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  • Adam Silverstein 3:03 am on February 4, 2016 Permalink |
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    Core Dev chat notes for Feb 3 


    • @danielbachhuber announced a WP REST API meeting, happening tomorrow in #core-restapi on Slack: Thursday, February 4, 2016, 11:00 PM GMT. Full details are posted on the make/core blog.
    • A reminder that the feature plugin decision deadline is coming up next week, Feb 10th.
    • For the “Field Guide” posts, @jorbin proposed organizing around “focuses” and called on any feature plugins that get merged to make a post highlighting the following: anything with potential to break backwards compatibility along with significant new classes, functions, and hooks that you expect plugin, theme, and site developers to use. The goal is to have everything published before beta2.

    Feature Plugin Updates

    • Customizer Device Preview: @celloexpressions
      • Very close. Has UI/UX approval, a11y approval.
      • Waiting for fixes after dev review and security audit.
      • Consensus is that, pending the above, it is approved to merge in 4.5.
      • See #31195 and the related make post.
    • Application Passwords: @georgestephanis
      • Application passwords got split off from two factor auth, so we’re only talking about application passwords (Two-Factor is not dead, and will come back at a later date)
      • Lets you use an application password for XMLRPC and the REST API, instead of your normal password or oAuth 1.
      • Questions and discussion around whether there is a large enough use case to make this a core feature. Consensus is that at this point, it doesn’t benefit enough end users to warrant inclusion, but might after or when the REST API endpoints land in core.

    Focus Status Updates

    • Customizer: @westonruter, @celloexpressions
      • Customizer Pane Resize (#32296): Stalled.
      • Selective Refresh (#27355): Getting very close.
        • Selective refresh works well together with postMessage JS-updates, as the JS update can apply an immediate (approximate) preview while the Ajax request is being made to get the actual rendered content
        • Selective refresh `partials` have associated selectors and settings, so shift-clicking on any of the containers will focus on the corresponding control in the pane.
      • Customizer notification area (#35210): Needs help!
        • In progress, but an initial patch based on available mockups is needed here.
        • This is a dependency for the setting validation model (#34893) and creating page stubs via nav menus (#34923).
      • Transactions (#30937): Punting due to dependency on the REST API and on selective refresh.
    • Image Improvements: @joemcgill
      • Main focus on improving the default Imagick compression settings, some progress this week identifying the main hurdles there.
      • Could use additional opinions on #28474 (animated gif resizing) and whether it’s worth pursuing.
      • Could use some additional eyes on #34359 (particularly on multisite installs)
      • Weekly meeting is Friday at 20:00 UTC.
    • Multisite/WP_Site: @jeremyfelt
      • WP_Site is in with only minor issues surfacing.
      • Considering a `sites` endpoint for the REST API – primary use right now would be to refactor the My Sites menu.
      • A new repository for the site(s) endpoint has been set up on github.
      • Some renewed interest in a network settings API (or expanding the settings API to include networks)
      • Make/core post coming soon.
    • Editor: @azaozz, @iseulde
      • Going through and fixing edge cases for the inline link dialog. Please test!
      • Next will be the extending of “editing shortcuts”.

    View the full logs on Slack.

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    Core Dev chat notes for Jan 27 


    • Extending the Feature Plugin decision and merge deadline by one week, taking them to Feb 10 and 17, respectively. This does not affect the rest of the release schedule, and betas, RC, and release are all the same dates. This gives feature plugins a little more time to have necessary discussions.
    • @ebinnion has graciously continued with the week in core post, and @rockwell15 volunteered to lend a hand.  If you like these posts, please help!  Many hand make light work.
    • @dd32, @jorbin and a few others are working on finishing up 4.4.2. Ticket owners should review the list of tickets tagged for the release.

