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  • Aaron Jorbin 6:09 am on September 27, 2016 Permalink |
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    Bug Scrubs This Week 

    There are a few upcoming bug scrubs in addition to the regular component ones that you should plan on attending. Both of these scrubs will be taking place in the #core slack room.

    Additionally, thanks to @desrosj for running a 4.7 focused scrub on Monday.

    Want to run a bug scrub? Learn about running your own.

  • Jeff Paul 8:06 pm on September 22, 2016 Permalink |
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    Dev Chat Summary: September 21 (4.7 week 5) 

    This post summarizes the dev chat meeting from September 21st (agenda, Slack archive).


    • Schedule: As of this meeting, we are 4 weeks from the final chance to merge in major features. This includes Twenty Seventeen.

    Bug Scrubs

    Components & Features

    • Twenty Seventeen (@davidakennedy, @melchoyce)
      • Announcement post, latest update
      • Maintainers are out travelling today, but #core-themes is active and they will be holding a meeting on Friday at 18:00 UTC
    • REST API (@krogsgard, @kadamwhite )
      • Latest update
      • API discussion is at 7 am Pacific on Mondays
      • Settings endpoints and meta support both have first-passes on them, which need internal review and some more testing before we ship
      • We have a path forward for passworded posts (password in the query string, eww, but only viable option), there really isn’t a way we can see to avoid sending them as a query param
      • Meeting tomorrow in #core-restapi at 21:00 UTC to go through open issues around non-trivial, conceptual issues in WordPress. REST API team will prepare summary of issues for component maintainers and/or lead devs to review, question, and help guide discussion towards consensus.
    • Media (@mikeschroder, @joemcgill)
      • Latest update
      • Moving our weekly meetings up to Fridays at 17:00 UTC starting this week
      • Unexpected change to media title behavior in WP 4.6.1 (#37989) – The main issue here was resolved, but there seems to still be some odd behavior affecting words being chopped off filenames with international characters. Could use extra eyes from anyone (along with @sergey) more versed in i18n. Regression on the attachment titles that we generate on upload all became URL encoded instead of reading like a normal title.
      • Media search doesn’t include file name (#22744) – Committed earlier this week. Please report any issues that come as a result.
      • Next step in improving the organization of the media library is to assess both the infrastructure and UI improvements that need to be made here. Prefer to include #design early in this process, rather than asking for UI feedback on development driven decisions, hope to be part of the #design chat agenda tomorrow
    • Customize (@westonruter, @celloexpressions)
      • Latest update
      • In this week’s meeting we developed a schedule for publishing make/core feature proposals/dev notes for the remaining primary 4.7 customize projects, working backward from anticipated time to commit after the proposal and current readiness:
        • Week of 9/19: Improving sliding panels UI (34391, @delawski)
        • Week of 9/26: A new experience for themes in the customizer (37661, @celloexpressions). Please review soon for any requested changes in direction or design.
          • Summary: The existing themes section in the customizer is replaced with a full-screen theme browser and installer… The UI is nearly identical to wp-admin/theme-install.php… The .org-based theme-install previewer is not accessible here because it is likely to cause confusion with its customizer-like interface and the resulting need to switch contexts back and forth… An overarching goal is to avoid switching in and out of the admin/frontend/customize contexts during theme installation and previewing, instead staying in the hybrid customizer context that provides a combination of frontend plus controls… On the technical side, this heavily leverages JS-templated customizer controls and scales nicely to hundreds of themes.
          • Visual:
          • Please comment on the ticket with your feedback as soon as possible, preferably with specific concerns/ideas and reasons.
          • @celloexpressions to check in with @karmatosed on user testing ahead of posting final feature proposal
        • Week of 9/26: Customize transactions (30937, @westonruter evaluating this week and might punt again)
        • Week of 10/3: Code-editing gateways, via CSS (35395, @johnregan3/@celloexpressions). Awaiting approval/feedback on the acceptability/ability to bundle the two proposed libraries in core, with feedback particularly needed from committers and anyone familiar with the Jetpack fork of CSSTidy.
        • Week of 10/10: Customizer browser history (28536, @westonruter)
    • I18n (@swissspidy)
      • User Admin Language (#29783) – almost ready, another review this week and will commit if no blocker pops up
      • Introduce a locale-switching function (#26511) – @ocean90 to do some benchmarking
      • Introduce some JavaScript i18n functions (#20491) – GlotPress side has a solid plugin for exporting translations as JSON files (assistance on testing would be helpful). Still tinkering with the WordPress side and would love to get some additional feedback there.
    • Editor (@azaozz, @iseulde)
      • No updates, but would love to figure out a way to get more user feedback that helps us set direction for the editor. Will look to add some Core questions to annual survey on WordPress.org. Otherwise will start with something in the beta tester plugin, biased audience but it’s one that exists, is more likely to opt-in, and will be more flexible.
    • HTTPS (@johnbillion)

    Open Floor

    • @pbearne on Add filters to wp_new_user_notification and wp_password_change_notification (#38068) – added a set of filters to allow us to override email messages send by the wp_new_user_notification and wp_password_change_notification functions. @johnbillion to review as it relates to work on notifications.
    • @danieliser checking for interest for core in a set of reusable templates, models & functionality for forms, tabs & modals
    • @ericlewis on Bulk actions: Reactivate bulk actions hook + add hander hook for all admin screens (#16031) – could use a review of the latest patch, looking to commit sometime in the next week
    • @dshanske still working through the Pings and Trackbacks component
  • Andrew Rockwell 11:14 am on September 22, 2016 Permalink |  

    Week in Core, September 7 – 20, 2016 

    Welcome back the latest issue of Week in Core, covering changes [38571-38636]. Here are the highlights:

    • 66 commits
    • 61 contributors
    • 171 tickets created
    • 15 tickets reopened
    • 106 tickets closed

    Ticket numbers based on trac timeline for the period above. The following is a summary of commits, organized by component.

