proposed patches

    #29808: Post/paging navigation template tags

    obenland [16:18]
    https://core.trac.wordpress.org/attachment/ticket/29808/29808.8.diff fixing some some bugs and simplifying bits, as well as changing the screen reader text to an h2 as requested by the a11y team (edited)

    obenland [16:18]
    And https://core.trac.wordpress.org/attachment/ticket/29808/29808.9.diff which would add parity between post and comment navigation template tags (edited)
    Between 29808.9.diff and 29890 we could remove two callbacks from Twenty Fifteen
    and have a nice set of theme api improvements in 4.1

    iandstewart [16:22]
    #29988 would also be a nice improvement that depends on a few other patches outside of the theme (edited)

    #29988: Twenty Fifteen: Use JS/postMessage to update the color scheme instead of triggering a page refresh

    ocean90 [16:25]
    For the record, 29988.patch will not land in. We have new tickets for this where some are already fixed. But still needs some work. Or a review by me. (edited)

    westonruter [16:25]
    That’s right. The existing patch on 29988 is a standalone proof of concept.

    Bug Scrubs

    drew [16:27]
    We had kind of lackluster effort on the Friday bug scrubs the last couple of weeks due to WCSF/summit stuff.

    As discussed a little bit ago, I’d like to do an enhancement scrub tomorrow morning-ish to see if we can’t clear out some of those outstanding tickets. Any takers for probably 11:00 am EST tomorrow in here?

    drew [16:29]
    I guess 16:00 UTC

    Open Mic

    kraft [16:32]
    Would still love to see feedback on this UI adjustment for default categories: https://core.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/26268 :simple_smile:

    #26268: Add UI to Category page to indicate default category

    drew [16:32]
    I think @helen had some feedback on 26268 but she had to go. I’m not convinced that’s ready for primetime in terms of flow.

    chriscct7 [16:34]
    If a core committer has a couple minutes, got a running list of tickets that are ready to be committed here: https://make.wordpress.org/core/2014/11/03/open-update-thread/#comment-20901

    celloexpressions [16:35]
    #21483 would also benefit from feedback. In addition to UI and code, could use docs help from @drew, has an audio/video issue for @wonderboymusic

    #21483: Refactor Customizer Upload, Image, and Background Image controls to leverage the media library/modal

    drew [16:37]
    @celloexpressions: OK, I can take a look.

  • Pascal Birchler 10:31 am on October 23, 2014 Permalink
    Tags: ,   

    WordPress Core Weekly 

    Hi everyone!

    It’s this time of the week again: WordPress Core Weekly is here. This updates covers all commits since last week up to today, October 23rd.

    In case you missed it, there has been quite some activity here. I recommend you to check out these great summaries from this week to stay up-to-date:

    Now, let’s have a look at the recent comments!


    • Themes: Make “Live Preview” the primary action and “Activate” secondary. [29957] #26899
    • Themes: Fix some theme install stylings [29959] #28148 #29556
    • Live-update site title in toolbar when changing the corresponding field in General Settings. [29963] #28682
    • Allow apostrophes in email addresses when adding users via the Dashboard. [29966] #18039
    • Admin menu changes [29978] #29806
      • Fix scrolling the pinned menu with a mouse wheel.
      • Fix pinning when the menu is only slightly taller than the viewport.
      • Disable pinning on IE8, updating CSS top makes it jump when scrolling with a mouse wheel.


    • Introduce customize_preview_$setting->type action to handle multiple settings of the same type. [29948] #29165
    • Extract content markup for panels to its own method,WP_Customize_Panel::render_content(). This allows to override the behavior of a panel and its contents. [29950] #29324


    • Editor-expand [29929] #29954
      • Better calculation for the caret position when auto-scrolling while typing.
      • Fix auto-scrolling for non-WebKit browsers when the caret is above the top of the editor.
    • TinyMCE: update the default styles: make the font size larger and make it the same size in tables. [29986] #30038
    • TinyMCE: update to 4.1.6+. Adds support for cache-busting when auto-loading JS and CSS. [29994] #30079

    Twenty Fifteen

    • Make font-size/line-height in editor-style.css the same as in style.css. Remove margins from the editor body, interferes with autoresize in some browsers and is overriden in the default styles. [29909] #29799
    • No rem in editor-style.css for now. [29910] #29799
    • Add print styles. [29919] #29967


    • Add a 6th (!) attribute to wp_get_attachment_link() to allow aria-describedby to be added to gallery output. [29914] #27402
    • Cache get_term_by() calls [29915] #21760
      • Add a helper function, wp_get_last_changed(), to retrieve a last-modified timestamp by cache group.
      • Original term cache entries maintain BC
    • wp_schedule_single_event() should not prevent scheduling a future duplicate event. It should only reject an event as a duplicate if there is already a similar event scheduled within 10 minutes of the given timestamp. [29939] #28213
    • Add ID attribute to style element from wp_add_inline_style(). [29956] [29958] #30032
    • Move password hint text to a function. Add password_hint filter. [29962] #21243
    • HTTP API: Support both the limit_response_size and stream parameters at the same time, allowing a partial file download. [29968] #26726