    Focus Status Updates

    • Customizer: @westonruter, @celloexpressions
      • Posted a recent status update here on the make/core blog.
      • Customize Device Preview is up and ready for testing #31195, with a make/core post coming shortly.
      • Assistance requested with the Customizer Pane Resize plugin #32296.
      • Some movement on adding a notification area to Customizer #35210, with the need for an initial workup – help needed.
    • HTTPS Improvements: @johnbillion
      • Focusing on avoiding mixed content on https sites – a working http site is much preferable to an https site full of mixed content.
      • Working on a feature plugin which implements various granular controls over forcing HTTPS on a site: forcing enqueued assets to https, rewriting URLs in content on the fly to force their scheme to https, forcing redirects to the https version of the site, etc. Individual options with the ability to enforce the lot.
      • Adding a GitHub repo where this will be worked on and also posting a summary to make/core soon.
    • Image Improvements: @joemcgill
      • Good conversation last week about displaying responsive images in the editor.
      • Team could use help with profiling to Improve default Imagick compression settings #33642.
      • The old #feature-respimg channel has been renamed #core-images to be a place to talk about images in any/all capacities.
      • Weekly meeting is Friday at 20:00 UTC.
    • Editor: @azaozz, @iseulde
      • The inline link dialog is in. Please test! #33301
      • Looking into wpviews soon (Using the TinyMCE API).
      • Also looking at improving the shortcuts soon.
      • Could use help investigating using the image editing tools from TinyMCE for the media library.

    Open Floor

    • @veraxus brought up #16031 and the inability of handle new bulk actions in a non-hacky way (you can add the actions in the list, but not handle the action). Is it worth the effort to rework the patch? Will the core team support it?

    View the full logs on Slack.

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    Week in Core, Jan. 19-26 2016 

    Welcome back to the latest issue of Week in Core, covering changes from January 19th – January 26th, 2016, changesets [36351-36406]. Here are the highlights:

    • 55 commits
    • 44 contributors with props
    • 99 tickets created
    • 10 tickets reopened
    • 86 tickets closed

    Ticket numbers based on trac timeline for the period above.

    Note: If you want to help write the next WordPress Core Weekly summary, check out the schedule over at make/docs and get in touch in the #core-weekly-update Slack channel.

    Code Updates


    • Improve the focus style on the Credits screen. Leads and contributing developers will now look nicer when focused. Also, combines adjacent image and text links for the same resource thus simplifying markup and reducing noise for screen reader users. [36406] #34953
    • Accessibility: Improve the color contrast ratio replacing the residual occurrences of the #777 gray. Uses the existing #72777c on white backgrounds and the new #555d66 “dark medium gray” on darker backgrounds. [36396] #35605
    • Fix the color contrast ratio in the login screen. [36395] #31548
    • Remove title attributes from the Menus screen. [36379] #35374

    Cache API

    • Pass $clean_taxonomy param to ‘clean_term_cache’ action. [36399] #35611


    • Fire an action after a comment is removed from object cache. When a comment is removed from the object cache, the clean_comment_cache action is now fired. This provides plugin and theme developers a chance to perform secondary cache invalidation as needed. [36405] #35610
    • In comments list table, $post_id should default to false rather than 0. [36387] #35090
    • Allow comment query results to be limited to comments with comment_post_ID = 0. [36381] #35090
    • Ignore hierarchy in pagination calculation when comment threading is disabled. Merges [36275] to the 4.4 branch. [36362] #8071, #35419
    • Respect all post-related filters in WP_Comment_Query. Merges [36326] to the 4.4 branch. Fixes #35478. [36361] #35478
    • Use the post-filter WHERE clause when querying for comment descendants. Merges [36277] to the 4.4 branch. Fixes #35192. [36357] #35192
    • Always respect $comments array passed to wp_list_comments(). Merges [36276] to the 4.4 branch. [36356] #35175, #35356
    • In comments_template(), don’t run hierarchical queries if comment threading is disabled. Merges [36226] to the 4.4 branch. [36353] #35378


    • Use “(Untitled)” as site title if blogname is empty. Fixes #35579. [36388] #35579
    • Add shift-click on nav menu items in preview to focus on corresponding nav menu item controls in pane. [36383] #32681
    • Hide help toggle button in panel when no description is supplied. This aligns with the .customize-panel-description element which is also excluded if there is no description. [36374] #35540
    • Fix click.preview event handler for jump links and shift+clicks in preview. Fixes #26005. [36371] #32681, #26005
    • Prevent erroneously directing user to login screen when closing. Fixes #35355. [36363] #32637, #35355
    • Respect custom pagination params when using wp_list_comments() in a query loop. Merges [36324] to the 4.4 branch. [36360] #35402