    Code Changes



    • Docs: Use a third-person singular verb for wp_doing_ajax filter added in [38334]. [38607] #25669
    • Bootstrap: Use dirname() when loading class-wp-hook.php from plugin.php. [38589] #37707


    • Database: Fall back to utf8 when utf8mb4 isn’t supported. [38580] #37982


    • Add wp-util as a dependency for customize-controls. [38628] #38107
    • Remove IE8 access to customizer to discontinue support. [38627] #38021
    • Let static_front_page section be contextually active based on whether there are any published pages. [38624] #34923, #38013
    • Ensure nav menu items lacking a label use the title from the original object. [38618] #38015
    • CBetter hover/focus state for section titles and available widgets. [38602] #29158
    • Implement previewing of form submissions which use the GET method. [38587] #20714
    • Prevent widget previewing logic from building invalid jQuery selectors when sidebars are registered without a class name in before_widget. [38577] #37993


    • Normalise index names in dbDelta(). [38591] #34874
    • Increase the size of wp_posts.post_password to 255 characters. [38590] #881


    • Docs: Use a third-person singular verb for smilies filter added in [38504]. [38608] #35905
    • Update autop() to match wpautop(). [38594] #4857, #4857
    • Docs: Fix an outdated comment. [38593] #4857
    • Add an extra line break before block elements in wpautop(). [38592] #4857
    • Don’t send an HTTP status code in wp_send_json() by default. This avoids clobbering an HTTP status code that may have been set prior to calling this function. [38576] #35666



    • Correct context for Next/Previous strings in get_the_posts_pagination(). [38611] #37952



    Networks and Sites

    • Multisite: Show always domain and path when deleting a site. [38633] #37309
    • Multisite: Use get_networks() in get_main_network_id(). [38632] #37218
    • Multisite: Provide $join as a possible SQL clause to the sites_clauses filter. [38631] #37922
    • Multisite: Add annotations for extended WP_Site properties. [38630] #37932
    • Docs: Synchronize docblocks for WP_Site_Query::__construct() and get_sites() after the changes in [37735], [38008], [38103], and [38336]. [38596] #38039
    • Docs: Correct description for domain and path arguments in WP_Network_Query::__construct(). [38595] #32504

    Options, Meta APIs

    • Options: Build out register_setting like register_meta. [38635] #37885


    • Ensure Pending Review Posts permalink posts link to the draft [38572] #37423


    • Style the primary action link in the non-js “Installing Plugin” page. [38617] #36430
    • Tests: Use add_filter() when it’s available. [38582] #17817
    • Docs: Fix minor formatting for inline docs in WP_Hook following its introduction in [38571]. [38573] #17817
    • Hooks: Add the new class WP_Hook, and modify hook handling to make use of it. [38571] #17817

    Posts, Post Types




    • Docs: Correct the description of {$taxonomy}_term_new_form_tag hook, making it more consistent with other *_form_tag hooks. [38629] #38104
    • Pass taxonomy name to actions in term-relationship CRUD functions. [38621] #38006
    • Query: Eliminate unnecessary wp_list_filter() call in get_queried_object(). [38586] #37962
    • Query: Avoid PHP notice in get_queried_object() when query contains NOT EXISTS tax query. [38585] #37962


    • Docs: Correct two references to plugins in the $args parameter description for themes_api(). [38623] #37939
    • Docs: Use a third-person singular verb for {$type}_template_hierarchy filter added in [38385]. [38609] #14310
    • Docs: Use a third-person singular verb in the DocBlock summary for get_theme_file_uri(), get_parent_theme_file_uri(), get_theme_file_path(), and get_parent_theme_file_path(), introduced in [38578]. [38606] #18302
    • Docs: Use a third-person singular verb for theme_file_uri, parent_theme_file_uri, theme_file_path, and parent_theme_file_path filters added in [38578]. [38605] #18302
    • Add the non-encoded form of the queried item slug to the template hierarchy when the slug contains non-ASCII characters. [38583] #37655
    • Taxonomy: Revert accidental changes introduced in [38578]. [38579] #18302
    • Improve child theme file inheritance by introducing functions for locating and fetching the URL or path to files within child and parent themes. [38578] #18302


    • Add a ‘View Posts’ link to the toolbar when on the post listing screen. [38634] #34113


    • Docs: Correct a comment and @return entry in WP_Upgrader::create_lock(). [38622] #38089
    • Automatically log users in after installation. [38619] #34084


    • Avoid a PHP notice in ::pingback_ping() if page title was not found. [38620] #36727
    • Check the minimum number of arguments in ::wp_getUsersBlogs() and ::blogger_getUsersBlogs(). [38600] #29750

    Thanks to @aaroncampbell, @adamsilverstein, @afercia, @akibjorklund, @DMing, @BjornW, @boonebgorges, @celloexpressions, @curdin, @danielpietrasik, @dd32, @DrewAPicture, @eliorivero, @enshrined, @ericlewis, @FlorianBrinkmann, @folletto, @georgestephanis, @gma992, @helen, @hideokamoto, @hugobaeta, @ian.edington, @iandunn, @jbrinley, @jeremyfelt, @joehoyle, @joemcgill, @johnbillion, @johnjamesjacoby, @jorbin, @karmatosed, @kitchin, @knutsp, @markshep, @MaximeCulea, @melchoyce, @monikarao, @nacin, @nazgul, @obenland, @ocean90, @paulwilde, @pento, @peterwilsoncc, @RedSand, @rmccue, @rnoakes3rd, @rommelxcastro, @ryankienstra, @ryanplas, @SergeyBiryukov, @skippy, @spacedmonkey, @swissspidy, @Takahashi_Fumiki, @websupporter, @welcher, @westonrute, @westonruter, and @wonderboymusic for their contributions!

  • Nick Halsey 1:53 pm on September 16, 2016 Permalink |
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    Customize Update – 2016-09-15 

    This is the weekly update post for the customize component. It includes a summary of this week’s meeting, recent commits, and next week’s meeting agenda.

    Weekly Customize Meeting Summary

    On Monday we held our weekly 4.7 customize component meeting in #core-customize on Slack [logs]. Participants: @celloexpressions, @aaroncampbell, @westonruter, @boone, @adamsilverstein, @afercia, @johnregan3, @ipstenu. This summary also contains a few notes on action since the meeting.

