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  • Jen 8:20 pm on May 23, 2012 Permalink
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    Pre-RC Dev Chat 5/23/2012 Live Blog 

    • #16079 Automatic excerpts don’t work well with Chinese txt (word counting): Nacin is handling. Westi closed for 3.4.
    • #20703 wp.getComments logs in the user (1 + #comments) times: Unit tests = fast track to commit. Ryan doing so.
    • #20699 AJAX Actions now pass the action name as an arg: reverting to 3.3 behavior, Ryan will handle it. Re-assess for 3.5.
    • #20448 Update Twenty Ten and Twenty Eleven to use 3.4 features: Koop and Nacin to review Lance’s patch.
    • #20554 3.4 Feature Pointers: Change position of the one on Headers to be side pointer. Jane talking to Ryan Ozz.
    • #19599 Localizations should not need to worry about the default secret key: Nacin’s top priority.
    • #8759 Word count function doesn’t work in several languages: Nacin is handling. Westi closed for 3.4, wants new tickets for 3.5 as needed.
    • #20737 Improve appearance of “choose from library” link for headers and backgrounds: Wait and standardize in 3.5.
    • #20507 3.4 Preview/Customize page “Return to Manage Themes” link doesn’t work as expected: Koop says nacin is handling.
    • #20600 Customize and display_header_text(): Koop will fix, patch needs some more love before committing. (Don’t we all.)
    • #20692 Handle unsaved changes in the customizer: change to button style per Jane’s comment on ticket. Helen will try patching.
    • #20736 Move customizer to wp-admin/customize.php: Nacin.
    • #20582 Theme Customizer: IE 8/9 compatibility: @ryan‘s top priority
    • #20733 Theme customizer doesn’t order sections based on order added: @dkoopersmith couldn’t reproduce, others could. Jane suggested punting, but Koop/Ocean90/Sergey looking and will fix if a simple one. Otherwise, a nicety that can wait for 3.5.
    • #20423 About WordPress page for 3.4: Closed. Reopen if any typos, credits will be updated from wordpress.org .

    Tally for remaining ticket assignments:

    • Nacin – 6
    • Koop – 3 + 2 reviews
    • Ryan – 3
    • Helen – 1
    • Ozz – 1
    • Ocean/Sergey – 1
  • Helen Hou-Sandi 5:55 am on February 22, 2012 Permalink
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    Team Update: Browsing Buddies 

    @getsource (DH-Shredder) spent some more time over the past week working with @dkoopersmith refining the infinite scroll JS for #19815, which was committed earlier today. We briefly discussed having more results/pagination for some of the other theme-install.php tabs with @nacin (requires changes on the API end), as well as the recurring thought that perhaps the featured tab should show first. Therefore, the other patch that restricted the JS enqueue to the theme-install.php search tab only was not committed for the time being.

    After reviewing some comps with @jane, we started on the display of multiple screenshots. An initial rough patch will be up on #19816 soon. We still need to hash out the details of retrieving multiple screenshots, both in get_themes() and from the .org API, and how those images will be added to the extended details div without displaying in no JS, as discussed when first scoping the feature. We also need to take into consideration what happens when the window is resized. Provided that we can get that sorted out tomorrow, it looks like we’re on target for the cycle.

    I wrote the Theme Review Team and gave them an update on the anticipated screenshot sizes, which will remain at 300×225 (4:3), constrained by CSS. Gandalf functions as the large screenshot 🙂 The screenshots in the list table view will be enlarged to match, as there is more space now that details are hidden by default.

  • Jen 6:13 pm on May 5, 2011 Permalink
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    Dev Chat Summary – May 4, 2011 

    We have passed feature freeze, and are now in UI week, leading up to a beta date of May 11. This week’s dev chat checked in on all the things we originally targeted for 3.2.

    • Drop PHP4 compat: This is done, but there are 1 or 2 places we went a little too far and need to revert to not break things.
    • Distraction-free Writing (dfw): Backend is ready. Need to change the buttons used for HTML actions, provide support for escape key, support theme styles, and fine-tune transition times. @azaozz owns this one.
    • List tables API improvements: Not happening for 3.2. Westi’s basic summary of findings: More actions/filters/standardization and don’t support subclassing as an override method. Will try to get to this in 3.3.
    • Twenty Eleven (new default theme): Mostly finished, needs editor style support added.
    • IE6 EOL: Most agreed with @aarondcampbell‘s suggestion for the nag — IE < 8 could say "you're insecure" and anything < most recent could say "your browser is outdated" @aarondcampbell will write patch, with confer with nacin about recent api work.
    • Speed improvements: There are lots and lots of speed improvements under the hood. Ryan has done time testing to prove it. If we have release video, Mark J suggested doing side by side view to show the difference. Nacin looked into PHP lazy loading, said it would not bring much improvement, so skipping it.
    • Partial core upgrades: work begun by @dd32, being finished by @nacin. Says nothing needs to be done in core, just on .org side re generating appropriate zips.
    • Style update: @dkoopersmith got first patch into trunk yesterday, had a large chunk of the update in it. Getting the rest in now, and then we’ll do a sweep to see what needs fixing/adding. Asking people to hold off on design feedback/requests/details until we’re ready, to avoid lots of trac messages about details that are already being added, just haven’t been committed yet. Should be there in a day.
    • Trac tickets: feature requests and enhancements mostly getting punted since past feature freeze. If there’s a bug you really wanted fixed, then get in there and find more people to test the patches on the ticket. Tickets withut patches will be punted.
    • Remainder of UI week will be dedicated to finishing the style update, and hitting small UI tickets that weren’t urgent/important enough to take attention away from core functionality, but that just make things a little bit nicer (it’s embarrassing that there are still things we put in during 2.7 that we said we’d clean up in 2.8 and then never got around to).
    • Aaron D. Campbell 6:22 pm on May 5, 2011 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      I opened a ticket for the out of date browser nag (#17323). There’s a patch there, but you can’t test it since the API it’s supposed to work with doesn’t exist yet.

    • arena 11:34 pm on May 5, 2011 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      date_i18n bug #17278 patch is ok for me

      would like to have a feedback on #17334

      keep up the good work

    • KranzKrone 2:43 pm on May 6, 2011 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Sounds good, so far.

      I still hope that you make WordPress more faster, and Update the P2 Theme. Maybe give them a bit more features or maybe some Child Themes? 😉

      • Jane Wells 3:16 pm on May 6, 2011 Permalink | Log in to Reply

        As noted in the summary, WordPress has been made significantly faster. P2 is not developed by the WordPress open source project, it is developed by Automattic. If you want to request features you should contact them or leave a post in the themes forum. As for child themes, anyone can make one; if there are features you’d like to see in P2, why not just make a child theme of it yourself that does what you need?

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