    • Correct return value for is_allowed_http_origin(). [36398] #35607
    • Clarify that mu-plugins can’t be “active” in docs. [36397]
    • Fix parameter documentation ordering in the hook docs for the register_taxonomy_args filter. [36391] #32246


    • TinyMCE: add inline link dialog. First run. Links the advanced button to the “old” dialog for now. [36384] #33301
    • TinyMCE: remove the srcset and sizes attributes (if any) after replacing or editing an image. [36376] #35434


    • Work around a mod_security rule which prevents pages with 4 or more instances of String.fromCharCode( from being served. [36359] #35412


    • Add the text domain to translate_nooped_plural() calls as well. [36390] #34126
    • Add a test for the add-textdomain.php script. [36389]


    • In _wp_handle_upload(), move ending brace to a new line. [36373] #35565
    • When reusing the initial values from the global MediaElement config object, the config object should first be cloned. Objects in JS are references that will retain any changes. Fixes #34152. [36364] #34152



    • Pass data consistently on plugin, network plugin, and network theme screens. [36394] #35335


    • Respect ‘suppress_filters’ when filtering search-related SQL. [36404] #35594
    • Introduce $comment_status and $ping_status params for WP_Query. [36403] #35601
    • Avoid invalid SQL when building ORDER BY clause using long search strings. Merges [36251] to the 4.4 branch. Fixes #35361. [36354] #35361

    Quick/Bulk Edit

    • Remove a no more used jQuery loop for unsupported post formats. See #24096. [36375] #23426, #24096, #35564
    • On the Taxonomies screens, prevent a page reload when pressing Enter on a focused field. Merges [36260 to the 4.4 branch. [36355] #35401

    Posts, Post Types

    • Allow is_post_type_viewable() to accept a post type name. Previously, it accepted only a post type object. [36402] #35609
    • Add tests for is_post_type_viewable(). [36401] #35609


    • Populate term cache with proper clone of term objects. Merges [36323] to the 4.4 branch. [36358] #35462


    • Themes: Enhance filtering options for allowed themes on a network. [36366] #28436


    • Update to 4.3.3. Update the QUnit tests and revert back to testing the non-minified files in /src. [36352] #35539


    • Switch the locking mechanism to using static methods so that it can be accessed from other upgrade-classes. [36370] #34878


    • Show the “Clear Inactive Widgets” button only after the sidebar with inactive widgets. Merges [36326] to the 4.4 branch. [36369] #35447


    Thanks to @5um17, @afercia, @azaozz, @berengerzyla, @birgire, @boonebgorges, @chandrapatel, @chriscct7, @danielbachhuber, @dd32, @dmsnell, @dotancohen, @drebbitsweb, @DrewAPicture, @ericlewis, @Fab1en, @firebird75, @Frozzare, @georgestephanis, @iseulde, @ivankristianto, @jeremyfelt, @jmdodd, @johnjamesjacoby, @johnnypea, @kraftbj, @lamosty, @luciole135, @MattGeri, @michalzuber, @mrahmadawais, @obenland, @ocean90, @pauldewouters, @rob, @salvoaranzulla, @scarinessreported, @SergeyBiryukov, @spacedmonkey, @tahteche, @walbo, @westi, @westonruter, and @wonderboymusic for their contributions!

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    Core Dev Chat Notes for Jan 20 


    Focus Status Updates

    • Customizer: @westonruter, @celloexpressions
      • Good progress has happened for selective refresh, with good feedback and an architectural direction #27355.
      • A responsive preview feature has been getting good feedback and is nearing a committable patch #31195.
      • Update make/core post coming soon.
    • HTTPS Improvements: @johnbillion
      • Nothing specific to report about the HTTPS work, there will be a meeting next week about ‘force ssl’ which he will post about in make/core tomorrow morning for those who want to get involved.
    • Image Improvements: @joemcgill
      • Improving Imagick compression settings #33642 is still a priority.
      • Looking into options for #28474 (better animated GIF handling).
      • Longer term effort: what can be done to improve some of the core API for working with images
    • Multisite/WP_Site: @jeremyfelt
      • Several things assigned to the 4.5 milestone
      • A reorg of filters for network allowed themes went in today.
      • Working at the latest <code>WP_Site</code> patch now with the intent of putting it in today or tomorrow.
      • Office hours on Tuesdays at 21:00 UTC in #core-multisite; bring your bugs.
    • Post New: @michaelarestad
      • @karmatosed is going to be leading a team focused on improving the Revisions UI
      • @hugobaeta is going to be leading the Toolbar Remix team
      • @michaelarestad working on improving the Publishing UX and Metaboxes
      • @michaelarestad made a Sketch template for wp-admin that’s accurate and will be published later this week.
      • Update posts coming soon
      • Join the effort: comment on the original post and join the Slack #design channel.
    • Editor: @azaozz, @iseulde