    4.7 Projects

    • Create pages within live preview during site setup – #37914#37915, #37916, #38002, #38013 – @celloexpressions
      • @boone joined us for an extensive discussion on how to preview terms in the customizer.
        • When this changes, there is potential for issues based on things that plugins might do, so it would be better to make this sort of change once, as opposed to using a temporary solution, because there could be wasted effort in educating plugin developers twice.
        • We decided that it’s worth exploring a term status API, and if that ends up being something more involved than is feasible for 4.7, potentially going with shadow-draft taxonomies for drafted terms. @boone will post findings on #37915. @aaroncampbell volunteered to help research required API changes here.
      • We’re now tracking the ability to assign auto-drafted pages as a static front page, or to create pages from there, under this project. @westonruter has prototyped how this could work in #38013.
      • We need UX feedback on providing a path to edit newly-created pages, #38002. This was discussed in the design meeting as well but there isn’t an agreed solution yet.
    • A new experience for themes in the customizer – #37661 –@celloexpressions
      • @afercia tested the patch and provided detailed design and accessibility feedback. I evaluated how to approach each item and a few things could use design feedback.
      • I ran an informal user test last week and posted the (generally positive) results on the ticket. @karmatosed is hopefully still interested in coordinating some more formal tests and we need to start that process in the next week.
      • This was also discussed during the design meeting, and could use more eyes and feedback in general. If anyone has thoughts on any of the proposed UI, please share them on the ticket.
    • Code-editing gateways, via CSS – #35395 – @johnregan3
      • We need information from anyone familiar with the CSSTidy library. It seems that the version included in Jetpack is an up-to-date fork, as the original project was last updated in 2007. If anyone from Automattic can provide input here that would be appreciated.
      • We also need to ensure that the license, GPL 2.1 or later is compatible with core.
      • The CodeMirror library is also proposed to be bundled with core for this project; we would like core commiter/lead developer approval for bundling both of these soon so that we can proceed. CSSTidy is a requirement, CodeMirror is a usability enhancement (syntax highlighting).
      • Once we have approval for bundling libraries and a finalized patch, we’ll post a feature proposal here on make/core.
    • Customizer browser history#28536 – @westonruter
      • No updates
    • Customize transactions#30937 – @westonruter
      • No updates
    • Improving sliding panels UI – #34391, #34343, #29158 – @delawski
      • We’re now tracking three tickets with this project, as they combine to provide a single user-facing group of changes for 4.7.
      • I have been testing the patch on #34391 and evaluating potential compatibility concerns. @ipstenu scanned the plugins repo and @djrmom scanned the themes repo for extends WP_Customize_Seection|Panel. Most instances were in themes and plugins bundling copies of the Redux and Kirki frameworks. Both libraries are most likely compatible with the changes, and the authors will test them with the patch to verify. The remaining instances were all in feature plugins for plugins and I checked each of the 16 themes with custom sections manually. All of these themes should be compatiible with the changes, so we should be okay to proceed with the potentially-breaking changes required.
      • @delawski will evaluate how extensively the patch on #37661 will need to be refactored to be compatible with the changes. Unless that’s a significant issue, we should be ready to commit #34391 in the next week.
      • @helen committed a first pass for #29158. We now need UI feedback to come up with better focus states for customizer back buttons.
      • The design team approved the UX proposed in #34343 in this week’s design meeting.
    • Twenty Seventeen
      • There are a few potential customize-related projects. It’s all tentative, but the customize team should be prepared to spend some time at a minimum reviewing and finalizing patches/commits, and where there’s interest, helping to scope, design, and develop these features.
      • Video headers will start as a theme feature, with the possibility of becoming a core add_theme_support (under the customize component) or (maybe) moving to a media ticket for per-post featured media. If it’s in core we may need to refactor header images, but ideally we’d keep it separate, due to the complexity of that feature.
      • A multi-content page feature of some sort will exist in the theme, and may require a core API, which may be in the customizer. This is being discussed in #37974. See also this pull request.
      • Visible edit links (#27403) are desired, but this will take some major UX work. @westonruter suggested that it could be a theme-specific feature, where the theme has to provide styling for them. Ideally, though, it should work for all themes with selective refresh partials providing support for specific features.

    Additional Tickets Needing Attention

    • Improve custom background properties UI – #22058 – needs additional feedback and clarification on the latest proposal and patch.
      • Discussed in the design meeting, and we’re generally on the same page on the preferred direction here.
    • Customizer notifications – #35210 – needs UX feedback and a patch
      • Discussed during the design meeting. Next step is for @westonruter to make a patch to facilitate the next round of feedback.
      • This ticket is holding up some of the other tickets on the 4.7 milestone, such as #22037 and #29932, as well as transactions.
    • Remove customizer support for IE8 – #38021
      • If anyone has objections, bring them up ASAP. All links to the customizer will be hidden in IE8 with this change.

    Ticket Scrub

    We reviewed the bugs in the Future Release milestone that have a patch.

    • #36908: Customizer menus and widgets “search” usability and visual improvements
      • Has a recent patch, assigned to @afercia for review and commit.
    • #21492: Theme customizer > Static front page: missing error message when front page and posts pages are similar
      • Patch needs to be reworked to leverage the notifications API added in 4.6. It would also be better to disable the option for the selected page in the other dropdown.
    • #23225: Customizer is Incompatible with jQuery UI Tabs
      • This is pending customizer transactions and #30028 (loading the customizer preview with natural URL), and the patch on the ticket doesn’t fix the issue.
    • #37032: Guard against infinite reload when setting change causes premature selective refresh
      • Needs testing. If anyone’s interested, please try out the patch and leave feedback on the ticket!
    • #34344: Expanded section margin-top glitches when other section is deactivated
      • This is fixed by the 4.7 project that includes #34391, along with another bug. We’ll revisit the ticket after the commit to verify that it’s fixed as intended.
    • #32577: Customizer QUnit tests not cleaning up
    • #36191: Support responsive images in WP_Customize_Media_Control
      • Work here is being led by the media component. We’ll leave it in future release until they’re ready to revisit it.
      • Note that this ticket is for images in the customizer controls pane. Responsive images on the frontend for images selected in the customizer are a separate topic.
    • #33267: Customizer Theme details: too many events
      • We’ll revisit after work on #37661 is complete, as there are major changes there.
    • #33085: Customizer: controls description inside labels are not real labels nor descriptions
      • The patch here is quite large; @westonruter noted an adjustment that needs to be made and moved the ticket to 4.7. We should get this fixed.
    • #25156: get_custom_header() should return false when there is no header
      • Decided to close the ticket as maybelater due to lack of movement/interest in fixing.

    Recent Customize Commits

    Here are the customize-related commits for the past week:

    • [38602]: Customizer: Better hover/focus state for section titles and available widgets.
    • [38587]: Customize: Implement previewing of form submissions which use the GET method.
    • [38584]: Menus: Prevent non-published posts/pages from being returned in search results for available items, to match behavior in the customizer.

