No GSoC 2012

WordPress was rejected as a mentoring organization from GSoC for this summer. This is unexpected, as I spent some time during the application period talking with Carol (Smith, the GSoC administrator) about our proposed approach of building a release cycle around GSoC and making it a mentorship-focused release and she seemed to approve the idea.

We can still do a summer mentorship-focused release for 3.5 if we want to, though. We could pimp it as independent study for credit for college students and put more focus on non-student potential contributors, such as from the plugin/theme ranks. If nothing else, it would avoid the inevitable couple of students who are only in it for the $$. We’ll need to decide if we still want to do something along these lines, or if we don’t.

Why did we get rejected? We don’t know yet. I used last year’s successful application as a template. There will be a feedback meeting in a week or so, and Carol says to attend that when it is announced and we can find out why during that meeting.


Team Update: Browsing Buddies

@getsource (DH-Shredder) spent some more time over the past week working with @dkoopersmith refining the infinite scroll JS for #19815, which was committed earlier today. We briefly discussed having more results/pagination for some of the other theme-install.php tabs with @nacin (requires changes on the API end), as well as the recurring thought that perhaps the featured tab should show first. Therefore, the other patch that restricted the JS enqueue to the theme-install.php search tab only was not committed for the time being.

After reviewing some comps with @jane, we started on the display of multiple screenshots. An initial rough patch will be up on #19816 soon. We still need to hash out the details of retrieving multiple screenshots, both in get_themes() and from the .org API, and how those images will be added to the extended details div without displaying in no JS, as discussed when first scoping the feature. We also need to take into consideration what happens when the window is resized. Provided that we can get that sorted out tomorrow, it looks like we’re on target for the cycle.

I wrote the Theme Review Team and gave them an update on the anticipated screenshot sizes, which will remain at 300×225 (4:3), constrained by CSS. Gandalf functions as the large screenshot 🙂 The screenshots in the list table view will be enlarged to match, as there is more space now that details are hidden by default.

#browsing-buddies, #customize, #team-update

Results of 2/15 Dev Meeting

The teams and status document has been updated to reflect current cycles. Yesterday’s dev meeting focused on identifying issues pertaining to blockers and resources, and whether any adjustments or corrections needed to be made, across all teams. As I didn’t keep a general summary, you may find the log is here.

I did take notes on who needs resources from whom:

  • @PeteMall and @MarkJaquith will be discussing #19796 and #19235 with @ryan and @nacin
  • @westi and @maxcutler will be discussing capabilities in XML-RPC and APP with @ryan, @nacin, @kurtpayne
  • @getsource and @helenyhou need @azaozz and @dkoopersmith to go over the scrolling JS
  • @jane and @helenyhou: screenshots review
  • @jane and @petemall: autocomplete UI review
  • Also @jane: Review HTML in captions UI (if necessary) and header changes

And there may be a few others I didn’t catch. Ideally this will all happen before our meeting next Wednesday.

Two teams were added: @georgestephanis and Zach Abernathy (thezman84) working on tablets, and @aaronjorbin working with Tom Auger (tomauger) on favicons. I have been communicating with both teams to help get things off the ground.

If you want to get involved, there are 198 open tickets on report 5, many of which fall under no team. If they do, find the team during office hours or contribute directly to the ticket, as many have done.

Next meeting is 2/22 at 2100 UTC.


15 10 6 tickets between us and launch…

15 10 6 tickets between us and launch. Still need a beta 4 and an RC. The tickets:

Needs Dev / Bug Wrangler Feedback

  • #19338 Welcome Panel and no JS don’t mix well — Not sure how we missed putting in a no-js version, but we did. Need one. @dkoopersmith was owner of feature, @azaozz has done lots of the no-js stuff in wp, and @joncave made the ticket and wrote a patch. Huddle and work it out. (@jane)
  • #17975 _default_wp_die_handler css referencing logic is fragile and doesn’t always work (@jane)

Has Patch / Needs Testing

  • #19020 Content Updates for Help Tabs — Tedious. Will finish before before string freeze at RC. Mostly same strings, just moved around a bit. @chexee, @jane and whoever wants to help with some copy paste drudgery patching.
  • #19191 Improve admin menu tab navigation — Gotta be keyboard accessible! @dkoopersmith or @azaozz need to check out patch by John Kleinschmidt on ticket. (@jane)
  • #19127 Welcome Panel should be displayed for the first administrator — Panel itself is done, but needs code underneath. @nacin is on this today. (@jane)
  • #19326 jQuery 1.7.1 — They just released this update. There were some issues with 1.7. (@jane)
  • #19292 Not found errors due to sanitization in sanitize_title_with_dashes — Mark’s patch being reviewed.
  • #19125 CPT as a submenu item does not get the correct classes when adding new (@jane)
  • #18693 New feature pointers — These are in, but in some browsers aren’t positioning correctly (fixed, [19416]). Also need a little RTL love, see #19335. (@jane)

Patch Needs Refresh

  • #18880 Back compat for the admin_user_info_links filter (@jane)

Needs Patch

  • #19088 Accessibility for the admin bar — Screen readers, tabbing, etc. (@jane)
  • #18742 New post-update screen — screen itself is done (translators, might want to get a head start, lots of new strings), but needs code to tell when to show it/to whom. Maybe some RTL love also. @nacin doing the when-to-show code. (@jane)
  • #19320 wp_tiny_mce() cannot call wp_editor(), and other issues — @nacin and @azaozz duking it out on the ticket. (@jane)
  • #19335 Make feature pointers nice for our RTL users (@jane)
  • #18467 Standardize Language on Core Update — @nacin working on it.


Suggest Agenda Items for August 12th 201…

Suggest Agenda Items for August 12th 2010 Dev Chat


I’m kind of thrown by what has turned u…

I’m kind of thrown by what has turned up in menus since I looked at it two days ago. It appears that you can now add everything under the sun to a custom menu. The feature we talked about adding in 3.0 was to support adding pages, categories, and links. As v1 of the feature, I think it’s important we rein ourselves in here. Advanced menu stuff belongs in a plugin, not in core. It could be a core plugin, but having the default menu creator in v1 have that many options (post, page, link, tag, category, media file) is going too far and is outside the scope we all approved. We need a *basic* menu feature that plugins can build on; we should not put the whole kit and caboodle in core. If we want to put out a core plugin to add all the other stuff, I would support that, but for core I think we need to strip it back a little and focus on making it accessible.


Posted on dev blog re canonical plugins,…

Posted on dev blog re canonical plugins, and posted poll to weigh in on what to call them. #wordpress