    Open Floor

    • @ipstenu brought up #35429; @michaelarestad going to review from UX perspective, discussion
    • @azaozz brought up inline link dialog autocomplete, extend suggest.js or use another library (typeahead, select2)? what is the use case? discussion in #core-editor. @sheri offered to help with user testing to determine the best UX.
    • Meeting ended, ticket conversation continued…

    View the full logs on Slack.

  • Mike Schroder 7:33 am on January 20, 2016 Permalink |
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    Weekly Dev Chat Agenda for Jan 20 

    Agenda for weekly dev meeting on January 20 at 21:00 UTC:

    Focus Leads, please have status ready.

    If you have anything to propose to add to the agenda, or have a project that you’d like added to the weekly status checks, please leave a comment below.

    See you in the chat!

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    Core Dev Chat Notes for Jan 13 

    Plugin Chat

    • Chat meeting notes posted on make/core.
    • Another feature plugin chat will be scheduled before the feature plugin decision deadline which is Feb. 3rd.

    Week in Core

    • These are very popular and much appreciated updates.
    • @morganestes has done a great job with them; we need more volunteers!
    • @ebinnion and @grantpalin volunteered to take on these updates; The crowd reacted wildly!

    Focus Status Check

    • HTTPS Improvements: @johnbillion
      • Continue with HTTPS fixes, including edge cases, mixed content
      • Help fix sites that use a mixture of HTTP and HTTPS (for example, HTTPS for the admin area)
      • Introduce a means of forcing a site to use HTTPS exclusively
      • Attempt to default to HTTPS for new installs where it’s supported
    • Image Improvements: @joemcgill
      • Some bug fixing from 4.4 implementation
      • Picking up work on #33642 – improving compression of images
      • Start working thru code cleanup in images
      • @azaozz mentioned the longer term goal of changing image handling overall
    • Multisite/WP_Site: @jeremyfelt
      • Regular meetings will begin again in #core-multisite Tuesday at 21:00 UTC.
      • WP_Site class, ticket #32450 has a good patch. Feedback is very welcome.
    • Post New: @michaelarestad
      • Project ideas posted on the make blog.  Many ideas here; some will take longer than a single release cycle.
      • Comment there to express interest in working on any of the items.
    • Editor: @azaozz, @iseulde
      • Inline wplink dialog.
      • Improved wpView/blocks inside the editor using the recently introduced TinyMCE API.
      • Few more “editing shortcuts” like backticks for <code> and triple backticks for <pre><code>.
      • Thinking about how to integrate TineMCE’s image manipulation module.
      • Will post a “wishlist” for 4.5 by the end of the week.

    Open Floor

    • Comments update from @rachelbaker: 8 open tickets right now slated for 4.5. Highlights
      • #4332 – a 9+ year old Trac ticket that @wonderboymusic made some progress on in 4.4. I refreshed the patch yesterday, but it still needs i18n and developer feedback.
      • #34133 has some great UX feedback/discussion from @melchoyce @karmatosed and @afercia. Improves Moderate Comments screen. Feedback requested.
      • #33717 ( Notification Email When a Comment is Approved ) has an updated patch and @swisspidy is looking for some feedback.
    • Notifications API update from @johnbillion:
      • Would like to replace wp_mail() with an extensible notifications API, which sends emails by default but can easily be hooked in to send notifications via any other means, such as webhooks that enable Slack/IM/push notifications, etc. Optional admin UI for users and admins to opt in/out of individual notifications and notification types. Will post to make/core shortly.

    View the full logs on Slack.

    • Matt van Andel 10:51 pm on January 19, 2016 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Plus my (failed) attempt to discuss the complexities of finally getting #16031 resolved, and finally re-enabling custom bulk actions. I’ll attempt to bring the issue up again in tomorrow’s weekly, but I’m quickly running out of steam here.