    Big thanks to those who contributed to patches committed this week: @welcher, @westonruter, @celloexpressions, @folletto, @hugobaeta.

    We’re always looking for more contributors; check out the open customize tickets and swing by #core-customize in Slack to get involved. Fun fact: we’re 15 commits away from the 1000th commit that references customize.

    Agenda for 2016-09-19 Meeting

    Our next regularly-scheduled meeting is next Monday, September 19, 2016, 17:00 UTC. Agenda:

    4.7 Projects

    Additional Tickets Needing Attention

    • Customizer notifications – #35210 – needs UX feedback and a patch
    • Customizer UI Contrast/Focus Styles – #29158 – needs UI ideas for focus styles on back buttons.

    Ticket Scrub

    • Customize tickets without replies. Reply to tickets before the meeting to make the list shorter 🙂
    • We’ll pick a different query to triage each week. For example, bugs awaiting review (need verification).

    We’ll see you next week!

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    Twenty Seventeen Kickoff Meeting Notes 

    Today, we had a kickoff meeting for Twenty Seventeen! See the introductory post for some details.

    A few housekeeping notes:

    • Slack archive of meeting.
    • This meeting was short notice, but I plan on posting an agenda each week prior to the meeting.
    • No meeting next week, but watch out for posts here about tasks related to Twenty Seventeen.
    • Next meeting is Sept. 23rd.
    • Meetings are every Friday at 18:00 UTC in #core-themes in Slack.

    Our agenda was:

    Introduction to Twenty Seventeen

    • This meeting really has two main focuses: Gather help, and a design review.
    • Twenty Seventeen aims to show that the one-page look and feel is possible in a WordPress theme.
    • And the bullet points in the announcement post get directly to that:

    A better flow for using a static page as your front page.
    Visible edit icons in the Customizer, replacing the current hidden shift+click method.
    Expanding custom header images to include video (think: atmospheric video headers!).
    Dummy content for live previews.

    Ways to help

    We discussed a few of the above bullet points in more details but tried to stay out of talk of implementation. We focused on how to best break the work up and what the first steps would be. There’s many ways to help with Twenty Seventeen this year that don’t involve the theme itself or code.


    • #19627 Themes should be able to opt-in to a static front page: Document what other services, platforms and themes do to help inform a bunch of things, including page-on-front changes. @melchoyce will take a look at the WordPress.com flow for front page setup and related things to get this started.
    • Dummy content for live previews: @helen described this as: “So, dummy content would be something like a text widget with business hours appearing in live preview (currently known in the form of the customizer) if there are no widgets in that area yet. That shows users a) there’s a widget area there (otherwise it’s just empty right now, or maybe has like, a search box and a login link at best), and b) what content might work really well there and what it’s going to look like.”
    • #37974 Add multi-panel feature to pages through add_theme_support: @karmatosed created this ticket and has ideas on how to move forward with it.

    Who wants to help?

    • Front page flow: @mor10, @aaroncampbell offered to help here.
    • Video headers: Myself, and @celloexpressions have interest here.
    • Dummy content: @helen will help get this moving.
    • Visible edit icons in the Customizer: We need help here, but should have details soon on this. See: #27403.

    If you want to help on any of these, and missed the meeting, no problem! Comment here and I’ll do my best to get you pointed in the right direction.

    Design review/feedback

    @melchoyce lead the design review:

    Here are the current mockups, for reference: https://cloudup.com/cR_df4xfeeG

    Mel’s to-dos she’ll be working on in the next week: https://cloudup.com/cRPc_k7MnIb

    Points discussed:

    • Extremely wide screens + what happens to images that are not wide enough to be full-bleed.
    • Make sure color contrast requirements are met.
    • Mel wants to explore pull-quote styles and color schemes.
    • Really rock-solid support for non-latin alphabets should be explored.

    Questions, Next Steps, Etc.

    • The schedule is listed above.
    • What about browser support? See this issue from Twenty Sixteen, which Twenty Seventeen will follow.

    The theme is now on GitHub. A few things to keep in mind:

    • The theme is a fork of Lodestar, a theme designed by Mel and built by @laurelfulford. It’s an excellent base to start with and what you’ll see on GitHub.
    • The design isn’t implemented.
    • A lot of other work remains too, and issues will be created in the coming week to help guide the process.

    Again, if you want to help, comment here. If you have questions, just ask. It’s time to get to work! 🙂

    • Torsten Landsiedel 11:42 pm on September 9, 2016 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Just a quick reminder: Please consider using version numbers for all PHP files:
      This would be great for all child theme users. Thank you! 🤗

    • Samuel Wood (Otto) 12:48 am on September 10, 2016 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Go ahead and change the readme.txt to a readme.md for github. Make it friendly. The themes directory doesn’t care about readme files at the moment anyway.

    • hazephase 2:14 am on September 10, 2016 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      I want to help, but I am not the best coder. Is there I can do?

    • mburridge 2:20 pm on September 10, 2016 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Hi, I’d love to get involved and help too – though I missed the meeting yesterday. I’m mainly interested in the Front Page flow area, but willing to help elsewhere if that is oversubscribed.

    • Christi 6:57 pm on September 10, 2016 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      Howdy! I’m interested in helping out, any way I can. My strengths are in HTML, CSS, troubleshooting, design, and documentation. I’m working on my PHP skills. I also have a 27″ screen I can test on, if that helps 🙂

    • WPDevHQ 5:51 am on September 11, 2016 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      I’m in too. Let me know where I can help.

      Had a look at the design screenshots and the code on GitHub and I think I can chip in the overall workflow but can also concentrate on a specific workflow if need be.

      A rough working copy is here: http://www.wpdevhq.com/seventeen/ – need some polishing but can get to that as soon the final design is released and we are ready to go at it 🙂

    • smartpixels 11:32 am on September 11, 2016 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      I wish to help with Customizer side of things… I have also implemented sweet alert system through Customizer API into this theme https://themes.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/35788 which I thought improved overall user experience in customizer with feedback for every wrong action.

    • Nick Halsey 6:58 pm on September 11, 2016 Permalink | Log in to Reply

      @davidakennedy please reference the existing core ticket for visible edit icons (or whatever the UI ends up being) in the Customizer: #27403 when discussing it.

      For the static front page discussion, #16379 is probably more relevant than #19627, and #16379 may be superseded by #38013 for the customizer. It’s somewhat unclear what the objective here is. The multi-part homepage discussion should probably be treated as a separate issue and we have #37974 for that now (although it may not require core changes depending on the decisions made).