    • Don’t print an empty HTML markup when comment_reply_link() returns no link. [29908] #29895
    • Use the comment API rather than direct SQL queries in comments_template(). [29965] #19623

    External Scripts


    • Check that search value is scalar before parsing. Prevents PHP notices when non-scalar values are passed. [29912] #29736
    • Introduce nested query support to WP_Date_Query. [29923] #29822
    • Throw notices _doing_it_wrong() notices are now generated when passing out-of-range values (month=13) or invalid dates (2014-02-29) to WP_Date_Query. [29925] #25834
    • Support date_query by user_registered in WP_User_Query. [29934] #27283
    • Comment/post author in/not_in for WP_Comment_Query. [29935] #29885
    • Better “inclusive” support for string values in WP_Date_Query. [29936] #29908

    Thanks to @westonruter, @obenland, @tivnet, @joedolson, @DrewAPicture, @rianrietveld, @wonderboymusic, @tollmanz, @boonebgorges, @Manoz69, @iamtakashi, @kwight, @pauldewouters, @ideag, @ChriCo, @NikV, @nofearinc, @ew_holmes, @neoxx, @Viper007Bond, @nacin, @chriscct7, @tellyworth, @sc0ttkclark, @jorbin, @socki03, @ocean90, @convissor, @TobiasBg, @TomHarrigan, @jdgrimes, @jcastaneda, @celloexpressions, @avryl, @simonwheatley, @hardy101, @georgestephanis, @jesin, @hugodelgado, @nobleclem, @afercia, @bradyvercher for their core contributions!

    Revisions covered: [29906] to [29994]. For the complete list of commits to trunk, check out the log on Trac.

    Interested in joining in? Write or test a patch for 4.1.

  • Andrew Nacin 11:25 am on September 27, 2014 Permalink
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    John Blackbourn is leading WordPress 4.1 (and announcing new committers!) 

    I’m pleased to share John Blackbourn (@johnbillion) is the release lead for WordPress 4.1. But please hold your applause until the end, I have a few announcements to get through!

    WordPress 4.1 will be kicking off at WordCamp Europe this weekend. As noted yesterday, the first meeting will be at 1400 UTC on Monday, September 29.

    You’ve probably seen John in action over the years (his first contribution was more than seven years ago). I’ll also add it’s pretty awesome that @simonwheatley and @s1m0nd of Code for the People (a six-person shop) jumped at the chance to donate a large chunk of John’s time through the end of the year back to the WordPress project. (See also this post for more on the release lead role.)

    New committers for WordPress 4.1

    As many of you know, the lead developers review and appoint new committers to serve each release cycle, often to work on a particular component or feature. This guest commit access comes up for review after each release and can be renewed. I in particular work closely with every guest committer, providing feedback.

    I’m pleased to announce our largest guest committer class ever: Gary Pendergast (@pento), Boone B. Gorges (@boonebgorges), Konstantin Kovshenin (@kovshenin), Aaron Jorbin (@jorbin), and Jeremy Felt (@jeremyfelt).

    Konstantin and Gary both enjoy diving into internals and getting their hands dirty with tough bugs and regressions. Jeremy will be continuing to push multisite forward. Jorbin will be focusing on testing and tooling. Boone has been working on a set of great improvements to tax, date, and meta queries, with test coverage to come with it.

    These five should be strangers to no one — they’ve all been around the community for years, and not only are they top-notch contributors who embody the project, but they’re generally just really good people.

    This will also be John Blackbourn’s third release as a guest committer. I’d also like to welcome back Ian Stewart (@iandstewart), who previously was a committer during the development of Twenty Eleven, and will be back to take the commit reins for the next default theme, Twenty Fifteen.

    Scott Taylor (@wonderboymusic) was on fire during 4.0, especially if this terrific post is any testament, continuing a great run. Scott’s WP origin story is pretty great — right as he was getting ready to leave the WordCamp San Francisco 2011 after-party, @koop convinced him to stick around a little longer. We were introduced, and not long after (from the party) his first patch got committed. A thousand contributions later that have made an indelible impact, Scott is now a permanent WordPress committer. We hope to have him around for a long time.

    About a year ago Drew Jaynes (@DrewAPicture) was given commit access to lead the hook documentation effort. This was hugely successful. After the effort was complete, Drew’s role evolved into maintaining all inline docs, which has just been wonderful. We appreciate his attention to detail and his dedication to this never-ending effort. Drew is now a permanent committer.

    Congratulations to John, Drew, Scott, Gary, Konstantin, Jeremy, Jorbin, Ian, and Boone!

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