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    Feature Plugin Chat notes for Jan 12 


    Feature Plugin Updates

    • Fields API: @sc0ttkclark
      • Status: Currently finishing implementation for User Profile screen. Targeting WordPress 4.6.
      • Blockers: Need more hands on deck.
      • Discussion: Almost ready for testing: needs more public involvement; as soon as user screen ready, going to put on wordpress.org as a plugin, and post a call to action.
    • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA): @georgestephanis
      • Status: From a technical perspective pretty much everything functions; needs work from a usability perspective. Current plan is to ensure email authentication always works as an option.
        • One part is ready for 4.5: Application Passwords – generates application unique passwords
      • Blockers: Need more UI/UX feedback/work
      • Discussion: There was an extensive discussion of 2FA – should it be in core? Is even a good solution for security? How do users recover from losing access? Would it be enabled by default? Should it be a ‘core plugin’ – supported by core in plugin form?
      • George invited more discussion at the weekly meeting:  Thursday at 22:00 UTC, in #core-passwords
    • Shortcake: @matth_eu
      • Status: Goal is to get it ready for WordPress 4.6
        • Current focus on the UI side, positioning shortcake as a ‘content blocks’ using shortcodes
        • @matth_eu taking over lead while @danielbachhuber focuses on the REST-API
        • Restarting weekly meetings met on Mondays at 8:00 UTC in #feature-shortcode
    • Customizer: @westonruter
      • Status: Lots of activity, some features should be ready for 4.5.
        • @valendesigns, @celloexpressions & @jtsternberg leading development
        • Weekly meetings in #core-customize on Mondays at 17:30UTC
        • Work continues on the following features/tickets:
          • #32296: Customize Pane Resize
          • #31195: Customize Device Preview
          • #27355: Customize Partial/Selective Refresh (note: core patch should implement use in menus selective refresh)
          • #34893: Customize Setting Validation: looking for feedback
          • #35210: Adding a notification area to Customizer: Still in design phase
          • #34923: Basic content authorship in the Customizer: Design phase
          • #30937: Transactions: Patch needs refresh; biggest effort of all the tickets
      • Blockers: Need feedback on Partial Refresh implementation, especially from theme developers.

    Open floor

    View the full logs on the Slack archives.

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    Week in Core: Sept. 28 – Oct. 11, 2015 

    Welcome back to the latest issue of Week in Core, covering changes from Sept. 28 – Oct. 11, 2015, changesets [34659][35029]. Here are the highlights:

    See that ↑ right there? That’s an oEmbed. And it’s loaded from inside this site.

    Feature Plugins Merged

    The Responsive Images, oEmbed Provider, and the “baby” REST API feature plugins have been merged into core. Grab the latest version of trunk and test them out.

    WordPress logo with wordmark below

    Responsive images in your posts. Just upload and insert!

    Potent Notables

    These changes were big enough to merit their own blog posts:

    Deeper Reading

    Some commits pack in a lot of info, from detailed background to best practices in using hooks. Here are a few worth reading the entire commit message:

    • WP_Term class introduced [34997] #14162
    • Fix scalability performance problem for previewing multidimensional settings in the Customizer. [35007] #32103
    • Ensure that wp.customize.Widgets.savedWidgetIds is defined up front. [34883] #33901
    • The history and implementation of oEmbeds. [34903] #32522
    • Improve role-related arguments in WP_User_Query. [34875] #22212
    • Use wp_installing() instead of WP_INSTALLING constant. [34828] #31130
    • Introduce *_network_option functions for Multisite installs. [34777] #28290
    • Ensure that comment permalinks reflect pagination. [34735] #34068, #34073

    (More …)

  • Joe McGill 1:57 pm on September 30, 2015 Permalink
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    Responsive Images: Merge Proposal 

    The RICG WordPress Team is proposing a partial merge of the RICG Responsive Images plugin into core in version 4.4. Specifically, we are proposing to add native srcset and sizes support to WordPress (ticket #33641).