      We could probably broaden the video headers project to include explorations for other types of media in headers throughout the theme, as @melchoyce had mentioned, with video header being the first priority and additional wish list items following the work on that.

  • Nick Halsey 9:08 pm on September 8, 2016 Permalink |
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    Customize Update – 2016-09-08 

    This is the weekly update post for the customize component. It includes a summary of this week’s meeting, recent commits, and next week’s meeting agenda.

    Weekly Customize Meeting Summary

    On Monday we held our weekly 4.7 customize component meeting in #core-customize on Slack [logs]. Participants: @paaljoachim, @celloexpressions, @westonruter, @johnregan3, @clorith, @melchoyce. This summary also contains a few notes on action since the meeting.

    4.7 Projects

    • Create page-based nav menus without leaving live preview – #37914#37915, #37916@celloexpressions
      • These follow up tickets are largely pending feedback from the Taxonomy component. We need to work with @boone to come up with master plan for previewing terms, and determine whether we can realistically add term-creating support in menus in 4.7.
      • @boone has this on his list for later this week.
      • We need one more follow up ticket to provide users with a path to adding content to newly-created pages; currently there is another usability dead end here (see #38002).
    • A new experience for themes in the customizer – #37661 –@celloexpressions
      • I added shiny updates and deletion, as well as refining the UI for users that can’t install themes this weekend, and posted a new patch. Also explored reviews, and we’ll need API support from .org if we want to load them inline in the future.
      • Only major development task remaining is shiny theme upload.
      • We discussed whether it might make sense to delete/uninstall themes if a user previews them and then moves on. Need to explore user expectations here as part of the testing and feedback processes, as this would be a change from the current core behavior.
      • @karmatosed had some trouble getting the style changes from the patch, once that’s resolved we’ll start the user testing and design iteration process.
      • @aaroncampbell is interested in helping out here. For everyone interested, please start looking at/testing the patch and reporting issues or ideas on the ticket or in #core-customize.
    • Code-editing gateways, via CSS – #35395 – @johnregan3
      • @johnregan3 brought up in the ticket, based on input from @joyously that it might make sense to allow theme-independent styles. We reached a consensus that theme-specific styles are more important for core for now, and plugins can add additional global CSS options. We can revisit this for core in the future.
      • @johnregan3 has created a code editor control leveraging the CodeMirror library that’s also used by Jetpack. The Custom CSS setting now saves to a post, and he’s working on updating the post when the customizer is saved. He shared an initial patch for review later this week.
    • Customizer browser history#28536 – @westonruter
      • No updates
    • Customize transactions#30937 – @westonruter
      • No updates
    • Refactoring sliding panels UI – #34391 – @delawski
      • @delawski has posted an updated patch for review. We’d like to get a first patch in soon so there’s plenty of time to test compatibility with third-party custom sections.
      • #34343 is related to improving the sliding panel experience, and @delawski is working on that next for 4.7.

    Not every project needs to have an update every week; the primary purpose of our meetings is to make sure that no one gets stuck and to provide group feedback/decisions as needed. With about a month and a half before the merge deadline for 4.7, all of our 4.7-targeted projects are still on track for that milestone.

    Future Release Project Updates

    • Customize Posts
      • @westonrtuer brought up an issue with adding a post parent control that let to an implementation of the dropdown-pages control that leverages Select2. This improvement could be implemented in the core control in 4.7. There is a feature plugin called Customize Object Selector that replaces the dropdown-pages control with this scalable multi-select control for the page on front and page for posts controls.
      • @clorith pointed out that accessibility concerns had previously stalled implementations of Select2 in core. We pinged @afercia to have the accessibility team review whether there are still issues with the newest version of Select2. Unfortunately, it has significant accessibility problems and the maintainers haven’t shown interest in resolving the.
      • We also discussed that work on Customize Posts has developed most of what’s needed to use JS templates for the base WP_Customize_Control UI. This will be implemented in #30738 for 4.7, along with support for setting values that are objects.

    Additional Tickets Needing Attention

    • Improving contrast and UI consistency in the customizer – #29158needs-testing
      • @clorith really likes it and @westonruter thinks it looks nice but doesn’t have strong feelings. With no objections from the customize component, we’re waiting for the design team to approve or suggest additional revisions.
      • Discussed during the design meeting, and pending patch testing we’ll get the initial pieces in and continue iterating.
    • Improve custom background properties UI – #22058 – needs additional feedback on the latest proposal, and a patch. Also needs design decisions.
    • Appropriate means for themes to add top-level promotional links – #37335– needs input from theme review team
      • They discussed in their meeting last week, and it’s now pending additional investigation of alternative approaches for theme developers. We’ll follow up with the theme review team in a few weeks.
      • In the meantime, the theme review team is no longer allowing links to be added by injecting markup into the DOM with JS.
    • Customizer notifications – #35210 – needs UX feedback and a patch
      • @westonrtuer added clarifications to the ticket, and @afercia provided accessibility feedback there as well. We should be able to implement the accessibility changes, so we’re currently waiting for design feedback again.

    Ticket Scrub

    We reviewed the enhancement tickets in the Future Release milestone that have a patch.

    • #34747: Provide more flexibility for “You are customizing” text
      • This is pending the direction of the sticky-headers discussion, but we’re not all convinced that it should be able to be customized on the top level (it can already be changed in sections and panels).
    • #18584: Nav menus need more hooks for extensibility (on admin page & in customizer)
      • #30738 will introduce functionality that will help enable saving custom menu item fields. Once that’s in place, we can revisit how the API would work for plugin developers and determine whether there’s still time to get it in for 4.7.
    • #36175: Simplify the Customizer Image Control action buttons
      • We need to come up with an accessible solution and make sure the experience is consistent across the various media controls.
      • @melchoyce doesn’t want to continue owning the ticket for now but will take a look again later in the 4.7 cycle.
    • #31334: Customizer JS API should handle container removal from document
      • I had forgotten about this ticket and commented about this issue on #30741 recently.
      • We discussed the potential issues with using jQuery.remove(), and could potentially use jQuery.detatch() instead. However, menus and widget currently use remove() in core, so we should standardize the behavior and incorporate it into the API.
    • #32296: Allow the customizer to be made wider
      • I suggested that we likely won’t make a major change here until we make major changes to the customizer UI in general. However, there is a patch that makes the customizer proportionally wider on large desktop screens, and that could easily happen for 4.7 if others are okay with this approach in the interim.
    • #33064: Customizer: form inputs need a way to have hidden labels
      • I’m somewhat uncomfortable with adding a new class variable for this, and doing that means we also need to update all children of WP_Customize_Control to support it in core. However, this is an important feature to support in the API, so we’d like to get it in for 4.7.
    • #21627: Filter for custom-background CSS selector
      • This ticket seems to have been forgotten about, but adds a lot of flexibility to the custom background feature and would be nice for 4.7 alongside #22058. Moved to the 4.7 milestone.

    Recent Customize Commits

    Here are the customize-related commits for the past week:

    • [38513]: Customize: Fix php warning due to WP_Customize_Manager::prepare_setting_validity_for_js() incorrectly assuming that WP_Error will only ever have arrays in its $error_data.
    • [38520]: Accessibility: Improve the Customizer and Theme Installer initial focus.
    • [38577]: Customize: Prevent widget previewing logic from building invalid jQuery selectors when sidebars are registered without a class name in before_widget.

    Big thanks to those who contributed to patches committed this week: @westonruter, @dlh, @afercia.

    We’re always looking for more contributors; check out the open customize tickets and swing by #core-customize in Slack to get involved.

    Agenda for 2016-09-12 Meeting

    Our next regularly-schedule meeting is next Monday, September 12, 2016, 17:00UTC. Agenda:

    4.7 Projects

    Additional Tickets Needing Attention

    • Improving contrast and UI consistency in the customizer – #29158 – needs-testing
    • Improve custom background properties UI – #22058 – needs additional feedback on the latest proposal, and a patch
    • Customizer notfications – #35210 – needs UX feedback and a patch

    Ticket Scrub

    • Identify tickets ready for commit consideration, and 4.7 milestoning from future release bugs with a patch.
    • We’ll pick a different query to triage each week. For example, bugs awaiting review (need verification).

    We’ll see you next week!

  • Dominik Schilling (ocean90) 1:24 pm on June 13, 2016 Permalink |
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    Additional meeting to consider the Shiny Updates plugin for merge 

    As announced in last week’s dev chat we’ll have an additional meeting to consider the Shiny Updates plugin for merge today, June 13th, 2016 at 19:00 UTC.

    Following a summary of the merge discussion from June 8th.

    Merge Criteria

    A plugin exists in the official WordPress plugin repository, is updated regularly, and is used/tested by the community.

    ✅ https://wordpress.org/plugins/shiny-updates/

    Weekly chats are taking place on Slack, and the feature lead is attending the weekly core dev chat.

    ✅ Meetings took place in #feature-shinyupdates.

    A kickoff post and regular update posts are published publicly, tracking the progress and major decisions of the feature plugin.

    ✅ Kickoff post at https://make.wordpress.org/core/2016/04/18/shiny-updates-chat/ and update posts at https://make.wordpress.org/core/tag/shiny-updates/

    The feature works in all of the browsers that WordPress officially supports.

    ✅ IE8+ and other current browsers were tested

    Touch devices can use the entire feature with no hindrance, with visual records for major flows through all new interfaces on all devices posted on Make/Flow. Make sure it functions properly on mobile by asking the Flow team to review it.

    ✅ https://make.wordpress.org/flow/tag/shiny-updates/

    Visual records comparing old flow with new flow are provided for any feature that changes or replaces existing interfaces.

    The code conforms to the WordPress coding standards.

    ✅ Assured through the use of a code sniffer and Travis CI: https://travis-ci.org/obenland/shiny-updates

    Similarly, the code is well-tested, and has unit tests.

    ✅ QUnit tests: https://github.com/obenland/shiny-updates/blob/master/tests/tests.js, closed issues: https://github.com/obenland/shiny-updates/issues?q=is%3Aissue+is%3Aclosed

    The code is well-documented. (Be sure to ask the Inline Docs team to review it.)

    🅾️ @drewapicture wasn’t around but @obenland said that “he’d like to wait with the review until there is a core patch, and he pinged me this morning saying he wanted to review it today”.

    The code follows the plugin security best practices, and has undergone a security audit.

    🅾️ Only a rough audit was done. @aaroncampbell was asked to look at it.

    The user interface/experience has been tested through user testing, and appropriate feedback was incorporated. (Be sure and ask the Design team to review it.)

    🅾️ @mapk was the design lead and provided help with design questions. Turns out there was no review for the whole project, only comments on GitHub issues and talks in Slack. A review was requested on May 16th.

    The design is fully responsive, displaying properly on any mobile device, and using graphics that are ready for hi-dpi/retina displays.

    ✅ https://make.wordpress.org/flow/tag/shiny-updates/

    HTML validates to the proper doctype.

    The code has all of the proper hooks in place for localization. (Be sure to ask the Polyglots team to review it.)

    WordPress continues to function, and the feature is still usable, with JavaScript turned off.

    ✅ That’s true, except for the Update All button.

    The feature can be used with just a keyboard.

    ✅ Confirmed by @aferica.

    Any required accessibility support has been added, including (but not limited to) off-screen text, ARIA, and JS-assisted. (Be sure to ask the Accessibility team to review it.)

    A merge proposal has been published on the Make/Core blog once the plugin is ready.

    ✅ https://make.wordpress.org/core/2016/06/02/proposal-more-shiny-updates/


    More Feedback

    • @jorbin: The QUnit tests should be merged with the existing tests.
    • @michael-arestad started with a design review during the chat.
    • @helen asked: “Given that there was a goal of really polishing the plugin and that it literally has the word “shiny” in the name, how much changing post-merge are people comfortable with?”
    • @mikeschroder raised a concern on error specificity which is something that he’d consider to be a big support problem.
    • @jorbin asked: “Who is comfortable merging after the unit test changes unless something the team working on shiny updates team or security team or design team considers major comes up?” @jorbin, @joemcgill, @azaozz, @jeremyfelt, @mapk, @markjaquith, @mikeschroder, @ocean90, @boonebgorges, @karmatosed, @ipstenu, @afercia, @rachelbaker, and @paulwilde reacted with a 👍.
    • @helen objects: “This seems a little like flexing to favor a merge – that poll is actually saying “this is not ready for merge until XYZ”. I am not saying that that is necessarily a terrible thing, but per my question about what amount of change people (project contributors, committers, etc.) are comfortable with, I am wondering if there is a bit of shifting of mindset from “ideal feature process” to “let’s get it in”.