    As of today, the average web page currently weighs over 2 MB with the majority of those bytes being attributed to images. Screen density and display sizes continue to increase and site owners are including larger image assets to keep up, causing slower page load times for people on smaller/older devices and on slower/expensive network connections. We have the opportunity to make a huge impact on the ~25% of the web that runs on WordPress by adding responsive image support out of the box so sites can serve appropriate sizes images to all users.

    Project Background

    The initial plugin idea was conceived by Tim Evko and Chris Coyier in April of 2014 before becoming the basis for the official WordPress implementation from the Responsive Images Community Group last November. Since that time, the plugin has been downloaded over 40,000 times and is actively installed on over 10,000 WordPress sites. We’ve gotten input from many WP core committers during regular meetings in the #feature-respimg slack channel, and received guidance from Mat Marquis and other members of the RICG—including the same people who wrote and are implementing the responsive image HTML spec.

    Implementation details

    First off, the plugin does not add any UI or admin settings to core. 🙌

    The plugin adds srcset and sizes attributes to images by extending wp_get_attachment_image(), which includes all post_thumbnails, photo galleries, and any other images that use wp_get_attachment_image() to build the markup.

    For images embedded in post content, we have opted to add srcset and sizes using a display filter rather than writing those attributes directly to the database. You can read more about that change in our previous project update. We’ve improved the performance of the display filter and believe it’s acceptable, but are still working to improve it further.

    In all cases, we have chosen to make use of the native intermediate sizes functionality in core to create alternate image sources for our srcset attributes rather than adding additional image sizes specifically for our use. This includes any user defined image sizes as long as they are resized versions (i.e., soft crops) of the file defined in the src attribute. Themes and plugins can also filter the value of the srcset attribute through included filter hooks.

    For the sizes attribute, we have chosen to use sizes="(min-width: {img.width}px) {img.width}px, 100vw" as a sensible default. However, this default value can and should be filtered by themes to meet their layout needs.

    Based on community feedback, we are choosing not to include a polyfill for non-supporting browsers directly in core. However, we would recommend that themes make use of Picturefill in order to provide responsive image support to the broadest set of users.

    While the plugin also includes experimental image compression settings for the Imagick editor (ticket #33642), we are not proposing that those enhancements be included at this time.

    Housekeeping and next steps

    This is a proposal and is subject to revision based on your feedback. If you haven’t already tried out the plugin, please download and install it from WordPress.org. You can review the current code and leave feedback at the project’s GitHub repository or in #feature-respimg on Slack.

    Many thanks to @mike for shepherding the project during this release cycle and @azaozz for his performance and security feedback. We’ve reached out to the accessibility team and received no objections, and we have reached out to @drew who will review the docs once a core patch is ready.

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    • Bryan Hoffman 2:30 pm on September 30, 2015 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Very exciting!

    • Morten Rand-Hendriksen 2:57 pm on September 30, 2015 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      WordPress moves the world forward.

    • Ahmad Awais 4:26 pm on September 30, 2015 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Excited about this project.

    • Mauricio Gofas 8:17 pm on September 30, 2015 Permalink | Log in to Reply


    • WebberZone 8:42 am on October 1, 2015 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      +1 for integrating this into core

    • Nevis-1 3:05 pm on October 1, 2015 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Sounds intriguing…you get my vote.

    • jeffreynolte 9:42 pm on October 1, 2015 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      +1 here as well

    • growdigital 8:36 am on October 2, 2015 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Absolutely 100%ly.

    • wesleymcole 7:17 pm on October 2, 2015 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      100% on board with this.

    • rngala 9:40 pm on October 2, 2015 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Yes Please!

    • Annette Voelckner 10:18 pm on October 2, 2015 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Yeah, sooo excited.

    • thatgrrl 4:47 pm on October 6, 2015 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      I’m not a developer but I did use this plugin and would like to comment on my experience with it. The idea is great, however the plugin generates a lot of extra code and image sizes in the post itself. This ended up giving me a lot of broken links to fix when I had to move my site. Cleaning up all those dead links took ages. I also found my original image had the file name changed, an extra 1 was added. (I’m not sure if that was part of the problem I was having or something created by the Responsive Images plugin). Anyway, I hope this problem can be taken into account. Maybe the feature can be available or turned off when it is added to the core. I would use the plugin again but only if it does not generate all that extra image sizes code in the post.