    With 3 teams having a blocker and at least one person who needs more time to review it was decided to set a new deadline for feedback: Monday, June 13th 2016 at 12:00 UTC. An additional meeting will be held on Monday, June 13th 2016 at 19:00 UTC.

  • Rachel Baker 10:48 pm on May 9, 2016 Permalink
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    Comments Bug Scrub Summary, 2016-05-09 

    The 90-minute bug scrub took place in #core-comments and ended in a 1 – 1 tie between @boonebgorges and @rachelbaker. You can read an archive of the bug scrub and discussion: https://wordpress.slack.com/archives/core-comments/p1462820499000036.

    @rachelbaker, @boonebgorges, @aaroncampbell, @ocean90, @samuelsidler, @sidati, @presskopp, and @dshanske

    Bug Scrub:
    #6342 – moved to “Future Release”
    #16365 – moved to “Future Release”
    #16576 – moved to “Future Release” and needs testing for backwards compatability
    #17913 – needs a refresh and screenshots
    #18762 – closed, after testing confirmed this was resolved in 4.4
    #26596 – moved to “Future Release” to limit the scope of the JS selector
    #20302 – moved to “Future Release”, with suggestion from @boonebgorges
    #20977 – moved to “Future Release”, but needs more input to determine how to approach

    Open Floor:
    #36427 – milestoned for 4.6, needs a refresh for the inline docs
    #36564 – needs additional exploration before we can decide how to store the data/time of when a comment was last modified
    #36424 – moved to “Future Release”, and requested a patch refresh and screenshots
    #36409@sidati is going to attempt writing the unit tests

  • Grant Palin 8:15 pm on April 13, 2016 Permalink
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    Week in Core, Apr 5 – Apr 12 2016 

    Welcome back the latest issue of Week in Core, covering changes [37161-37190]. Here are the highlights:

    Ticket numbers based on trac timeline for the period above.

    Note: If you want to help write the next WordPress Core Weekly summary, check out the schedule over at make/docs and get in touch in the #core-weekly-update Slack channel.

    Code Changes


    • Remove redundant title attribute from wp_star_rating(). [36092] #35141
    • Remove the revisions limit title attribute from the Publish box. [36053] #35029
    • Remove title attributes from the updates links on the Plugin and Themes list tables. [36032] #35167
    • Remove title attributes and improve accessibility on the “no-js” Menus screen. [36016] #35134
    • Remove title attributes from the Theme browser. [36015] #35140
    • Improvements for the Authentication Check modal dialog “Close X”. [36014] #35142


    • In WP::handle_404(), make sure $wp_query->post is a WP_Post object before cloning it. Merges [35994] to the 4.4 branch. [36064] #35013


    • Output correct canonical links for paged posts when not using pretty permalinks. [36103] [36096] #34890


    • Return early from wp_update_comment_count() if there is not a valid post. [36115] #34977
    • Respect approval status when determining comment page count in comments_template().[36041] [36040] #8071, #35068
    • When a comment is submitted, ensure the user_ID element in the array that’s passed to the preprocess_comment filter gets populated.[36039] [36038] #34997



    • Hash notate properties and defaults for the benefit of $args parameter documentation for WP_Customize_Control::__construct(). [36114] #32246
    • Correct a funky docblock in funky_javascript_fix(). [36111] #32246
    • Improve documentation for wp_admin_css_color(). [36107] #34857
    • Fix typo in a comment in wp_rand(). [36102] #35228
    • Clarify that get_post_types() accepts 'not' as its $operator parameter. [36091] #35225
    • Clarify that wp_filter_object_list() accepts 'not' as its $operator parameter. [36090] #35225
    • Correct @return type for rest_parse_date(). [36086] #35224
    • Correct @return type for count_user_posts(). [36085] #35222
    • Miscellaneous docblock code quality tweaks. [36074] #32246
    • @see != @since. [36073] #32246
    • Properly mark the optional $redirect, $network_wide, and $silent parameters as such in the DocBlock for activate_plugin(). [36072] #32246
    • Add missing @since and properly mark the optional $type parameter as such in the DocBlock for the deprecated get_others_unpublished_posts() function. Introduced in [5707]. [36071] #32246
    • Properly mark the $exclude_zeros parameter in the DocBlock for get_editable_user_ids() as optional. Also [36070] #32246
    • Miscellaneous docblock corrections. [36069] #32246
    • Fix a typo in the 4.4.0 changlog entry in the intermediate_image_sizes_advanced hook doc. [36054] #35190
    • Add missing notations for the optional $tab_index and $extended parameters in the DocBlock for the deprecated the_editor() function. [36033] #32246
    • Add missing parameter and return notations to the DocBlock for the deprecated get_usernumposts() function. [36030] #32246
    • Add documentation to wp-blog-header.php. [36029] #35161
    • Add missing parameter and return notations in the DocBlock for get_profile(). [36028] #32246
    • Properly mark the $classname parameter as optional. [36027] #32246
    • Add missing parameter and return notations to the DocBlock for the deprecated wp_specialchars() function. [36026] #32246
    • Add missing parameter notations and descriptions in the DocBlock for get_link(). [36025] #32246
    • Add missing parameter and return notations in the DocBlock for the deprecated _nc() function. [36024] #32246
    • Add a missing summary, parameter, and return descriptiosn to the DocBlock for the deprecated function, get_linkrating(). [36023] #32246
    • Add a missing notation for the $gmt_time parameter in the DocBlock for spawn_cron(). [36022] #32246
    • Add missing DocBlocks for hash_hmac() and _hash_hmac(). Introduced in [18111]. [36021] #32246
    • Fix inline comment syntax in _mb_strlen(), an internal compat method for mb_strlen(). [36020] #32246
    • Add missing DocBlocks for mb_strlen() and _mb_strlen(). Introduced in [32114]. [36019] #32246
    • Fix inline comment syntax in _mb_substr(), an internal compat method for mb_substr(). [36018] #32246
    • Add missing DocBlocks for mb_substr() and _mb_substr(). Introduced in [17621]. [36017] #32246
    • Add missing parameter and return descriptions to the DocBlocks for _wp_object_name_sort_cb() and _wp_object_count_sort_cb(), both uasort() callbacks. [36013] #32246
    • Add a missing notation for the $context parameter in the DocBlock for _nx_noop(). [36012] #32246
    • Fix the syntax for the get_previous_post_link() DocBlock to ensure it’s read and parsed as such instead of as a multi-line comment. [36011] #32246
    • Add a missing summary, description, and @since version to the DocBlock for wp_redirect_admin_locations(). Introduced in [19880]. [36010] #32246
    • Add a missing notation for the $bookmark_id parameter in the DocBlock for clean_bookmark_cache(). [36009] #32246
    • Fix copy/paste error in wp_remote_retrieve_cookies() description. [36002] #35157


    • remove the format_for_editor filter from the_editor_content after it runs as the next editor instance on the same page may not need it. [36062] #28403


    External Libraries



    • In wp_maybe_decline_date(), bail early if translation functions are not available, e.g. in SHORTINIT mode. Merges [35880] to the 4.4 branch. [36063] #34967





    • When creating srcset do not exclude the image size which is in the src attribute even when it is larger than max_srcset_image_width. [36110] #35108
    • Revert [35804]. This change has unintended side effects, notably that media URLs in the admin area now unexpectedly use the https scheme. [36061] #13941, #35120
    • Fix calculations when determining whether to include particular image file in srcset. [36031] #34955


    • Avoid a PHP Notice when a menu contains a now unregistered post type archive. [36095] #34449
    • Bring back line break between menu items. Reverts [34321].[36082] [36081] #35107
    • Avoid a PHP notice when trying to access the post_parent property of hierarchical post type nav menu items. Merges [35876] to the 4.4 branch. [36044] #34446


    Posts/Post Types

    • Improve post-filter sanitization of excluded terms in get_adjacent_post(). [36079] #35211


    • Re-initialise any dynamically-added public query vars before running the public query vars test. [36051] [36048] #35115
    • Introduce a unit test which will fail when new public query vars are introduced without also updating the test. [36046] [36045] #35115
    • Remove title from the public query vars list. [36035] [36034] #35115



    • Force non-public taxonomies to have a query_var of false. [36109] [36108] #35089
    • Pass object ids to delete_* actions. [36080] #35213
    • Move excluded_terms filter in get_adjacent_post(). [36078] #9571, #35211
    • Respect $_wp_suspend_cache_invalidation in clean_object_term_cache(). [36076] #35208
    • Order terms by ‘name’ when populating object term cache. [36057] [36056] #28922, #35180
    • Add current-cat-ancestor class to ancestor items in wp_list_categories(). Pairs nicely with current-cat-parent. [36008] #10676
    • Ensure that wp_list_categories() supports comma-separated lists for ‘exclude’ and ‘exclude_tree’. [36006] [36005] #35156
    • Ensure get_terms() results are unique when using ‘meta_query’. [36004] [36003] #35137


    • After [36100] use an object style which is compatible with PHP5 get_object_vars(). [36118] [36117] #35058
    • When testing the utf8mb4 charset, ensure that the current MySQL server has utf8mb4 support. [36116] #35249
    • Help Tab Order should be based on the Priority Argument. [36104] [36089] #35215, #33941
    • Tests: Use the correct URL in some shortcode tests. [36099] #
    • Move get_adjacent_post() tests to their own file. [36077] #35211
    • Use the default_storage_engine MySQL option on newer MySQL versions. [36055] #34692
    • Correct the public query vars test for the 4.4 branch. [36052] #35115
    • Prevent role capability pollution in Tests_Post_GetPostsByAuthorSql::test_user_has_access_only_to_private_posts_for_certain_post_types(). [36050] #
    • Fix all the things. [36049] #30017, #32394
    • Shave a second off the user capability tests by reusing its user fixtures. [36047] #30017, #32394


    • Add singular to the list of body classes when viewing a single post object. Adds tests [36112] #35164
    • Break $wp_file_descriptions array into sections and reorder for consistency and readability. [36088] #35223
    • Add taxonomy.php, home.php, front-page.php, date.php, and singular.php to file descriptions. [36087] #35223


    • In Comments link, replace title attribute containing the number of pending comments with a screen reader text. [36093] #34895

    Twenty Fifteen

    • Add left margin for lists inside blockquotes in editor-style.css. [36075] #33380


    • Don’t continue checking a password reset key, if the hash is empty. This [36084] #33926
    • When determining whether to show the reassign content option during user delete, don’t rely upon WP_Query as it doesn’t return all forms of content wp_delete_user() operates on. [36106] [36068] #34993



    Thanks to @jadpm, @aaroncampbell, @afercia, @ambrosey, @ardathksheyna, @azaozz, @barryceelen, @boluda, @boonebgorges, @danielpataki, @dd32, @diddledan, @DrewAPicture, @ericlewis, @gblsm, @hnle, @igmoweb, @jeff, @jeremyfelt, @joemcgill, @johnbillion, @jorbin, @JPry, @jrchamp, @juanfra, @kiranpotphode, @KrissieV, @kucrut, @marcochiesi, @mark8barnes, @meitar, @morganestes, @mwidmann, @nofearinc, @obenland, @pento, @peterwilsoncc, @rabmalin, @rachelbaker, @ramiy, @salcode, @SergeyBiryukov, @ShinichiN, @skithund, @slushman, @swisssipdy, @swissspidy, @tharsheblows, @TimothyBlynJacobs, @tyxla, @wonderboymusic, @wp-architect, and @yetAnotherDaniel for their contributions!

  • Morgan Estes 9:08 pm on September 21, 2015 Permalink
    Tags: ,   

    Week in Core: Sept. 13-21, 2015 

    Welcome to the Week in Core — Week Four, with super-exciting news from around WordPress-land, and Core changes and updates for Sept. 13–21, 2015 (commits [34093][34361]). This week’s core contributors number 106! I’m especially jazzed about the number of new names on the list, and want to thank everyone for your effort this week.

    News you can use

    The WP REST API team submitted a proposal to merge the plugin into core, with a two-phase integration plan. The merge proposal blog post also does a nice job of presenting the history of the plugin and some use cases.

    Do you use my-hacks.php in your site? Don’t. (A quick search through the plugin and theme repos shows only 10 plugins and 3 themes that mention the file.)

    Multisite is making some pretty big changes, including the addition of the  WP_Network class. Check out this blog post, which outlines some of the changes and a roadmap for future updates for 4.4.

    Interested in the user-focused part of WordPress? Of course you are! Join in the conversation about “Potential UI/UX projects in core.”

    Code changes

    Here are some highlights from the 268 change sets published to Trac; the complete report is available online in plain-text format for a bit more in-depth coverage.

    (More …)

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