      • Joe McGill 5:53 pm on October 6, 2015 Permalink | Log in to Reply

        Hi @thatgrrl,

        Sorry to hear you had issues after moving hosts. The implementation we’re suggesting for Core would add `srcset` and `sizes` attributes to images when they’re displayed on the front end, and would not add the additional markup to posts as you describe.

    • Schweinepriester 3:34 pm on October 8, 2015 Permalink | Log in to Reply


    • orenwolf 1:27 am on October 23, 2015 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      @joemcgill – how will this change affect image caching? Will we need to tell upstream caches to Vary: on different criteria to avoid serving images with the wrong sizes to visitors?

      • Joe McGill 11:49 am on October 23, 2015 Permalink | Log in to Reply

        This change shouldn’t affect caches since the base HTML will stay consistent between page loads. The difference for users will be which image source their browser decides to request from each image.

    • zabatonni 9:02 am on October 26, 2015 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      +1 already redesigning aspect ratios of used images

    • szabesz 6:26 pm on October 26, 2015 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      I’m not a big fun of srcset as the average Joe cannot deal with images properly anyway, they upload whatever they can and do not actually care about the (file) size of the image (not to mention its name). I wish the Imsanity plugin was merged to WordPress. Much more useful.

    • lukasdan 4:44 am on October 27, 2015 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Hi Joe, Will it works/compatible if i have images storage in amazon S3 and serve by CDN? I’m using wp offload s3.

    • mantismamita 10:47 am on October 29, 2015 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Yes Please!! I’m an avid user of RICG Responsive Images plugin and would love to see this merged into core.

    • Robey Lawrence 2:13 am on November 2, 2015 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      ** Happy Dance! **

    • momo-fr 3:05 pm on November 4, 2015 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Nice… good job!

    • John Huebner 3:21 am on November 10, 2015 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Will there be a way to disable this? I’m using something else on several of my client’s sites already and after looking at RICG I know that it will break these sites and not supply what is currently being supplied. I will need to disable this before I can update these sites.

      • Joe McGill 1:20 pm on November 10, 2015 Permalink | Log in to Reply

        Hi John,

        You can use the included filters to modify/remove the new `srcset` and `sizes` attributes using the included filter hooks. For a full explanation of what will be included, read this post.

        Additionally, I would encourage you to report any inconsistent behavior you’re seeing with the RICG plugin over at our GitHub repo or on the WP.org plugin forums. Thanks.


    • CodeFish 7:15 am on November 19, 2015 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Absolutely awesome feature! Much wanted!

    • Matt Magi 10:24 pm on December 10, 2015 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Awesome I’ve been hoping this would be included.

      A few questions:

      1) So what about sites that are updating to 4.4, should they use some sort of thumbnail rebuild tool to create these new image sizes or will that automatically be done?

      2) What are the image sizes and breakpoints? I do not see that listed anywhere?


      • fabeyg 11:10 am on December 21, 2015 Permalink | Log in to Reply

        the image sizes are all the same that existed before except one additional one being added which I don’t think will be generated automatically, but the srcset will then just use the other existing sizes.

  • morganestes 9:08 pm on September 21, 2015 Permalink
    Tags: ,   

    Week in Core: Sept. 13-21, 2015 

    Welcome to the Week in Core — Week Four, with super-exciting news from around WordPress-land, and Core changes and updates for Sept. 13–21, 2015 (commits [34093][34361]). This week’s core contributors number 106! I’m especially jazzed about the number of new names on the list, and want to thank everyone for your effort this week.

    News you can use

    The WP REST API team submitted a proposal to merge the plugin into core, with a two-phase integration plan. The merge proposal blog post also does a nice job of presenting the history of the plugin and some use cases.

    Do you use my-hacks.php in your site? Don’t. (A quick search through the plugin and theme repos shows only 10 plugins and 3 themes that mention the file.)

    Multisite is making some pretty big changes, including the addition of the  WP_Network class. Check out this blog post, which outlines some of the changes and a roadmap for future updates for 4.4.

    Interested in the user-focused part of WordPress? Of course you are! Join in the conversation about “Potential UI/UX projects in core.”

    Code changes

    Here are some highlights from the 268 change sets published to Trac; the complete report is available online in plain-text format for a bit more in-depth coverage.

    (More …)

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